Blood Bound to Elias

[Warning: Mature Content R18+] "My blood is keeping you alive, so from today onwards...you belong to me." - Elias Stone --------- Do you know the story of the boy who cried wolf? Amaira was the girl who cried, vampire! Of course, no one believed her because vampires don't exist, but how else would you explain what she saw that night? Her sexy and handsome neighbor, Elias Stone devouring a woman's exposed neck! "You're crazy!" they said. "Stop reading so many weird books!" they said. But Amaira knew what she saw and she was going to prove it! After many failed attempts, she finally got into his house disguised as a babysitter for his baby brother, Kenneth. 'Don't put your hand near the baby's mouth was the only rule given to her by Mr. and Mrs. Stone, but what choice did she have when the baby started choking on God knows what? Amaira stuck her finger in baby Kenneth's mouth and one bite from him changed her life forever because it was how she became a ghoul and ended up being bound to the devil. ----- Excerpt They told her to stay away, he was unstable under the curse of the red moon, but being bound to him, Amaira could feel how much he needed her and could hear his voice in her head begging her to come to him. Without seeing her, Elias could tell she was there when a surge of sexual desire infiltrated his body. "You shouldn't be here?" he started, keeping his gaze solely on the ground. "I could hurt you." Despite his warning, Amaira didn't leave but instead went closer to him. "Look at me, Elias." When he rose his head to look at her, she met his red eyes with her blue ones, "You won't hurt me." With those words, Amaira slipped off her coat before pulling her turtleneck blouse over her head and unhooking her bra. Her jeans went after, shortly followed by her lace panties. She was fully exposed in front of the horny devil chained to the wall. His hunger for her increased tenfold, but while the rest of his body betrayed him, words of concern still managed to leave his lips, "You'll freeze to death." Amaira had no idea what took over her, but all she knew was that she needed to please him. She smiled innocently before tracing the bulge in his pants with her index finger, "Then how about you warm me up?" {This story contains r-18+ explicit content, BDSM, horror, and gore} [Please check the author's review before proceeding to the story :)] Check out my other novels: Never A Bride [Ongoing] Blood and Butterflies [Ongoing] Let's connect: Instagram: dolly_.roma Discord: DollyRoma#7887 ** The beautiful cover art belongs to me and was commissioned by elkshan (Find her on Instagram)

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Feathery kisses

With a playful smile on his lips, Elias reached for her wrist that was under her pillow while leaning closer to her to press his lips against her ear.

A shudder ran down Amaira's spine when his lips grazed her ear as he whispered, "What's under the pillow?"

'I want my voice back,' she commanded through her thoughts.

"That's not what I asked you," Elias responded to her as he started venturing her neck with his lips, but not placing them fully to touch her warm skin.

Amaira bit her bottom lip hard and stared up into the white ceiling of her room as she tried thinking about anything else, but the light, feathery kisses she was receiving against the skin of her neck.

Elias couldn't help it...she smelled so good and her skin was just too soft, he just had to have a taste, but though he bared his fangs, his lips could only produce gentle and loving kisses.

'I won't ask anything,' Amaira promised. 'Just please, return my ability to speak.'

Elias raised his head from the heaven that was her neck and looked into her eyes, an action that made Amaira blush intensely and avert her gaze. His large hand found her chin and he turned her head in his direction, "Eye contact means you're being honest."

A frown took Amaira's quivering lips as she thought, 'Eye contact means compulsion.'

Before Elias could react to her words, Amaira's hand came swiftly from under the pillow her head rested, and in her hand was a wooden stake aimed at Elias' non-existent heart.

The sharp, pointy dagger skillfully crafted from wood pierced Elias' chest directly where his heart was supposed to be. Amaira didn't wait to see his reaction or what would happen next and got herself up from under him before rushing to the door.

However, upon opening the door, she saw what was considered a dark, empty space firsthand; undoubtedly, her room was in the middle of an infinite void.

