Ben 10: The Ultimate Predator

(A/N: Guys, I had THOUGHT of making this a two lovers story, and even had gave the readers the decision to choose, with the second lover being Drew Saturday. But I decided against it, since, 1: I hate harems or anything near it in modern world settings. 2: The unneeded and unnecessary drama needed to work it out with her would be annoying as hell. So for those that wouldn't like the idea of her cheating on her family, good for you, it's not happening. Just consider the few chapters that they were around as a one episode crossover.) (A/N: MC doesn't start off as Ben's childhood friend, he literally comes falling down on him with the Omnitrix and the Nemetrix lol.) I died, I met an Omnipotent being, and he granted me some wishes. Pretty cliche at this point, right? Can't get any originals in these times, am I right? But that's where the cliches stop. Why? Well, what do you think my wish was? To be overpowered? To have a massive, useless harem? No, god no. I hate harems, damn it! (Ahem ahem, but some worlds are exceptions.) So what was my wish? Pretty original, I wanted to be a Multiverse myself! Not as in own a Multiverse. But as in be a literal Multiverse myself! Pretty cool, right? But what kind of Multiverse did I become? Simple, I became a Parasitic Multiverse, where I would send pieces of myself to different Multiverses and copy their sources of powers and such to make myself even stronger than them! Comics like Marvel, DC, Invincible, movies like Transformers, Godzilla, Harry Potter, cartoons like Rick and Morty, TMNT, Kung Fu Panda, animes like Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, and games like God of War, Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry! I want them all, I want every power available in each and every one of them! So I sent my soul pieces to every one of them! But not as overpowered beings. Nah, that would be boring. I don't want to just copy their powers, I want to experience and venture around too! So what about this soul piece? What's it going to do, and what Multiverse will it go to? Doesn't the damn title make it obvious?! This is the tale of my soul piece going to the Ben 10 Multiverse as the bearer of Nemetrix! But would a parasite like me be okay with just a few predators?! No, so good thing my somewhat (very) weird watch can scan the DNAs of other aliens and even automatically give me their predators! Oh, did I mention I can go Ultimate from day one? Get some popcorn, drinks and snacks, cause it's time to hunt!

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CH 35: {S} Kim Possible {1st S}

(A/N: This chapter wasn't supposed to go like this lol. It was suppose to be porn with plot, but I thought :"Eh, fuck it. They're not going to become a couple, so why go through the trouble?" Why? 2 reasons.

1) Writing smut can be pretty annoying, believe me. The reason why I haven't written for a few days is because I've been procrastinating since writing smut can be boring and annoying. It's easy, just not fun. Hope you'll enjoy it though, you filthy degenerates.

2) Ego's personality is like Yujiro Hanma, the man himself! The guy who'll kill someone right in front of the guy's wife and flirt with her at the same damn time! So you better believe Ego's not wasting time with mesmerizing some bitches! Although he likes sex, he ain't gonna let some bitches get in the way of getting more power!

This part isn't included in the word count by the way. Also, Alistair's new, best, actual image:)


Pairing: Ego x Kim Possible

Warnings: Dom Ego, sadistic Ego, sub Kim, vaginal fingering (K receiving), vaginal sex (K receiving), rough sex, squirting (K performing), full nelson sex position, creampie (no impregnation)


"That's right, baby girl." Ego smirked, seduction simply spilling from his voice as it dropped an octave. Smirking at the blushing girl, he hugged her slim waist, pulling her against his broad chest :"In case you didn't know, I'm Ego, Alistair's bad, no nonsense side.

And I'mma tell you, I have one hell of a thing for redheads. So guess what I thought when I saw one hell of a single gorgeous redhead heroine just going around and saving the world. I thought damn, that girl really needs a hot date right now. So whatcha say? You free for some fun time while I'm in town?"

"I-I-I... w-w-well..." She stuttered, gulping at the absolute sin filling the eyes she was staring into, unable to break eye contact. It was like she could see what he was planning to do with her. He was simply dicking her down with his eyes alone, and she couldn't help but squeeze her thighs together.

Jolts traveling down from where he was holding her. Kim hoped he didn't notice it, but from the way his eyes narrowed and he licked his smirking lips, she knew she was busted. But all it did was make her heat up even more.

He gave a low, deep chuckle as he pushed her chin up with a gentle finger :"Aww, are you flustered, sweetheart? That's adorable." Staring into her eyes, Ego licked his teeth :"Makes me want to be mean and bully you."

Somehow, if it was even possible, she blushed even harder :"H-huh? W-what? What do y-you mean?" Smirking, he whispered hotly in her red ear :"Believe me, you'll find out, and you'll love it when you do."

Pulling back, he smiled gently at the frozen beauty :"So? What do you say about that little date, pretty girl?" Kim could swear her brain was fizzling. Searching for the words hurriedly, she smiled shyly with a dry mouth :"S-sure! S-so when do you wanna go?"

