Torn from her everyday life, 23-year-old Velori is thrown into a mystery nearly long forgotten. Shortly after meeting Gairett, she is told that he isn't just any man, but a powerful Werepython! If this wasn't already too much to take in, Gairett’s silvery-eyed brother Hale is furious that some random human knows of his family's existence and the fact that he's a Gargoyle. To protect these secrets from the dangers of humans, Hale steps in to silence Velori himself. Only the attraction between them brings all his plans to an abrupt stop. Especially when they discover that her memories are locked away behind an ancient curse between their families, threatening to doom their relationship before it begins. Velori must work against time to unlock her memories before someone she's close to steps in and successfully erases all pathways, keeping both families forever in the dark and stuck in Banishment.

Dehni_Olsen · Fantasy
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57 Chs

Tayen and Spells

"God forsaken country." She murmured absently to herself. While she was thankful to be back near her homeland, she would always hate this place.

Her eyes drifted across the spell circle that surrounded her.

This wasn't the first spell she'd found herself in. It wasn't even her first time doing this specific incantation. She had performed it every decade for over two hundred years. How she hadn't become bored and given up after the first several tries was anyone's guess..

Her amber eyes moved around her surroundings to verify one last time that all was placed correctly. The four brass bowls were placed in each cardinal direction; North, East, South, and West. Each sitting atop smoldering embers that smoked three of the Goddess of Fire's favorite smells; pig fat, hair, and Palo Santo sticks. She would be pleased.

Satisfied, she moved her gaze to the basin at her feet. The honey and salt water she'd mixed earlier, glistened brightly in the sun. Keenly aware of how the gooey mixture would feel as it slid between her toes, forced a sigh from her lips before she stepped into the concoction. Silently, she reminded herself that she was doing anything to please the Elements, and these were the God of Water's preferences.

Her eyes then drifted to what stood between each brass bowl. Firmly stuck into the ground were limbs from the Acacia tree; each brown piece of wood stood about five feet high, a testament to their mother tree. Her offering to the Goddess of Earth. 

She'd hated cutting them off. She'd planted the tree when she first came back to the States. It signified her rebirth here and stabilized her thoughts whenever she sat beneath it. Sadly, she knew she needed them for her spells, so once again, she asked Earth's forgiveness and felt its acceptance almost immediately, washing over her like a soothing balm.

The wind blew, causing the feathers tied to each branch to flutter. She'd picked owl feathers this time; A kiss from the night air and one she hoped would help with her entreaty. They weren't the best choice for the God of Air but they were Gairett's favorite. Since he was who she wanted to reach with her incantation, they should work just as well.

Lastly, she touched the bone beads that she'd placed in her hair. Her auburn waves were pulled back and away from her face, with braids twisting around themselves to mimic a crown. They were a stark contrast laying against her strands, and she smiled to herself as she thought of their meaning. They were in honor of the God of Illusion, as death is the greatest of all illusions after all. His presence here was a great privilege for her.

While this wasn't her first spell circle, this was the first time every Element had agreed to help her with it. Illusion had always refused. Not even granting her permission to speak with him. He didn't dislike Tayen, but he hated Gairett and wanted nothing to do with his potential return. Why he agreed this time was a mystery, but she wasted no time in her preparations once she got his approval.

Seeing that everything was in place, it was time to start. She could already feel the heavy pressure of each God Element, or Originator, as they waited for her to begin.

She looked up to the peak of the mountain before her. Standing at its base always made her feel alone and tired and somewhat small, just as it was doing now. Its faded greenery and sun burnt sands only added to it. 

She had fought hard to own a strip of the State Trust land here. It was her way to keep him and his family's secret safe. Especially since it was a busy location. It was best known for Topaz Mountain, and it had tourists nearly all year round.

Still, owning the land or not, it cut at her heartstrings every time she saw it. It had stolen her best friend and her lover and therefore, would always stand as a harbinger of pain. 

"We won't stay forever, child." The nudge from Air was enough to bring her mind back to the moment.

"My apologies honored one. I'll start now." Air flooded her body with warmth, thankful that the human respected him and the other Originators like she did.

