Chapter 61: The Call from Afar_1

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Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, a term had passed.

Ever since Jasmine had moved to Link's villa, she had made rapid progress in areas such as knowledge learning, meditation practice, witchcraft mastery, research leadership, and team management.

In terms of academic performance, she ranked second in the midterm and final exams of the second-year autumn term, second only to Lanny Taylor.

In terms of meditation practice, she was close to the limit of a second-rank wizard apprentice.

With just a little more time, she could trigger a small metamorphosis in the Sea of Consciousness.

Becoming a third-class wizard apprentice was imminent.

It must be said that Serene Wizard's experiment on improving wizard qualifications had significantly effective results.

Especially after resolving the issue of the soul's disharmony with the body, Serene Wizard had met with Jasmine several times for targeted adjustments and enhancements.