"How about... right now?" He gently grabbed her free hand and started walking. She looked at him in shock, blushing at the large hand holding hers :"N-now?! You mean —now— now?!" Paying her no mind, he just dragged her away with an amused chuckle.


"AHN?!" And about less than 30 minutes later, Kim moaned. Naked back flush against Ego's muscular chest as three thick and skilled fingers plunged into her wet pussy. With his free hand groping her modest chest —not too big or small— and playing with her hard, pink nipple, he whispered seductively into her ear :"Good girl, doing so well for me. Hm? Are you close again, baby? Go on, cum. Cum around my fingers."

"C-cum-cumming-" With both physical and verbal stimulation too much, Kim found her eyes rolling back and tongue rolling out as her velvety walls quivered violently around his digits pushing against her g-spot :"CUMMING!!!"

His fingers didn't stop going in and out :"Good girl. Such a good girl." He kissed her cheek and neck gently, opting to prolong her orgasm as she trembled in her post orgasmic state. Once the pants and gasps from her intense climax calmed down and she whined due to overstimulation, he slowly pulled his fingers out.

Ego, being a part of Alistair, had quite an easy time seducing Kim, an inexperienced girl in terms of romance. It didn't take long to get him all hot and bothered at all. Only 15 minutes or so. The other 15 minutes were spent preparing her for what was to come. His rizz was too powerful for a plot to appear.

And now, for the past 15 minutes or so, he had trapped the mesmerized heroine in an invisible little house in a quiet place made from Techtrix, and had been loosening her up for the dicking of her life.

As he brought his wet, sticky fingers up for her to look, she whined again, causing him to smirk :"Look at how wet you are, babygirl. My fingers are completely coated with your juices and cum."

She whined yet again, in both arousal and embarrassment. Chuckling, he brought his fingers to his lips. And as her eyes widened, he licked a finger before sucking the sticky fluids on it, groaning at the taste :"Delicious."

Ego's predatory gaze unmoving from her, he brought his fingers to her plump lips. Smirking evilly as her lips quivered :"Come on, babe. You're the one who made such a mess, so you should clean it yourself too, no?"

Blushing intensely, Kim followed his orders obediently. Parting her pretty lips to let his fingers in, before sucked on them gently. Moaning at the taste of his fingers and her own juices coating them.

Licking his lips, he gently kissed her cheek for her obedience :"Good girl, so obedient. You're my good girl, aren't you?" Panting, licking and sucking on his fingers, she nodded dumbly, eyelids narrowed in lust and lust blown eyes staring into his crimson orbs. As if asking for further orders. She nodded gently, voice sipping honey :"Yes, daddy."

"Daddy, eh?" He raised an amused eyebrow, before smirking lustfully :"Sure, I'll be your daddy, my pretty, kinky little bitch!" A spank landed on her big ass, causing it to bounce and shake and for her to moan aloud :"Aha! N-no, I-I'm not a b-bitch!"

"Oh? You're not?" He smiled darkly, making her look up with a hand grabbing her jaw :"Then I'll be sure to make you into my slutty little bitch." Kim was about to refute, to defend her dignity, but something hard and big pressing against her twitching hole shut her up.

"And you know what I'll use to do that?" It rubbed her hole, but ignored it to go between her full thighs. Kim, almost fearfully, looked down. Just to see someone gigantic easily protruding from between her thighs. Even with most of it hidden between her thick thighs, the part unhidden was of a boastful size.

And imagining what the full, uncovered size was left her trembling in heat. Truly, he was the peak of humanity with his 13 inch (33 cm) in length and nearly 4 inches in width dick. (A/N: Fun fact, somebody was actually that big, and the blood flow into basically another limb was so much that it caused lightheadedness for the dude!)

Ego's smile simply turned more predatory as she gulped, whispering hotly into her ear :"So you better be ready for the dicking of your life time, Kim. Cause I'm not going to stop until you're gaping and leaking."

Pulling back, he lined up his erection with her waiting hole, before he slowly began to push forward. Kim's mouth fell open, before moans immediately began to leak out. She was getting stretched, and she was getting stretched good.

Ego, feeling the amazing tightness, sighed in pleasure himself :'Fuck, I'm going to enjoy ruining this tight pussy.' Holding her in place, he began to push deeper and deeper. Kim threw her head back, resting it on his shoulder as she moaned at the pleasure that would definitely be painful for normal women.

But Ego hadn't spent so much time fingering and preparing her for nothing. He started pushing deeper and deeper, until he knocked on something that put a pressure on Kim's guts.

"W-what?" She gasped abruptly, and the noiret stopped with a smirk. "W-wait, Alistair, wait!" She pleaded, but he simply pulled back and slammed back in gently, causing her to moan loudly :"Ahh!! H-hold on! P-please hold on- haaa!!"

But he didn't listen. He simply kept her in place as he picked up the pace with each thrust, causing loud moans to escape her along with tears of pleasure. With every strike to her womb, she screamed out a moan, legs wobbly and ready to fall if not for Ego forcibly holding her up.

