Baldur Odinson: God of Light

In this unique tale of reincarnation, a scientist finds himself thrust into the Marvel universe as Odin's youngest son. Armed only with his intellect, he must learn to navigate and thrive in this new and unfamiliar world. This captivating fan-fiction piece, which I stumbled upon online and found immensely enjoyable, lacked an English translation. Hence, I took it upon myself to share this remarkable work with others who might appreciate it, emphasizing that I do not claim ownership over it. Support me at patreon.com/Lonely_Translator an read up to 15 chapters in advance

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Chapter 45 - The World on Fire Final Part

POV: Third Person. 

The World, 1944. 

Two weeks after the battle against Apocalypse. 

Two weeks have passed since the final attack on Germany. In the first week, all the German people united to try to stop Genosha's advance. Their strength of will and courage during the battles were enormous. The reason for all this effort was quite simple: they were fighting to prevent their homeland from being destroyed. 

Unfortunately for them, their strength of will was not enough to stop the invaders. Every city that Genosha passed through ended up in flames. The king's order was executed perfectly. This resulted in discontent among other nations due to the excessive brutality and destruction. All the destruction that has happened so far in the cities where the battles took place were collateral effects of the battle, Genosha was doing this deliberately. 

Of course, the king would not allow civilian deaths, so the army only destroyed the cities after evacuating all civilians. People didn't understand why the army, which fought with such honor, was destroying cities and ending the history of a nation. Until news of the Germans' cowardly trap spread, everyone now understands that Genosha is an honorable country that will not allow itself to be dishonored by anyone. 

Ten days later, the invaders were getting closer and closer to Berlin. Genosha decided to deliver its final blow to break the Germans' will. They broadcast another global transmission, this time showing images and photos of the cruelties carried out in the concentration camps and the massacres of the Jewish people by the army. 

The effect was devastating. Technology was not yet advanced enough for anyone to think these were just montages. The citizens of Germany had always deluded themselves with the idea that the Nazis spoke of the beautiful concentration camps, where Jews were happy and well-fed. The transmission continued, and the Jews saved by Genosha's army also spoke about how they were well cared for by the people of Genosha after being rescued. They were moved to a city where they received medical treatment and supplies to regain their lost health. Baldur ordered this, but Amora used it to support Genosha's actions. 

Now that everything was revealed, all the people who had condemned Genosha's actions were on their side. It's always good to have public opinion on your side. Amora doesn't care what other countries might do to them, but she knew Baldur didn't want to go to war with the world. With their public opinion being "heroic saviors," the other countries won't easily start a war. 

On the twelfth day of the invasion, Genosha's army finally reached Berlin. They didn't attack immediately as before, first, they had to ensure another mission. Baldur, with the knowledge of his past life, knew that Hitler would try to kill himself when he found out Berlin had fallen. This had been previously passed on to everyone, so Genosha's secret force organized an attack with the aim of capturing the Nazi leader before news of the siege of Berlin reached him. 

The Führerbunker, a super-secret German bunker, was the target of the attack. Ironically, no one except the Führer and another trusted soldier could carry weapons inside the hideout. This made the attack easier for Genosha's soldiers. In the end, they managed to capture Hitler alive and kill several high-ranking soldiers, leaving the surviving army in total chaos. 

Hitler was taken to prison in Genosha as the Hydra leader, awaiting the king's return for his trial, thus fulfilling the promise he made at the beginning of the war. After the enemy's head was cut off, it was time to go after the body. Genosha's massive attack was a great German meat grinder. They not only attacked with infantry but also with their huge air force, destroying any long-range weapons. Then the air force went after supplies, weapons, and any resources used by the army. 

Finally accepting that their defeat was inevitable, the Germans, now without their leaders, chose to send a message by surrendering to General Freyja in an attempt to save their capital. The response sent left them utterly hopeless. 

"According to the king's orders, if the German people surrender, they will be treated with the honor they deserve. They will be escorted out of Berlin before it is destroyed." 

One can imagine that when the Germans surrendered, they thought Genosha would stop the destruction of their country, they were mistaken. The king's final order was to set everything on fire. Not even the queen could change this order with the king absent. 

With no other choice, that's what they did. When the Nazi army laid down their weapons, they were all taken out of the city, to a camp where they received food and medical care under the watchful eyes of Genosha's soldiers and drones, ready to crush any sign of rebellion. 

Then they began to evacuate all the civilians who were not participating in the battle. It took a day for the enormous Berlin to become a ghost town. There were cases of people who opposed the order to evacuate, such as the elderly, but they were forcibly removed by Genosha's soldiers, with drones and scanners pointed at the city, any form of life was found. 

With everything ready, Genosha's planes attacked. The bombings occurred in an orderly manner, not a single building stood when the ships passed through them. Berlin became a sea of flames, the smoke from the buildings created a huge cloud of ashes that obscured the sunlight, making the whole environment even more tragic. 

From afar, the German people could still see the smoke and the flames' lights in their burning city, unable to do anything. No one could describe what they were feeling right now. 

POV: Third Person. 

Berlin, Germany. 

After the Destruction of Berlin. 

A few kilometers away, in a small town near Berlin, General Freyja, along with her army, was resting. After the victory and destruction of the city, they retreated to this town, forming their headquarters. Freyja could not return to Genosha until she received orders, so she could only stay here waiting. 

"Lady, report." A soldier with a tablet appears in front of her. 