With her eyes wide and her heart at her throat, Amaira knew for a fact that she was a dead woman when she heard the voice of the man that was supposed to be dead for good. "So, that's what was under your pillow."

A wooden stake to the heart always worked in the movies, Amaira's eyes bulged even more as she concluded, 'Unless he's like the Originals, he should've died!'

Amaira slightly turned her upper body to look at him; Elias was laying on her bed with his head resting on his arm, the stake was still buried in his chest, and though he wasn't in any pain, blood still spilled from the wound, soiling Amaira's pink sheets.

Elias moved over to the other side of the bed and patted the empty space beside him, "Care to rejoin me, my angel?"

Amaira shook off the blazing hot temptation to join him in the bed and turned her back to him so she could focus properly on her options. 'Stay here and get slaughtered or jump into the void?'

Amaira looked about the darkness outside her door as she thought, 'Which would be more painful?'

'The void, definitely,' she heard a voice behind her respond and she immediately rolled her eyes; Amaira completely forgot that the vampire who's taken a concerning interest in her bed could read minds.

She turned fully to him just as he started to explain, "The void is even emptier than it looks. Humans need oxygen, water, and food to survive; there are no trees, rivers, or squirrels in the void, you'd suffer greatly before receiving death's kiss."

Amaira scrunched up her face as she thought, 'How did squirrels reach in that line-up?'

Elias rose a brow, "What do you mean? Squirrels were a delicacy back in my day, it was a delicacy only prepared for kings and nobles."

Confusion took Amaira's features as she wondered about his words, 'Back in his day? Kings? Nobles?' It was all very confusing to her, but Amaira preferred not to know anything much about the vampire haunting her dreams, there was just one thing she wanted to know.

'Why didn't you die?'

Elias patted the empty space on the bed once more, "Join me and I'll tell you."

Amaira took a final glance at the void before moving her feet forward towards the bed. She couldn't understand Elias at all, she just tried to kill him yet still he's beckoning her to his side for a second time?

She did as told and lay beside him but in an effort to create as much distance between them as possible, Amaira remained at the absolute edge of the bed.

Elias chuckled, "You can come closer to me, you know? I don't bite."

Amaira found space on the edge to create even more distance between them. She frowned, 'Stop chatting nonsense and answer my question.'

Elias pouted, "So bossy." But after getting a vicious glare from Amaira, he started explaining almost immediately.

"A wooden stake to the heart can kill vampires, but..." Elias trailed off, pausing to pull the wooden stake from his chest. He flung it aside and grabbed Amaira's wrist, and before she could resist, he pulled her to him and bloodied her hand by placing it on his bleeding chest.

He kept her gaze as he asked, "What do you feel?"

Amaira stopped struggling and disregarded the odd feeling of his blood against her palm. She looked into his golden-brown eyes, 'There's no heartbeat.' Her brows rose in slight amazement and terror, 'You don't have a heart?'

Elias chuckled as he scratched the back of his head, "I do, it's just not with me at the moment."

Amaira paid no attention to the weirdness of what he just said and went on to ask, 'So, you can't die?'

"Not exactly, Mimosa Pudica has little effect on me but injuries to my eyes are one of my biggest weaknesses."

'Did you just casually tell me your biggest weakness?'

Elias smiled, "I did."


He caressed her face with his thumb while looking at her with nothing but love in his eyes, "Because you can't hurt me, similarly to how I can't hurt you."

Amaira didn't understand what he meant, but she knew for a fact that he was wrong saying that she can't hurt him. She grinned, 'You're going to regret telling me your biggest weakness.'

With those words, Amaira mustered all her strength and with the pair of scissors she took from the side table by her bed, she stabbed him in the eye!

A girlish scream followed her actions and Amaira opened her eyes wide. She was no longer dreaming and the person writhing in pain was not the vampire she stabbed in the eye.


DollyRoma: The Originals is a powerful family of vampires that can't be killed the same way normal vampires are killed, for example, using wooden stakes. It's an amazing series and one of my biggest motivations so check it out :)

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