Ben 10: The Ultimate Predator

(A/N: Guys, I had THOUGHT of making this a two lovers story, and even had gave the readers the decision to choose, with the second lover being Drew Saturday. But I decided against it, since, 1: I hate harems or anything near it in modern world settings. 2: The unneeded and unnecessary drama needed to work it out with her would be annoying as hell. So for those that wouldn't like the idea of her cheating on her family, good for you, it's not happening. Just consider the few chapters that they were around as a one episode crossover.) (A/N: MC doesn't start off as Ben's childhood friend, he literally comes falling down on him with the Omnitrix and the Nemetrix lol.) I died, I met an Omnipotent being, and he granted me some wishes. Pretty cliche at this point, right? Can't get any originals in these times, am I right? But that's where the cliches stop. Why? Well, what do you think my wish was? To be overpowered? To have a massive, useless harem? No, god no. I hate harems, damn it! (Ahem ahem, but some worlds are exceptions.) So what was my wish? Pretty original, I wanted to be a Multiverse myself! Not as in own a Multiverse. But as in be a literal Multiverse myself! Pretty cool, right? But what kind of Multiverse did I become? Simple, I became a Parasitic Multiverse, where I would send pieces of myself to different Multiverses and copy their sources of powers and such to make myself even stronger than them! Comics like Marvel, DC, Invincible, movies like Transformers, Godzilla, Harry Potter, cartoons like Rick and Morty, TMNT, Kung Fu Panda, animes like Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, and games like God of War, Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry! I want them all, I want every power available in each and every one of them! So I sent my soul pieces to every one of them! But not as overpowered beings. Nah, that would be boring. I don't want to just copy their powers, I want to experience and venture around too! So what about this soul piece? What's it going to do, and what Multiverse will it go to? Doesn't the damn title make it obvious?! This is the tale of my soul piece going to the Ben 10 Multiverse as the bearer of Nemetrix! But would a parasite like me be okay with just a few predators?! No, so good thing my somewhat (very) weird watch can scan the DNAs of other aliens and even automatically give me their predators! Oh, did I mention I can go Ultimate from day one? Get some popcorn, drinks and snacks, cause it's time to hunt!

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CH 37: A Beautiful Bloodbath

(A/N: Just rewatched Shrek 2 after 10 years or so, and Fiona's dad can go kill himself. Have never been happier about him dying in the 3rd movie. Fucking bastard. Pisses me the fuck off every second he's on the damn screen. And that fairy bitch mother can go get fisted. Turning into bubbles was too little for that hoe.)

Ego's hand was on his watch, but stopped just as he was about to push it down :"No, actually..." His smile turning into the Stuff of nightmares again :"Since this episode is definitely going to become 18+ for all the gore, I might as well go all out on making it as bloody as possible, right? And who better for that than that side?!"

Turning the watch, he transformed :"Remix!" Snickering sinisterly, he turned into two, and the henchmen immediately felt something wrong with the second Remix. Nodding at each other, the two hit the Nemetrix symbol on their chests, illuminating the place with a bright red light before Alistair turned into two.

One was Ego, still the good old calculative evil (neutral evil) side of Alistair. As handsome and sexy as ever. But the one that appeared beside him was vastly different. Both in appearance and even had a different air and aura than him.

Unlike every separate part of Alistair, this one wasn't a handsome hunk. He wasn't handsome, nor was he muscular. In fact, the henchmen were even confused if he even was a guy or a girl. (A/N: Yes, he's a feminine guy AKA femboy, and the reason will be explained later. And believe me, you will probably like it because of how interesting he'll be and what part of Alistair he is.)

(A/N: Alright, you know what time it is. *Starts stretching* Time for some glazing! Wait... is it glazing if it's a femboy? I mean, he is a guy, so it would be glazing, right? Then what would my way of detailed writing be for female characters? I don't think it would be simping, since it's just describing physical beauty rather than showing romantic emotions, right? These are the questions that keep me up at night, damn it!)

[Eve (Evil) image:] (A/N: Clarification, he's different from E, who is Ego. And you'll see why lol.)

