Chapter 61: The Call from Afar_3

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Seeing this, the Serene Wizard dropped her attempt to continue criticizing and gave a reminder before hanging up the communication.

"Link, when are we leaving?"

Jasmine asked with concern, quickly offering his own suggestion, "I think the earlier will be better to avoid any twists and turns."

She sat aside and observed the whole process of Link receiving the draft order, immediately contacting the Serene Wizard and agreeing to accept the draft.

Even though she was reluctant in her heart, she still knew what was most important.

Not only did she not express her reluctance, but she also actively made suggestions.

Link operated his computer one more time, checked the follow-up arrangements he had just received, and the recommended inventory list, showed them to Jasmine: "The time is already set for early tomorrow morning. There will be a special car here at half-past six."

"You must start preparing now."