Ben 10: The Ultimate Predator

(A/N: Guys, I had THOUGHT of making this a two lovers story, and even had gave the readers the decision to choose, with the second lover being Drew Saturday. But I decided against it, since, 1: I hate harems or anything near it in modern world settings. 2: The unneeded and unnecessary drama needed to work it out with her would be annoying as hell. So for those that wouldn't like the idea of her cheating on her family, good for you, it's not happening. Just consider the few chapters that they were around as a one episode crossover.) (A/N: MC doesn't start off as Ben's childhood friend, he literally comes falling down on him with the Omnitrix and the Nemetrix lol.) I died, I met an Omnipotent being, and he granted me some wishes. Pretty cliche at this point, right? Can't get any originals in these times, am I right? But that's where the cliches stop. Why? Well, what do you think my wish was? To be overpowered? To have a massive, useless harem? No, god no. I hate harems, damn it! (Ahem ahem, but some worlds are exceptions.) So what was my wish? Pretty original, I wanted to be a Multiverse myself! Not as in own a Multiverse. But as in be a literal Multiverse myself! Pretty cool, right? But what kind of Multiverse did I become? Simple, I became a Parasitic Multiverse, where I would send pieces of myself to different Multiverses and copy their sources of powers and such to make myself even stronger than them! Comics like Marvel, DC, Invincible, movies like Transformers, Godzilla, Harry Potter, cartoons like Rick and Morty, TMNT, Kung Fu Panda, animes like Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, and games like God of War, Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry! I want them all, I want every power available in each and every one of them! So I sent my soul pieces to every one of them! But not as overpowered beings. Nah, that would be boring. I don't want to just copy their powers, I want to experience and venture around too! So what about this soul piece? What's it going to do, and what Multiverse will it go to? Doesn't the damn title make it obvious?! This is the tale of my soul piece going to the Ben 10 Multiverse as the bearer of Nemetrix! But would a parasite like me be okay with just a few predators?! No, so good thing my somewhat (very) weird watch can scan the DNAs of other aliens and even automatically give me their predators! Oh, did I mention I can go Ultimate from day one? Get some popcorn, drinks and snacks, cause it's time to hunt!

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CH 36: Dr Drakken and Shego

(A/N: For those of you wondering, Alistair can change his physical appearances, remember? That cursed dick size is his default size, but he's going to normally decrease the size to not kill the girls. the reason why it didn't happen with Kim is because (1) Ego is a bitch and (2) I personally like BIG CO-)


"Ugh, goddamn it!" Ego groaned, dusting himself off :"I know this place is supposed to be dirty being the catacombs and all, but freaking hell!" Slapping his shirt to get the dust off, he looked around :'Alright, I've had enough fun until now. It's about time I started doing what I'm supposed to do.'

Inside of the catacombs in Rome, Italy, he made his way through the place :'I wonder how D's doing though. Probably playing around with some cats or dogs by now.' Missing his good side, he hummed before raising his hand :"Hey, Nemetrix, contact D."

"[Understood.]" Before it connected to D's Nemetrix :"Hey-" And before Ego could say anything, Devotion's muffled scream came :"Aww, how can someone be so ADORABLE?!?" Causing E to frown :"What the fuck? D? What's going on?"

- (China)

On top of an empty mountain in China, D was busy hugging a blue tiger intensely :"So cute! SO CUTE!!!" While the tiger had given up on being freed by the boy who had buried his face in his fur.

The blue tiger was a special cryptid from one of Alistair's favorite episodes in the Secret Saturdays series, the cryptid that brought good luck. Specifically, the Maltese tiger could give off a supernatural energy field that could affect the laws of probability. Basically, the tiger was a living good luck charm.

Devotion, having come to east Asia to retrieve two of the Potis Altiare Pieces, one in Tokyo of Japan and the other in the Great Wall of China, had remembered the blue tiger after finishing his job in China.

Alistair had always been an animal lover, and had kept quite a few pets in his past world. Mainly cats for how clean they were and how easy it was to take care of them. Their cuteness was obviously a very big reason as well.

And just because he was in a new world didn't mean he didn't want a pet. He loved cats, and he definitely wanted to keep one again. So he figured instead of a normal cat, why couldn't he just keep the most exotic feline in the world, the tiger that was literally a walking charm and could affect probability?