His hair was substantially different in terms of length to END. Unlike them, who kept their hair short —long enough to reach their noses— with faded sides, his hair —white in color— was long enough to reach the middle of his slender back. His eyes remained crimson however.

His build was vastly different as well. Unlike the muscular build of END, —pure muscle with zero fat, beside their large members— his body was slender like a woman's. Short, about 5'5 (165 cm), with long legs but thick thighs and wide hips, he had a bakery that would leave women jealous, and a waist thin enough to make people worry if he had any organs or not there.

However, although his masculine handsomeness, his charm as the peak of humanity still remained. Because looking at the face that was overwhelmingly beautiful rather than handsome, even Ego felt some kind of way with his narcissistic ass.

However, there was something that stopped everybody from admiring his appearance. It was the aura, the invisible air around him. It was wild, bloodthirsty and violent. Everybody in the room felt it.

The moment he appeared, the place fell cold and silent. It was like the calm before the storm. Like a rabid animal had just entered the place, and was about to be set off like a bomb. Like a very, very destructive and bloodthirsty bomb.

Even Ego felt a drop of sweat ran down his cheek as he glanced at his missing piece, before smirking at the anxious henchmen :"Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Eve to you, my-"

"Hehehehe... hehehehehe!" However, he was interrupted by a sinister little giggle. Glancing to his side, he saw Eve's pretty lips stretch into an evil smile :"Hahahahahaha!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

The villains readied their weapons, but flinched when Eve's eyes —one wide open but pupils constricted, with the other half-lidded but pupil widening to an unnatural degree— landed on them, filled with nothing but insanity, his beautiful voice coming off as if wheezing and breathless :"I'm going to rip you all to shreds with my bare hands!"

True to his words, he immediately rushed them without waiting for Ego. His enhancements enabling him to reach the first guy quick enough that he wasn't able to react before Eve's hand glowed red, —a gift from Shego— and stabbed into his guts.

With his entire hand in his intestines, Eve let out a psychotic giggle as the man screamed in pain :"Oh, you can't believe how happy I am about having so many toys!" Flexing his fingers, he moved them up inside of the man, his fingers coming out of his neck to grab onto his head before he brought his hand down, shoving the man's head into his chest.

Smiling insanely, feeling overwhelming twisted joy as the man's ripped guts and chest bathed him in blood, he put his head foot on the man's chest and shoved him away, still holding the man's head. Causing him to be sent sliding towards the horrified henchmen as his ripped off head was pulled out of his mutilated chest.

Throwing the torn off head up and down, toying with it, Eve's bloody face smiling so crazily would hunt their dreams for the rest of their lives. Their very short lives. Face blushing under the blood, turning into a face of pure pleasure, twisted ecstasy filling his heart, he almost moaned as he licked the blood on his lip, something in his pants even twitching :"Today might as well be my birthday, because I don't know when else I'd get so many toys to play with."

As he stopped throwing the head up and down, the insane look returned again as he squeezed the head, causing it to burst like a balloon filled with blood and brain matter :"And break!"

"Oh, come on, this is supposed to be teamwork!" Ego sighed, rolling his eyes :'I guess I can't expect anything else from the piece with all of my insanity and impulses, huh?' With a red light, he transformed.

"ULTIMATE MENACE!" Menace, but with white and red fur, larger and more muscular, along with a total of three claws on the back of each hand, a long tail with claws at the end, and with spikes protruding out of the black fur on his back, appeared and roared mightily. (A/N: Image:)


Just as he was about to continue, Eve's hands clad in red energy grabbed him by the fur of his neck. Bringing him down to stare at him eye to eye, his insane smile and eyes silenced Ultimate Menace :"Are you going to let me enjoy this fucking slaughter fest, or do I need to treat you the same as them?"

"... I'll let you enjoy it." Ultimate Menace gave in under the pure thirst for violence, his tail falling limp, —and that was one hell of an achievement for Eve— causing Eve to let go of him and jump onto another man.

