Baldur Odinson: God of Light

In this unique tale of reincarnation, a scientist finds himself thrust into the Marvel universe as Odin's youngest son. Armed only with his intellect, he must learn to navigate and thrive in this new and unfamiliar world. This captivating fan-fiction piece, which I stumbled upon online and found immensely enjoyable, lacked an English translation. Hence, I took it upon myself to share this remarkable work with others who might appreciate it, emphasizing that I do not claim ownership over it. Support me at patreon.com/Lonely_Translator an read up to 15 chapters in advance

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Chapter 51 - 1995

POV: Baldur 

Throne Room, Royal Castle of Genosha. 

The years pass quickly without many remarkable events. Genosha has been at peace since the events of World War II. After my fight against Cain Marko, I spent two years traveling with Amora, then returned to Genosha and focused my time on improving my country and training with my new powers. 

Genosha has had another major breakthrough in technology by integrating magic and science, creating fantastic things. My country is now free of any disease, thanks to genetic injections, everyone has an enhanced physique. The genetic vaccine was created by studying the flower that gives powers to the kings of Wakanda, along with advanced genetics, this miracle was made possible. 

We also managed to create an interdimensional portal that can teleport us anywhere in the universe. The idea came from the Earth's sorcerers' rings. We were able to increase its range using technology, but unfortunately, we don't have a star map to guide us. The portal is actually a door, in simple terms, you enter a portal that connects to another, and distance doesn't matter. The problem is that we need to build another portal at the destination beforehand. The first test was a success, we built a portal in Wakanda, and now traffic between the two cities is instantaneous. 

Our allies in Wakanda are also doing very well. We maintain an open communication and transportation route between us, and their technology is not inferior to ours. 

S.H.I.E.L.D/HYDRA is the only thing that has been giving me a headache these years. They have been trying to enter Genosha, but luckily, they are smart enough not to take any overly aggressive action. So far, they have only managed to reach our beaches using a submarine designed by Howard Stark himself. The submarine managed to pass through our storm and new maritime defenses, I was truly surprised by that. 

The vehicle was destroyed the moment it reached the beach, and its agents were captured, interrogated, and then sent to prison. As a result, our defenses underwent another upgrade. I didn't care about returning the men to S.H.I.E.L.D, they were all HYDRA men disguised as HYDRA wouldn't miss any chance to seize our technologies, so all the men on the submarine were their most loyal agents. 

Another event that made me lose some nights of sleep was the disappearance of the Cyttorak jewel. After our conversation with the Elder, I returned to Korea to look for it since the bet was fulfilled. Cyttorak has no reason to keep the jewel working. I doubt he cares enough about it to retrieve or destroy it, so I wanted to retrieve it for study. But it was taken by someone, which gave me the feeling that my steps were being followed, I suspect since my fight against Apocalypse. I asked Amora to inquire about the matter with the Elder, she replied that everything will be revealed in due time, seers are very irritating. 

Speaking of Amora, she spent most of her time at Kamar-Taj in Nepal, learning magic with the Elder and also teaching. Earth magic is very different from Asgardian magic, Earth magic uses energy from other dimensions, while Asgard's uses its unique energy. Amora is trying to find a way to merge these two types of knowledge, the Elder doesn't mind and is also profiting greatly from this partnership, I think she is happy just to have another immortal keeping her company. 

For those close to me, the only change was Freyja. a year ago, she came to me and asked me to remove her longevity. The reason was that she found someone who loves her, she wants to grow old with him. The man in question was a young soldier who somehow managed to capture the heart of Genosha's goddess of war. 

Her father also made the same request to me later, he doesn't want to live longer than his daughter. I hesitated to fulfill their wishes, both have been with me since the creation of Genosha. They are the ones I trust most in my country, but I'm not selfish enough not to grant their requests, I removed their longevities and left their other powers intact. Freyja married the young soldier this year, it was a big event for Genosha, the party lasted four days straight. Freyja's physical appearance is around her twenties, so I have time until I say goodbye to my only student. 

I haven't neglected my training and studies these years either. I have made significant advances in using my powers from my dimension, now I can forcibly pull a person into it. It was a slow process to achieve this. I am also about to finish my next rune, if I'm lucky, I'll finish it before the events of Ragnarok. The only thing I haven't made any progress on is the celestial ship. I tried various ways to access the information stored in it without alerting the celestial, but it is an almost impossible task. The only thing we could take advantage of it was by analyzing its mechanical operation. For security reasons, I left it thousands of kilometers away from my island submerged in the ocean, I can't leave a weapon that I don't have control over that could easily destroy my island near my people. With the knowledge we gained from studying it, I am confident that we will be able to create our own spacecraft in no time. 

"Lord, are you listening?" 

Alice draws my attention to the hologram shown in front of me. 

"I am, sorry Alice, continue." 

"As you predicted, Mrs. Carol is going to meet her old friend, Maria Rambeau, as we speak, she will be at her house in two hours." 

"Thank you, Alice." 