Tayen lifted her face to the sky, extending her throat far enough to properly create the tune needed. Softly at first, she began to hum, taking only a few seconds before she found the right vibration. 

She knew it was correct because Water responded to her through the mixture at her feet. It began to vibrate, matching the resonance of her melody.

The brass bowls began to smoke intensely as Fire responded to the vibrations that passed by them. 

Tayen grew louder after she took her first inhale. The feathers twisted angrily as she felt the wind pick up and sweep around her. Air's response to her enchantment.

Slowly she lowered her head and deepened her hum, beseeching Illusion to join in for the first time. He responded, and her eyes grew large as she watched a shield of light and shadow start to form around her ring. Up and up, it went until it met above her, creating a sphere of swirling colors.

Bringing her hands together, she performed multiple finger movements. Her people's secret art of communication with the essence of their realm. This was her final action before the chant was completed. 

It was an entreaty to the Universe, through the Originators, to bring her love back to her. To force his self-caused exile to come to completion. 

Earth finally responded, and the ground shook beneath her. The mountain before her seemed to shudder and forced the creatures of the mountain into a panic, running in all directions.

Continuing her hum and hand gestures, she couldn't stop her smile as she watched them run around her shield of protection. This was the first time she needn't worry about them trampling her spell circle. It brought hope to her that she hadn't felt in decades.

With one final hand gesture, she rose in pitch until it forced her to sing, and her voice went higher. With the last of her breath, she yelled out a guttural scream that echoed through the Juniper trees and rocks of the mountain.

With the ending of her chant, the shield exploded out, away from her, and traveled in all directions. The feathers ripped away from their ties and the bowls and basin at her feet, smoked white as the contents evaporated. As she looked around her, the braids that lay atop her head fell around her face as Illusion too took his payment of bones.

The only offering left were the Acacia branches. Earth always left them for her. So like before, she verbally thanked the Goddess that was still present.

"Thank you, for honoring me with your help." She bowed her head respectfully.

"Why do you do these summonings, Child of the Earth? He never wakes up and I hate seeing your pain and disappointment." Tayen could feel her as Earth spoke to her. Strong, rooted, and immense. These were the feelings that always came with Earth when she visited Tayen.

"Why does a crow stand guard over a fallen friend? Why does the bear gorge before sleep? Why does a baby cry for its mother?" She paused briefly, shuddering through a calming breath. "Because they must, my wonderful Earth. Because I must." 

"Go with Earth and be happy, child. I am here for you always." She felt Earth leave and with it went her strength. She slumped down into the basin, as she waited for the Elements to return her strength. With each thanks Tayen gave to them, she received energy in return.

She wasn't sure how long she sat there, gazing up at the mountain that held her sleeping lover. The sun that was right above her when she began the spell was now behind the mountain and darkness was creeping across the sky. 

"Did you hear me this time, Gairett?" She whispered to the wind. She expected silence and was disappointed once again when it greeted her. 

"Guess not." She said, sitting up slowly, working out the kinks in her muscles and waking up deadened limbs. 

"Maybe next time." She whispered once more before standing, then she collected her bowls and branches and began her long trek back to the trail that would lead her to the road. It would be well past midnight when she made it back to her car but it was a small price to pay. She would give almost anything to have him back.

As she walked away from the location, she was watched by Illusion. He joined this time because unlike his siblings he'd decided he was done waiting. Although they stepped in on occasion and nudged things like dominos, he didn't do that. If he helped, he didn't nudge and hope that things fell into place. He pushed until he achieved the outcome he wanted. 

It would be no different this time. He closed his senses and sought out the answer to Tayen's dilemma and the Universe answered. Only it wasn't an answer he expected. 

Disappearing from the Utah mountain ranges, he appeared inside a Colorado home. He stood at the base of a bed that held a woman that he and his siblings knew very well. 

He would need to hide his actions from his brother, Water, but it would be worth it, to give Tayen what she sought. 

Without waiting further, he entered the woman's dreams and teased her subconscious until a plan was formed to visit the Utah mountains and uncover what was unearthed there.