"N-no, stay back!!" He cried out, attacking with his electric staff. Eve dodged, before grabbing him by the ankle and hammering him down onto another henchman. "UGHH!!" They screamed in pain, sounds of bones breaking echoing around as he pulled the man back before bringing him down onto the man on the ground again. And again. And again.

Until the sounds of bones breaking stopped, when everything in their bodies had shattered and their bodies had conjoined into one bloody mess. Grabbing the staff that came at him, Eve let go of the dangling leg and set his crazy eyes on the attacker, making him flinch and whimper.

Pushing the staff back, he caused it to pierce the attacker and come out of the other side thanks to his enhanced strength, before the man was electrocuted. His danger senses triggering, Eve used the burnt man as a meat shield when the others started shooting lasers, before rushing towards them while holding the man that was getting torn to shreds by the laser shots.

Punching him towards the others, he stunned the scared men before leaping at them. Piercing one's chest with his hands, he ripped him in half effortlessly. Biting the flying heart that looked so appealing and chewing on it as he stabbed his hand into another man's guts.

Grabbing his intestines and pulling them out to coil them around the man, choking him with his own guts before punching someone's head off. As the head flew away, it hit Ultimate Menace's head, pulling him out of his shock.

Shaking his head in confusion, he immediately grew angry :"LISTEN HERE, YOU BASTARD, ULTIMATE MENACE DOESN'T GET HOED!!" Before flinching when Eve, all bloody and decorated with organs, twisted his head to let him see his bloody and lunatic smile :"Y-YEAH, HE HOES THOSE THAT MESS HIM AND HIS MISSING PIECES!"

His face twitched in anger as Eve returned to what he was doing. Ignoring his insane side, he decided to take his anger out on the villains. Whichever side that was at this point.

"LET ME TELL YOU FIVE THINGS, YOU SONS OF BITCHES WHO WERE UNLUCKY ENOUGH TO BE AROUND WHEN ULTIMATE MENACE IS ANGRY!" His claws ripped someone to shreds before he even finished talking :"I! WILL! KILL! YOU! ALL!!" True to his words, he turned one unlucky soul after another into —bloody— fruit salads with each word.

"A-AAHHHH!!" One of them shouted in fear, turning tail to run, but had his upper half bitten off by Ultimate Menace, who laughed crazily himself :"I WANT TO FEEL YOU SQUIRM IN MY TEETH!!!" His tail going through someone else's chest, instantly killing them as he heard Eve's cheerful voice :"Them catch this!"

Looking at him, he saw the beauty holding the upper and lower halves of a man he had just ripped in hand, before throwing him at him. Opening his mouth wide, he bit both pieces midair before chewing them and gulping them down in seconds :"FUCK, THIS BASTARDS ARE USELESS! NOT EVEN THEIR TASTE IS ANYTHING GOOD! HOW ARE THEY EVEN HIRED?!"

"Bwahahaha, what did you expect from a third-rate villain with fourth-rate henchmen?!" Eve laughed, ripping off someone's jaw, then ripping his heart out and stuffing it into his unhinged mouth before crushing his head :"I'm surprised as to how that overgrown smurf even found this place!"

"ISN'T THAT OUR FAULT FOR NOT HIDING OR EVEN DISGUISING THE POTIS ALTIARE IN EPISODE 5?!" Ultimate Menace smashed several henchmen together, causing them to explode in his hold. Eve laughed as he stomped on someone's head, turning it into mush :"How else were we supposed to find ants who don't know their places then?! Hahahaha, just look at this place! Filled with useless trash running around like headless chickens! Come on, come on!! Fight back some more!! Hahahaha!!"

Ultimate Menace laughed with him as he held up a villain, slowly squeezing him and relishing in the sensation of him breaking :"HE'S RIGHT!! STRUGGLE! STRUGGLE AND MAKE THIS ENTERTAINING FOR US!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!"

Grabbing someone's spine from behind, Eve held him down as he pulled his spine out. Having an actual hard-on at his point from all the screams of agony as he swung the spine with the head still attached like a whip. Hitting someone in the head with such force that he made the man's head explode, before he attacked someone else with his makeshift weapon of horror :"COME ON, I HAVEN'T HAD ENOUGH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"