Holding her slim waist and thrusting his giant erection into her ruthlessly, he smiled lustfully :"Sorry, love, but I'm not stopping until I've turned you into a moaning, slobber little fuck doll for me to use! So come on, you better not be giving up on me with just this, because we've got a long way to go before I'm finished!"

Setting a fast pace, his pelvis slamming against her fat ass as he went in deeper and deeper. He was Alistair's evil side for a reason, he didn't care about his partner. He just wanted to fuck her, and he was already plenty nice with preparing her for so long instead of just ramming into her.

When he fully sheathed himself inside of her tight hole, Kim couldn't help but fold over because of the pressure inside of her. The sensation was amazing, yet so weird. She wanted to pull away from the fullness, yet couldn't help but beg for more. Her eyes rolled back as her tongue lolled out, before Ego, with a particularly harsh thrust into her womb, caused the knot coiling in her core to snap.

"AAHHH!!" With a loud, animal-like howl of a moan, she squirted with the force of a hose. Wetting her already wet legs and the ground below her. Her body shook violently, and she grit her teeth from the pleasure so hard they hurt.

Her body was thankful to Ego for prolonging her orgasm, but when he didn't stop at all, Kim looked back with teary eyes :"W-wait!! L-let me rest! Please, let me rest!" However, he just smiled :"Nope." Causing her pleading eyes to widen :"P-please, Alistair! I-I b-beg of you, okay?! Please, I-I just came- aaahhh!!"

Pushing her womb up as he thrust his member all the way in, he whispered into her ear sadistically :"I already told you, my dear slut, I'm not stopping till I'm filling your guts with my cum. What, did you think me being the evil side was a joke? Hahahaha, oh, baby, I'm going to ruin this pretty little pussy."

"W-wait-" She was interrupted by a loud moan breaking out of her throat as he continued. Watching the fleshy ass ripple with every thrust, Ego couldn't help but lick his teeth. Smirking evilly, he covered her mouth to shut her up before speaking :"Hey, are you curious how strong just my dick is? Cause I am. How about we try something?"

Her teary eyes looked back in confusion, before he raised her off the ground :"And... there." Before letting go, the height difference causing her to fall on his dick. Her eyes widened, before they rolled back as all air was knocked out of her when she was held in the air with her his dick holding her up.

Ego couldn't help but laugh in amusement, the view of her being because of his dick having such strength was quite funny and amusing. Though he wondered how she felt with her womb being treated so harshly, since his dick was completely pushing against it in their current state. Her legs waved around, searching for ground to relieve the pressure on her treasured place while she felt like she was going to pass out.

Luckily for her, Ego took mercy on her :"Alright, alright, I'll stop fooling around." With his forearms going under her legs, he raised them until they came to his shoulder, before he grabbed her head from behind and locked her in place (full nelson sex position) with a devilish smile :"Now, let's start the real pounding, eh?"

And somehow, confusingly enough for Kim, he went even harder than before. The brunette didn't know how long it took, or how many times she orgasmed before his movements became erratic.

"Fuck, I'm close." He groaned, and she didn't know what god to thank. It's not that she didn't feel amazing, just that she felt —too— amazing. She had cum so many times, and one harder than the other, that he had overstimulated the fuck out of her.

With all her facial features turning to that of extreme pleasure, she barely hung on to her sanity. If it was anybody else, she was sure they would turn into screaming whores already. With loud clapping sounds, he gave a final thrust before cumming deep inside her womb with a loud groan, triggering another wave of squirting and moans from Kim who trembled in his hold.

Ego kept on thrusting, prolonging his orgasm as thick ropes of cum shot one after the other inside of Kim. Painting her walls and insides, with enough volume to cause her stomach to bloat from where a visible bulge would appear whenever he thrusted from the get go.

Finishing his orgasm, he slowly pulled out. Letting his seed overflow from her gaping hole as she stayed in his arms, looking ready to pass out any second now :'Thank... thank God, it's finished... h-he finally c-came...'

But Ego suddenly smirked, and when Techtrix created a bed, he threw her on it. Confused, she struggled to look back at him, before her eyes widened in horror. He chuckled sadistically :"Aww, baby, did you think it was over?" There he stood, his long and thick member still as hard as ever, and not a single sweat gracing his beautiful body :"Did you think the stamina of the peak of your species would only amount to that much?"

Grabbing her ankles, he raised them to the air as he sat between her legs with an evil grin :"I think you should send you family a message and tell them you won't be home for a day or two, cause I'm going to be fucking you till I'm all~ satisfied. And believe me, that ain't happening so soon."

(A/N: How was that for a smut/lemon, you disgusting perverts? Hope y'all had holy water on standby lol.

By the way, when you think about it, Sung Jin Woo (Sung Drip Woo🗿) is just Vergil + Dom Toretto. I need more power for family.)