Finally, I have reached the second event of the Marvel movies. I really don't need to pay much attention to the events of the Captain Marvel movie. She could easily solve everything, but I am not the passive type. In the end of the movie, the Kree almost wipe out all life on earth just to get rid of a few hidden Skrulls here, that alone is enough to make me angry. 

(It's not so easy to end my kingdom, I'll show them.) 

I knew the events would happen in 1995, six years ago, Carol would gain her powers. So it was easy to find the Pegasus project, I was very interested in Dr. Mar-Vell's light speed engine. It was easy for our spies to make a copy of her notes, and thanks to the Asgardians' unique ability, I could understand the Kree language easily. Unfortunately, we didn't find a substitute for the Tesseract's energy, and it would be a waste to keep it just to power a motor. 

"And the Ark project?" 

"Ignoring the lack of location, we still have 60% of the preparations ready." 

"That's good." 

The Ark project will serve in case I can't stop the events of Ragnarok. I sent several probes into the universe looking for uninhabited planets that could sustain life for the Asgardians, so they'll have a place to rebuild. Of course, I'm doing the same for myself, I'm not foolish enough to think I'm completely safe. This world is very unpredictable, so I'll be prepared in case an apocalypse happens, my people will be safe. 

The holograms in front of me disappear, and I stand up and head towards the entrance of the royal castle. Along the way, I see several soldiers in full armor standing guard protecting the castle. In recent years, I've upgraded their armor and equipment, their armor used to be made of vibranium and other mixed metals, but now I've added Adamantium to the mix. 

Adamantium was discovered by Doctor MacLain and is made from various chemical processes and types of resins. The process is very complicated and unfortunately disappeared with the doctor's death. Several weaker versions of it appeared later, I obtained one with the help of William Stryker. I found his secret laboratory where he infused adamantium into Logan's skeleton, then I sent a group of soldiers to kill all the soldiers in the base and retrieve everything about the metal's creation process. 

We managed to find some of the metal and discovered the formula, but it's very expensive to produce it in large quantities. That's why the Americans didn't arm their soldiers with it, but Genosha has no money problems. Killing Stryker was a bonus, the soldiers who invaded the secret facility were disgusted by the experiments on mutant children that guy was doing. Some even asked me to attack America for allowing such barbarity, I confess I was tempted. 

An aircraft waits for me in front of the palace, I sit in the aircraft and let Alice do all the work. 

"Notify Freyja to be prepared in case the Kree try something." 

"Sir, Mrs. Freyja is still on her honeymoon in France. Should I still notify her?" 

"No, I forgot, then notify Nordur." 

"Yes, sir." 

When I deal with Ronan and his accusers, they may try something funny like a suicide attack. You can't predict your enemies' moves if they're crazy or fanatical. 

The ship cuts through the sky at high speed towards the United States of America. 

POV: Baldur. 

USA, Louisiana. 

Maria Rambeau's House. 

Maria's house was in a very isolated part of Louisiana, surrounded by swamps on all sides. The house was built in French style, and next to it was a barn built of old wood. I landed my plane in the open field a few meters from the barn. 

The ship is state-of-the-art even in Genosha, made with a completely silent hologram camouflage. So no one in the house noticed my landing. I wait in it until I see a car stop in front of Maria's house, two people get out and knock on the door, they must be the young Fury and Carol. 

I know they have a lot to talk about, and I want to cut the unnecessary drama, so I leave them. Shortly after, I see two Skrull agents entering the house, one of them transforms into Maria and stays chatting with her daughter while the other enters the house. 

As in the movie, they leave the house and go to the barn to listen to the recording of Carol's accident. 

(Time to say hi.) 

I exit the plane and become invisible, waiting for them to leave the barn, which happens ten minutes later. 

(Slow technology is hell.) 

I think, remembering Maria's computer. 

Carol comes out first, furious. She's wearing a white shirt with blue jeans, I must say she's much prettier than the actress who played her in the movie, with long blonde hair and a perfect body. Fury comes out after her, followed by Maria and her daughter, and lastly, the Skrull comes out, wearing a very stylish suit, I must say. 

"Everything I knew was a lie," Carol says angrily. 

"Now you understand," the Skrull responds. 

"What? Now I understand what?" 

"Yon-Rogg killed Mar-Vell. Because she found out she was on the wrong side of an unjust war." 

(I love this Skrull, in my opinion, he did better than the actress who played Carol in the movie.) 

"No. Your people are terrorists, they kill innocents, I saw the ruins on Torfa." 

"Ruins for which the Accusers are responsible. My people lived as refugees on Torfa, homeless." 

I can see that Carol is still trapped in the illusion that she was put into by the Kree, that they are honorable warriors fighting against monsters. 

(I think I'll introduce myself here.) 

"The Skrull is telling the truth." 

I remove my camouflage, leaving everyone stunned by my presence, it's no wonder, imagine a man wearing golden armor holding a large spear suddenly appearing in front of you. 

"If the Skrulls had come to Earth with the intention of harming it, I would have killed them long ago." 

Carol was the first to act, firing one of her photon blasts at me. 

(T/N: Just like that) 

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