Blood Bound to Elias

[Warning: Mature Content R18+] "My blood is keeping you alive, so from today onwards...you belong to me." - Elias Stone --------- Do you know the story of the boy who cried wolf? Amaira was the girl who cried, vampire! Of course, no one believed her because vampires don't exist, but how else would you explain what she saw that night? Her sexy and handsome neighbor, Elias Stone devouring a woman's exposed neck! "You're crazy!" they said. "Stop reading so many weird books!" they said. But Amaira knew what she saw and she was going to prove it! After many failed attempts, she finally got into his house disguised as a babysitter for his baby brother, Kenneth. 'Don't put your hand near the baby's mouth was the only rule given to her by Mr. and Mrs. Stone, but what choice did she have when the baby started choking on God knows what? Amaira stuck her finger in baby Kenneth's mouth and one bite from him changed her life forever because it was how she became a ghoul and ended up being bound to the devil. ----- Excerpt They told her to stay away, he was unstable under the curse of the red moon, but being bound to him, Amaira could feel how much he needed her and could hear his voice in her head begging her to come to him. Without seeing her, Elias could tell she was there when a surge of sexual desire infiltrated his body. "You shouldn't be here?" he started, keeping his gaze solely on the ground. "I could hurt you." Despite his warning, Amaira didn't leave but instead went closer to him. "Look at me, Elias." When he rose his head to look at her, she met his red eyes with her blue ones, "You won't hurt me." With those words, Amaira slipped off her coat before pulling her turtleneck blouse over her head and unhooking her bra. Her jeans went after, shortly followed by her lace panties. She was fully exposed in front of the horny devil chained to the wall. His hunger for her increased tenfold, but while the rest of his body betrayed him, words of concern still managed to leave his lips, "You'll freeze to death." Amaira had no idea what took over her, but all she knew was that she needed to please him. She smiled innocently before tracing the bulge in his pants with her index finger, "Then how about you warm me up?" {This story contains r-18+ explicit content, BDSM, horror, and gore} [Please check the author's review before proceeding to the story :)] Check out my other novels: Never A Bride [Ongoing] Blood and Butterflies [Ongoing] Let's connect: Instagram: dolly_.roma Discord: DollyRoma#7887 ** The beautiful cover art belongs to me and was commissioned by elkshan (Find her on Instagram)

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Loyal to no one

Upon hearing the low groan of a man, Katherine's eyes shot open. Instead of her and Amaira's head being in the mouth of the creature, there was an arm and it belonged to neither of them.

The monster tore Elias' arm right off his body and he kicked it into the wall, but it returned before him in the blink of an eye ready to bite off some more. Elias was managing to hold it back with only a single-arm, but his strength was even more limited than before.

His body was too weak, but he made up his mind to do all in his power to protect Amaira who was made into a human shield by her own mother.

Katherine smiled in contentment as she thought of the greatest possible outcome. 'If they both kill each other there will be nothing for me to worry about.' She closed her eyes briefly with a conniving smile on her face as she thought, 'I should start praying for that to happen.'

The smile fell from her face when she met Elias' angry gaze that was locked on her despite him battling the thing trying to bite his head off.

Katherine visibly gulped; she was especially depending on Elias to die since she knew he'd most likely want to punish her harshly for not treating Amaira well as he requested.

'Please die, you sadistic demon!' she screamed in her head.

Elias' arm gave way with his diminishing strength so the creature was about to bite his head off with its wide mouth, satisfying Katherine's wish but suddenly, it ended up slammed into the opposite wall.

Elias' eyes threatened to close as his body fell forward but fortunately, the impact of the ground never came since he was caught by two muscular arms.

Katherine's eyes widened in utter shock when she saw the person who rescued the demon that was so close to dying. 'O-Oliver? Impossible! What does a nice guy like him have to do with that devil and all this mess? And how did he get here so quickly?'

Her heart pounded harder against her chest as she went on to think, 'Don't tell me he's just like him!'

Oliver laid his brother on Amaira's bed before saying, "You can leave everything to me brother."

His movements were too slow and intimidating for Katherine, and what was with that stoic expression on his face? She couldn't tell what he was thinking, but she felt the same evil emanating from him that she felt coming from his supposed brother.

'How can they be brothers, they look nothing alike?' she thought.

"Brothers don't have to look alike to be brothers, or even be related by blood," were Oliver's first words to Katherine since he entered the room.

Her eyes bulged as she thought, 'Is he reading my mind?'

The monster freed himself from the rubble of the wall and charged at Oliver at an incredible speed, but Oliver only slightly turned and flicked it away into another wall with his long and slender fingers.

Oliver's red eyes fell on Katherine who was still holding Amaira captive. His stoic expression remained as he said, "I kindly ask that you hand over the girl."

Amidst her fear, Katherine dared to bargain thinking that Oliver would be a lot easier to reason with than his brother. "Answer my questions first, what are the both of you? What does your brother want with my daughter?"

"She's not your daughter, you said it yourself so I see no need for you to be curious or concerned about my brother's business with her."

Katherine glared at him, "That's not answering any of my questions."

Oliver stepped threateningly closer to her, "I'm not obligated to answer any of your questions." His once silver eyes turned red as he threatened her, "You have two options, Mrs. Hendrix, release Amaira or have me take her from you by force."

Katherine didn't need to be told twice, she pushed Amaira away from herself and she fell in the capable arms of Oliver.

"Thank you for your co-operation, Mrs. Hendrix," he told her before placing Amaira on the bed beside a slowly healing Elias.

Katherine's lips quivered as she asked, "C-Can I count on your protection?"

Oliver took his black blazer off and undid his tie before starting on the buttons of his white dress shirt. "Your safety does not concern me, Mrs. Hendrix, but you may stay behind me if you don't wish to die."

With his shirt off, he started on his black pants and Katherine looked away with a red hue forming on her cheeks. 'Why is he taking his clothes off?' she wondered, but couldn't stop herself from peeking at the greek god-like body of the man before her.

With his back turned to her, her mind conjured dirty thoughts as she shamelessly watched him get completely naked, but quickly averted her gaze when he slightly turned to look at her.

"How can you entertain such inappropriate thoughts with your husband's corpse before you?" His eyes fell on the creature that was tearing itself apart to free itself from the wall as he continued, "You humans are sure loyal to no one."

"What did my husband become? At least tell me that!" Katherine demanded, ignoring the insult sent her way.

Oliver dipped his finger in one of Elias' bleeding wounds before taking it between his lips and sucking on it. "Your husband became a ghoul." His appearance gradually changed as he faced the creature, "A very strong ghoul."

Katherine's brows furrowed in confusion and she looked at him, "What is a gh-" Her eyes threatened to pop from their sockets when she saw that the man before her no longer had the appearance of Oliver.

'Did he already recover?' she internally questioned thinking of Elias, but when she looked at the bed, he was still lying unconscious.

Katherine returned her eyes to Oliver whose appearance perfectly matched Elias', from his ridiculously handsome face to his deliciously ripped tattooed upper body. She gaped at him as she asked, "How do you look exactly like him?"

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