So while Ego was busy having a one night stand, Devotion was busy acquiring the lucky blue tiger that he fell in love with at first sight. And had been petting and hugging for about an hour or so now. The winner between the two pieces of Alistair was obvious.

And the tiger, who had been living with humans in a small village for so many years, was actually pretty friendly. It was hostile when Devotion kidnapped him, —and made all the villagers forget about him with a device— but gave up and became docile when instead of harming him or chaining him, Devotion started to caress and play with him.

He just sat there, grumpy at being defeated, and let the teenager bury his face in his fur. "Aww, how can someone be so ADORABLE?!?" (A/N: AND HOT AT THE SAME TIME?!?!!) He screamed into his fur as the tiger huffed, before D heard E's voice from the Nemetrix :"D? What's going on?"

"Huh?" He blinked as he pulled his face away, hair messed up from how long he had his face buried in the beautiful fur :"Oh, hey, E! What's up?" He replied with a smile, happy to hear his missing side's voice.

"Oh, it's nothing. Just called to check on you."

"Aww, you're so sweet. I'm good, thanks! What about you? How are you doing?"

"Oh, you know. Fine as always. I just got into the catacombs in Rome, looking for another piece of the Potis Altiare. What about you? What was that shout just now?"

"O-oh, that. Hehehe." D chuckled in embarrassment :"Well, I just finished finding the pieces in Asia myself, but then remembered the blue tiger that brought luck!" He heard E's gasp from the other side :"You got that blue tiger?! Seriously?!"

"Yup! Been petting this cutie for the past hour!"

"Hahaha, I did expect you to be playing with some animals, but I didn't expect you to be playing with a tiger. So what are you going to do with it?"

"Obviously, I'm going to bring it with me! I can't leave such an adorable fur ball behind!" Speaking in a baby voice, he patted the tiger's head. Who seemed to sigh and just take it with his head resting on his arms.

"But will grandpa Max allow it? It is a tiger and all after all."

"Oh, don't worry, we'll convince him somehow. I mean, what is more dangerous? A tiger, or two teens that can transform?"

"Hahaha, fair enough. Alright then, I'll leave you to it. I'll see you after retrieving all the Potis Altiare pieces on my side as well."

"Alright, see you later! I'll play with Tigris here for now!"

"*Amused* Tigris? Is that what you named him?"

"Yup, that's right! What do you think?"

"Sounds good to me. Can't wait to see the giant fur ball. Anyway, we'll meet up, alright? I have things to do right now."

"Oh, alright. Take care!"

- (Catacombs, Rome, Italy)

As the call ended, Ego couldn't help but chuckle at his missing good side's behavior. That guy had taken all the childishness and cheerfulness, and it was so obvious too. "Alright, let's get this over with quickly." He smiled, making his way through the catacombs :"Can't keep my adorable good side waiting now, can I?

Before he stopped with a frown :'Huh? This is...' Catching a scent of something, he sniffed the air :'This smell... it's new. And there isn't just a single one. They're not far away either.' His kind smile disappeared, before it was replaced with a bloodthirsty one :'I guess I've got some toys to play with.'

Walking into an empty, rocky field, he saw dozens of men wearing red bodysuits with open mouths and sunglasses, while holding electric staves. He smiled brightly. And in the center of the group, stood a man and a woman.

The man was of average height and built, but with light blue skin and long black hair in a ponytail, wearing a blue double-breasted coat and trousers with black gloves and boots. His appearance basically screamed evil mastermind.

But the woman next to him? She was gorgeous. She was a tall, about 5'9 (175 cm), beautiful, hourglass-figured woman with black hip-length hair with noticeable light green accents, forest-green eyes and arched-styled brows. Her lips naturally black in color, added quite a bit to her appearance as well. Her clothes, a green and black catsuit, worked amazing in showing off her voluptuous figure.

"Goddamn it, just where is that thing?!" Drakken shouted, stomping his foot :"How long is it going to take you to find it, you incompetent fools?!" Shego crossed her arms under her bust, frowning :"Boss, if it was so easy to find it, don't you think it would have been found by someone years ago?"

"Ugh, I don't want excuses, I want results! My magnificent machine won't be complete without that thing to power it up!"

"*Rolling her eyes* Yes, yes, your magnificent machine that will put down that Kim Possible once and for all. I've already heard that speech about ten times or something."

"Oh, is that so? Then how about finding that thing already!"

