Blood Bound to Elias

Author: DollyRoma
Fantasy Romance
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What is Blood Bound to Elias

Read ‘Blood Bound to Elias’ Online for Free, written by the author DollyRoma, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering REINCARNATION Fiction, R18 Light Novel, COMEDY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: [Warning: Mature Content R18+]"My blood is keeping you alive, so from today onwards...you belong to me." - Elias Stone--...


[Warning: Mature Content R18+] "My blood is keeping you alive, so from today onwards...you belong to me." - Elias Stone --------- Do you know the story of the boy who cried wolf? Amaira was the girl who cried, vampire! Of course, no one believed her because vampires don't exist, but how else would you explain what she saw that night? Her sexy and handsome neighbor, Elias Stone devouring a woman's exposed neck! "You're crazy!" they said. "Stop reading so many weird books!" they said. But Amaira knew what she saw and she was going to prove it! After many failed attempts, she finally got into his house disguised as a babysitter for his baby brother, Kenneth. 'Don't put your hand near the baby's mouth was the only rule given to her by Mr. and Mrs. Stone, but what choice did she have when the baby started choking on God knows what? Amaira stuck her finger in baby Kenneth's mouth and one bite from him changed her life forever because it was how she became a ghoul and ended up being bound to the devil. ----- Excerpt They told her to stay away, he was unstable under the curse of the red moon, but being bound to him, Amaira could feel how much he needed her and could hear his voice in her head begging her to come to him. Without seeing her, Elias could tell she was there when a surge of sexual desire infiltrated his body. "You shouldn't be here?" he started, keeping his gaze solely on the ground. "I could hurt you." Despite his warning, Amaira didn't leave but instead went closer to him. "Look at me, Elias." When he rose his head to look at her, she met his red eyes with her blue ones, "You won't hurt me." With those words, Amaira slipped off her coat before pulling her turtleneck blouse over her head and unhooking her bra. Her jeans went after, shortly followed by her lace panties. She was fully exposed in front of the horny devil chained to the wall. His hunger for her increased tenfold, but while the rest of his body betrayed him, words of concern still managed to leave his lips, "You'll freeze to death." Amaira had no idea what took over her, but all she knew was that she needed to please him. She smiled innocently before tracing the bulge in his pants with her index finger, "Then how about you warm me up?" {This story contains r-18+ explicit content, BDSM, horror, and gore} [Please check the author's review before proceeding to the story :)] Check out my other novels: Never A Bride [Ongoing] Blood and Butterflies [Ongoing] Let's connect: Instagram: dolly_.roma Discord: DollyRoma#7887 ** The beautiful cover art belongs to me and was commissioned by elkshan (Find her on Instagram)

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Welcome to Blood Bound to Elias, my WSA 2022 Entry! 🎉 Here’s what to expect: - There will be gore, violence and STEAMY EXPLICIT scenes 😗 - This story has a whole new concept of vampires that I’m pretty excited to share. 🧛‍♀️ - It’s set in the modern era so expect modern-day technology and technologies way ahead of our time. -Elias is genuinely evil (MLs are sexier that way 😮‍💨) -Elias is fully committed to Amaira despite her not reciprocating his love. She’ll fall for him eventually, but it’s something that happens gradually as the story progresses so please be patient with her. 🥹 -My imagination is a wild place so expect some CRAZY things! 🤪 I’m dreaming BIG and aiming for a nomination award so please support by sending gifts, leaving comments & a review, voting with power stones & golden tickets, and purchasing privilege 🥺 I’ll of course reward with mass releases 😇 Thank you for reading, I know it was a bit long 🤭 I hope you enjoy this novel! ❤️


WRITING QUALITY: There were no problems with the writing and grammar as the storyline is done smoothly in which your reading experience would also be as similar with it. CHARACTER DESIGN: Our MMC's depicted in this story are supernatural beings (vampires and ghouls and others), which are given with a special kind of twist in their portrayals. Aside from the main characters who play their important roles in the story, there were also supporting characters which added more depth in the significance of the two main leads. STORY DEV'T.: From the synopsis and the premise itself, I have to say that this is another unique touch on the fantasy genre on vampires and other supernatural beings; coupled with the gore, suspense, horror; with a bit of romance, too, which hooks you up just from the get-go. What made me glued also in this story is because of the co-dependence relationship between the main protagonists that would make your curiosity intensified to know more about the mystery behind their co-existence. WORLD BACKGROUND: The setting made behind all of the relevant portrayals of our characters here and of the intense, mysterious events that took place could easily be visualised; as every thing is clearly described and illustrated with the apt words in its delivery. UPDATING STABILITY: No issues with the updates as it is scheduled with two updates per day so this is quite good for me. OVERALL, I have to say that this is my kind of read as this falls under one of my favourite genres. And I highly recommend this if you are a fan of anything about vampires and other related stuff about them.


