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Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

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There's another one with the MC reincarnaing into a satellite in another world for millions of years then after "dying" he reincarnated into an ancestor of a clan in that world. There's even a Manhau based on it. And read Lord Of Enigma, rest is translated elsewhere.




This novel could have been great but it suffers from a "tribulation:" that a lot of these discreet ancestor novels face.. the main character not being the main character. See if you dont know what that means let me explain, in this novel it feels as if the MC is a side character in multiple other people's story and it does not really change and as the story goes along the ONLY thing he does is to vaguely get stronger (though we never really see the effects of that due to him relying on the system) and helping his descendants and thats it, there is really nothing that benefits him other than faith in which he invests back into his descendants. So dont waste your fast passes.


Very similar to Ancestor Above. Basically.. bland characters that seem to have no life of their own, it's wonder how they survived without ancestor (it's like MC growing NPCs). They don't even ask themselves whether it's really ancestor or some demon/devil from other realm. There are also overused expressions and everything being solved by the system. MC is pretty much a slave to his system (system gives "advice" or "discounts" at the right time and he just buys/uses/saves/solves). I have yet to see a very solid novel of this genre with MC-ancestor that has no body and acts as as family protector with proper conversation flow and characters build up. But that would require an experienced author who can write good novels without systems, like the author of Protect Our Patriarch (mtl). POP is a very very good novel (focuses on growing family up in a quite realistic way), the problem is - it's quite niche, it has different feel than other novels. After just a couple dozen chapters there are a few family members younger than the patriarch that could easily take over as main characters if the MC was ever killed or whatever.


does anyone have the raws after 259? i can only find images which i cant put through google translate. .


The novel started off pretty good, in my opinion. Unfortunately, at some point the consistency of the story fell apart. The name of one of the characters changed for a chapter. The realms of power changed from mage, great mage, great archmage, divine, ect. to body, innate, divine, then legendary (I think? Hard to keep track with the switches). The MC also has his own special realms for cultivation that also changed. It just got to be too much of a problem for me to enjoy the read.


seemed interesting at first but then changed my mind cause it was portraying misogynistic values, not my cup of tea, bad review cause petty?


I was enjoying this novel even with its few inconsistencies here and there but then around chapter 100, the names of everything including people, cultivation, items all changed. It basically became unreadable because one moment someone goes from Jack to Caesar, or they're at the realm of great mage level 12 now they're at the realm of innate level 8. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHATS GOING ON. The quality has also gone down so much, so many grammar mistakes filling this novel. I tried too adapt but I have my limits, it gets worse the further you read.


Reveal spoiler


Hmm? It’s like a rip off of Sword of Dawnbreaker base on the sypnosis


Fast pace. In fact, too fast. and the cheat, wow, so so cheap. I mean, there's a problem, ask the system for a solution, and bam, here it is. Solved! The system is TOO OP.


I would like to read more of it. Is there any novel similar to this? Except for ancestor above. ,.......


can someone suggest me some ancestor novels or a sect master thanks in advance if you can. i like the Novel it is very good so i will Give a good star reading rating


Hurm, another death ancestor genre novel. I remember one of it is quite funny, the VR ancestor one, I forgot the title.. Anyway, the pace is quite nice, some part slow some part quick. I would say this should be one of the great novel among others trash novel.. Hope this got pick.


Fantastic read. I really enjoyed the 20 chapters and would like to have more. This type of plot is one of my favorites. I hope that it will be picked out.


Good, I mean not the best but by far an infinite number of leagues better than the rest of the slob "translated" (I use that word loosely because last week a novel had Its chapters 20-40 replaced, by a different novel.


the begging is pretty good but the later the story goes the more inconsistencies there are with translation or story itself 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😱😭🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😞😞😰😰


I read raw and I found translator made new novel from orginal . why webnovel become like this where's their respect for what author write.😞😞😞😞😞😨😞😞😞😞😨😞😨😨😨😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞


I was just around 50 chapters in and all I can say is that its good. The MC's personality is sort of funny of how he doesnt do things like being mysterious or trying to look cool everytime he appears in his descendants dreams, he just go straight to the point...... all I can say for now cause im still reading it QwQ


This has been pretty interesting. It went a totally different direction than I expected but it's been enjoyable. It has a couple cliche scenes that turned out to be less cliche than imagined and the mc is not overly stupid like many CNs.