"Huff... we're looking for it, alright? It's about time it was found. Also, I really don't think a teenage girl should be your worry right now. There's literally two kids who can turn into aliens! That's what you should be worried about! Especially the guy that's after the same dang thing as you!"

"Oh, yeah? Well, guess what? It's that teenage girl that has always foiled my plans and won against you!"

"Hey! The only reason why I lose in a fight is because I'm too busy looking after —your— ass!"

"Huff, whatever! And you don't need to worry about those transforming kids either. Once my machine is complete, no hero or whatnot will be able to stand in my way! Mwahahaha!"

"Hello, everyone!" A cheerful voice suddenly came, shocking them as Ego smiled brightly :"How y'all doing?! I heard you talking about little old me, so I thought I'd pay you a visit!"

"Predator?!" Drakken did the good old announcement of the hero's arrival as his people got ready for battle. Ego's cheerful disappeared, replaced with a snarly smirk :"The one and only." Before frowning :"Wait, no, that's not... technically, that's wrong. Like... I mean... I'm not the only Alistair at the moment and all! So... technically... the one of the three would be more fitting?"

Drakken looked confused, before glaring :"Stop with your nonsense! And you all, stop just gawking at him! Get rid of him already! Shego, you follow me!" As the two took a run for it, probably to go where their temporary lair was, the Nemetrix lit up :"[Altered DNA of existing DNA detected, proceeding to scanning. New evolution of existing Homosapien DNA unlocked: Human Mutate. Proceeding to fuse the existing DNAs.]"

(A/N: Certification, mutate stands for when they only got powers, and mutant is when their appearances have literally changed. In Shego's case, she has only gotten powers, so she falls under the "mutate" category when scanned.)


[Shego: Human Mutate]

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Stamina

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Reflexes

Enhanced Equilibrium

Regenerative Healing Factor


Energy/Plasma beams

Energy/Plasma Attacks

Ergokinetic/Ionikinetic Combat

Energy/Plasma Blast

Energy/Plasma Enhancements


[Peak Scanned Condition]

Burning (Via producing hot plasma)


Energetic Ionization

Electrical Phenomena Manipulation

Fire Manipulation

Manipulation of the properties of plasma.

Move/lift plasma.

Plasma Flight

Matter Surfing using plasma.

Lightning Manipulation

Neon Manipulation

Plasma Attacks

Solar Attacks

Plasma Absorption

Solar Energy Absorption

Plasma Constructs

Solar Constructs

Plasma Conversion

Solar Conversion

Plasma Generation

Solar Generation

Plasma Radiation Manipulation

Plasma Radiation Generation

Plasma Solidification

Solar Solidification

Plasma Walking

Scalar Wave Manipulation

Electromagnetism Manipulation


His smile turning even more demonic —somehow— at the sensation of new power in his veins, Ego cracked his neck :'I'm dying to use these powers, but unfortunately, my thing is transformation. Even if I gained omnipotence in my human form, I'm still going to only use my alien and predator forms. Why? Cause that's my thing.'

Looking at the henchmen with their weapons ready, he chuckled mockingly :"You've got guts, I'll admit that. But that's just because the hero that's been dealing with you, AKA Kim Possible, is too much of a nice hero to actually hurt you. You're always let off with a few punches, and I bet the worst that's happened to you is a broken bone or two at most. Well, you ain't so lucky today, fellas."

However, his smile turned kind momentarily. A final gift of gentleness as the hologram of Menace appeared :"Did you pray today? Because I'm going to be preying on your corpses now."

(A/N: We're cutting this chapter a bit short, about 100 words, because that's an amazing spot to leave the chapter on and let you thirst for the bloodbath Ego Menace will unleash in the next chapter. I'll clarify a thing or two till we reach 2k words, since I don't like it being any less.

1) You need to understand, even if Alistair's human body gains a lot of abilities, he will still only use his aliens and predators to get the job done. He said it himself, it's his thing. It's his signature approach to problems. So even if he gains a shit ton of powers in Solo Leveling, he will still only use his extraterrestrial transformations.

2) Only a few people said this, but why are you assuming the artwork or something of the eastern and western series will clash? Bro, there's no artwork. Alistair isn't in a cartoon, the world he's in is a literal world, not some cartoon. The same will apply to when he goes to Solo Leveling for a short while, the world will be normal.)