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Bleach: New Order


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In short a guy reincarnated to bleach with the quirk New Order. And please don't read this if you don't like MCs who makes dumb mistake, and expect him to be some kind of badass only to complain because you didn't get what you expect. Honestly my brain hurts how many complaints on how stupid the MC or how he doesn't utilize his full abilities like they expect it to be some kind of omnipotent ability, when it's not. You people need to learn the value of equivalent exchange, as there is no such thing as powerful ability that has no cost, and yes I also know that there are some abilities like that but this story has none of it. And I write this for myself and not for specific person, you like it then you like it, if not then stop. I want to make this a single partner, maybe two English is not my first language, so you can expect some poor grammar, but I'm working on it Everything about this fanfic except for some OCS and maybe some ideas are not mine and belongs to their respective owners. The picture is also not mine This is my second fanfic, and I might not be able to post regularly due to class hope you guys like it.


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