Chapter 61: The Call from Afar_2

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A potion that drastically enhances brain power, developed from his numerous intuitive experiences using "Multi-Threading Thinking", compounded by the activation of his "Botany Talent" and "Magic Apothecary Talent", as well as a rather vast accumulation of knowledge.

Link named it "Super Brain", a name as straightforward, clear and concise as its intended effect.

It unambiguously promises to all that after consumption, it can massively enhance one's brain computation power.

A Wizard Apprentice can improve their brain's computation power by 25% within ten minutes of consuming the potion;

A First Level Wizard can enhance their brain's computation power by 22% within three minutes of taking the potion;

A Second Level Wizard can boost their brain's computation power by 18% within two minutes of ingestion.

How effective is this?

Its efficacy is commendably good.

Whether for everyday studying or for battle, higher brain computation power is always preferable.