Becoming The Admin Of A Dimensional Chuunibyo Chat Group Isn't Easy! Book

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Becoming The Admin Of A Dimensional Chuunibyo Chat Group Isn't Easy!


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A man of unknown age and background died under unique circumstances, even his past being shrouded in a thick layer of mystery. He forgot everything about himself except for some 'memories' after he died and met an extremely muscular dog-eared man with a fluffy dog tail, ruining the fantasy of the man who adores fantasy so much, specially fantasy creatures such as beastkin, elves, and etc. It was an extremely disgusting sight, he thought. "Would bleaching my eyes remove this cursed image from my memory?" After receiving his reincarnator privileges, he embarked on his journey to reincarnation. Watch as Shirokami Shun, the Admin of a Dimensional Chat Group that mysteriously has only girls — and allows only girls — as its members. He is the only exception because the group chat is his. They travel to different worlds, gaining more unique powers and friends in the process. These journeys, although extremely fun in their own ways, were not without danger, though. …Especially when you have group members such as these guys. "I, the Great Archdemon, Queen of all Hell, shall conquer Earth! Ah-Hahahaha!" "Hah! I can see through your fake facade through my [Tyrant's Eye]!" "I'm the President and Founder of the Survival Club! There, we learn about things that we should do in case aliens, supernaturals, gods, or monsters invade our world!" "Hamburg-san~—" "—Is delish nodesu!" "Ehehe… I wonder if what I'm doing is correct? Umm… uuh… I'll buy this skill to not get hurt! I hate pain, after all." "*sigh*… Should I just change the name of this Dimensional Chat Group to Dimensional Chūnibyō Group…?" I'm extremely tempted to do so. Quest after quests, the group of wild cards and misfits will unknowingly do almost anything to somehow create troubles for themselves. From unknowingly provoking the villains to just acting like their normal selves and still somehow managing to create troubles in the process, this group will go around different dimensions to wreak havoc! Divided, they can't create too much waves. But together? They might as well send their résumé to the higher ups in order to become the next-in-line to becoming a God of Destruction or a God of Chaos. "EX—PLOOOOOOOOOOOSION!" "Wait, you're not supposed to be appearing here, you troublemaker!" "Hey Shun! Aren't you supposed to be my partner! Come back here in my dimension and help me manage the dungeon! Uh, never mind! Let's just go to another dimension and let us create a dungeon there!" "Which dimension are we going to now, Shun-san? Can I come? I want to make new f-friends!" Right… Why did I invite them in this group chat, again? Unknowingly, Shun got too used to the initial cast that he thought the girls he came across to and invited were all relatively normal in his eyes. Thus, the weird band of misfits continued to grow. ———————— Note: Don't expect a phenomenal quality of writing. I don't speak English during my daily life so expect some errors here and there. I proofread my chapters before posting it so there should be just a teensy amount of errors. Well, if something slipped by, then please tell it to me through paragraph comments! Genres: Adventure, Action, Ecchi, Harem, School Life, and Slice of Life. Tags: Alternate Universe, Beastkin, Beautiful Female Leads, Calm Protagonist, Caring Protagonist, Charismatic Protagonist, Cheats, Cohabitation, Demi-Humans, Demons, Dimensional Group Chat, Dragons, Dungeons, Eidetic Memory, Elemental Magic, Evolution, Fallen Angels, Fanfiction, Fantasy Creatures, Fast Learner, Game Elements, Game Ranking System, Goddesses, Gods, Hard-working Protagonist, Lucky Protagonist, Magic, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Polygamy, Reincarnation, Swords and Magic, Virtual Reality, Wish Fulfillment, World Travel


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