This Book is totally a page-turner, from the synopsis down to the early chapters... it makes me read more. The story has a fun and refreshing start and the author truly has a good humor. Every scene was very well-thought! I truly love the plot, more secrets to unfold. Elias and Amaira are both an interesting characters. Overall, the writing quality is excellent. Gosh, you made me feel insecure with my writing.😍 Keep it up dear Author-san. Your book has a great potential! a worthy of recognition. So readers, what are you waiting for? Read this book now!!


As a HUGE fan of vampires I’ve read countless vampire novels and watched multiple movies, series and animes 😮‍💨 This novel has a concept of vampires and ghouls that is so new and brilliant 😩 and is filled with mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seats, anxiously biting your fingernails while you wonder who dies next 😭 If you’re a fan of sexy villains ❤️‍🔥, the supernatural, vampires, dark romance and gore, you must first ask yourself before reading: Am I scaredy cat? 🫣


The story is super addictive! I have read vampire stories a lot here, but there a lot of new concepts built by the author and she put them out smoothly. Amaira's charcter is so well written and I already feel for her. The world building is not dumped into the story and builds slowly with the chapters and more of Amaira is introduced as the chapters progress, keeping the flow of the reading smooth and effortless. The author has done a fantastic job on the story and I can't wait to read more. If you want to read romance with a spoonful suspense and blood... hehe, then it's a must read. I wish you the best for this WSA.


First twenty chapters, and I'm super hooked already. Elias is pretty cool. And I love the relationship with Oliver. One of the nicest stories I've read in a long time.


Woah! It's only few chapters but i am already intrigued by the storyline. I really enjoyed it because of the mystery plot it gave and your writing style is amazing too. I would definately love to keep reading.


The book is amazing Anyone who come across it must read The character development is sweet and so is the story line I can't believe I have to wait for updates😢😢😢 It's so enchanting The author did a nice job


I love the story and the overall plot. Amaira is a lovely girl. In fact, I took a liking to her in the very first chapter. The story is full of mysteries that will keep you guessing all the time. The character design and writing quality are superb. If you are still contemplating checking out the novel then I have come to tell you that you don't have to. Go for it and I can assure you that you will love the novel as much as I do


Interesting story with good writing. The author also does a good job of capturing your attention quickly and holding it for the rest of the time you're reading.


I am writing this review at about 50 chapters in. This is my first book by DollyRoma, and so far I’m impressed with the complexity of the characters and development of the story. I’ve already had moments that make me scratch my head and wonder what is going on, to have my questions answered in subsequent chapters. So definitely keeps me on my toes, which is what I like to find on books I read. I look forward to what the author has ahead of us!


This. Book. Is. Extremely. Addictive. 😩❤️ It managed to surpass my high expectations; it was completely nothing like I had expected before. 😍 We've got A fr*king, Villainous Male lead. A hot one at that. (I'm not usually into Villainous MLs (forgive me 😂) but this... this changes everything. Literally.) He's coupled with a not-so-meek and frail FL, ready to take on anything life throws at her. Independent, audacious, Fierce... you name it. She has all the qualities there is to a strong FL. The perfect match for the brutal and ruthless Vampire King 😏 This is a real page turner, and I love the chemistry between Amaira and Elias. it's real, Euphoric, gripping, and you simply cannot get enough of them. Not holding back on the steamy contents at all.🤭🔥 Trust me when I say this. You WILL love this novel 😍🤭. It's a new, fresh intake of the Vampire world, not exactly what I've read in most vampire novels, but I love it! ❤️ I can't wait to read more exciting and thrilling chapters of it . 🔥🤭❤️


Girl your novel is dope....I seriously can't wait for more chapters, all kisses [img=update][img=update][img=update],😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰😍😍


Finally found one of the best vampire stories 😍😍 love your writing style and I must say it is an amazing plot [img=update][img=update][img=update]


I have just started reading your story and you got me hooked. Keep up the great work and bless us with new chapters ❤️❤️❤️


You worth it girl Love your work I'm impressed and willing to read more Despite busy with school work, I'm always tempted to read it. This book drives me insane and crazy Love you Dolly❤️💋💋


This book is amazingly written🤓🤓🤓 A good job done by the author love the plot ☺️ it's written really well and best of luck for your wsa entry. Good Job Author ☺️☺️ aka Bombshell discord.


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!😱 U did a wonderful job in writing the horror scenes of this book, and it's getting me obsessed to read more. I expected Amaria not to transit too soon, there's still much of her human side I wanted to see, especially with Elias. You did a good job making me glued to my screen, author. Pens down to you!❤️


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