"All civilians are behaving well and receiving all the care they deserve. The problem with supplies has been resolved with the delivery from Genosha." 

Thousands of people lost their homes in the attack on Berlin. Any other nation could not take care of so many people, but Genosha is different, they had no problem feeding all the homeless. 

"We had some problems with spies trying to invade us. After the interrogation, we found out they were sent by America and other allied countries with the mission of stealing our technology." 

"They're just rats." 

"Yes, my lady. What should we do with these rats?" 

Since the beginning of the war, the army had been moving non-stop, stopping only long enough to regain their energy. Now that they had created a base, other countries saw this as an opportunity to steal some secrets from them. 

"Kill them, then send a message to their leaders saying that any further action like this will be seen as a declaration of war." 

"But, my lady..." 

Only the king could declare war on another country, even General Freyja didn't have the power to say such words. 

"We all know I don't have the power to do that, but they don't." She said, smiling. 

Understanding her leader, the soldier smiled and left to carry out his orders 

After the soldier leaves, Freyja initiates communication with General Nordur, and a hologram reveals the old man smiling. 

"How rare for you to call me so many times. I feel sad knowing that you've been calling me so much lately just to ask about the king," Nordur says, smiling. 

"What's his situation?" Freyja asks. 

"The same. And you?" He responds. 

"We've had some trouble with rats, but I've taken care of it," Freyja says. 

"The big rats are getting bold, just because your new weapon is almost ready. Truly a bunch of fools," Nordur comments. 

The nuclear bomb project will be completed soon, causing the Allies to lose some fear of Genosha. They don't know they are being watched by the WarDogs, the project could be sabotaged with a simple order from the king. 

As Freyja is about to ask another question, there is a commotion behind Nordur's hologram. 

"What happened?" she asks, concerned. 

"There's some movement in the celestial ship! I must investigate immediately," Nordur replies. 

The transmission ends, leaving Freyja agitated. If it weren't for her orders to stay in place, she would already be by her teacher and king's side. 

POV: Baldur 

Celestial Ship, Belgium. 

I feel discomfort throughout my entire body, as if I have been sleeping without moving for centuries. 

"BEEP... Biological modification process successfully completed..." 

The voice of the ship's AI fully awakens me. I find myself naked in the vast white space, with only Sigel floating a few meters away from me. 

Fully awakened, I assess the state of my body. The first thing I notice is the absence of the gray cocoon on my arm, I feel it completely healed. The next thing that catches my attention is my height, I now stand at three meters tall, my muscles, once well-worked, are now practically perfect, not only focusing on strength but also agility. My hair has grown so much that it's almost touching the ground, once a faint golden hue, it's now as golden as gold. 

I extend my hand, causing Sigel to come to me, feeling my power running through my veins. Now I can feel the small changes in my body. My body suffered several damages from past battles and the abuse of the entity's power. The small wounds that were accumulating disappeared, all of them were healed. 

It's as if my body had just been born, it was in a perfect state. I conjure a simple leather outfit to cover my body and create a golden mirror to see my appearance. My face has not changed except for my eyes, which shine in gold like two jewels. 

"BEEP... The modifications made are showing perfection... Awaiting further instructions." 

After confirming that my modifications were perfect, I can now give my next order. 

"Ship, do I have access to the information you possess?" 

"BEEP... Negative... The only information the host can access is about the Asgardians... If the host wishes to access other information, they must contact the celestial Eson..." 

"Show me the information I have access to." 

The information I can access is just bait. After seeing it, anyone will want full access, giving them no choice but to contact Eson. Something that, with my current level of power, would be extremely dangerous. 

A hologram appears in front of me, from it several words and images pass at an accelerated pace, no one could even glimpse the information, let alone read it. 

But I can. It seems that the small improvement has given me total control over my brain, turning it into a small computer. I can now easily record everything I see and access it at any time. All my memories and knowledge can be accessed freely. 

After the information was recorded, I need some time to process it. 

(It's time to go back home) 

POV: Baldur 

Royal Castle, Genosha, 1944. 

Two weeks after Baldur woke up. 

It took two weeks to put everything in order. The first thing I did when I returned was to declare the end of the war and schedule the trial of the enemy leaders, the trial was broadcasted worldwide. It must be said that it was a fair trial, but the evidence was indisputable. Even the surviving child who finally recovered from the beach attack testified about the events that started this war. 

After four days, the sentence was proclaimed. Strucker and Hitler were sentenced to death, with the sentence being carried out on the same day. Genosha's mode of execution was to put them in a chamber where they would be vaporized in seconds. A painless death that neither of them deserved. Of course, the execution was not shown on television. Later, their ashes were sent to their home country. 

After taking care of this matter, it was time to decide what to do with Germany. Some of my close advisors suggested conquering it and making it an extension of our kingdom, but I was against it. The resources we would have to spend to recover the entire country would be monstrous, not worth it. So I ordered a withdrawal of troops, bringing them back to Genosha. To not be cruel, I am still sending supplies to the German people so they don't starve, food is something that we have in abundance. 

After our soldiers returned home and were welcomed as heroes by the people, I personally awarded the bravest in battle with medals, leaving everything in a festive atmosphere. But we did not forget our losses, of the six hundred and forty thousand who fought in the war, we lost one hundred thousand, with over fifty thousand injured. We also killed approximately six million enemy soldiers. Unfortunately, civilians were in that count, no matter how just your army is, the innocent always suffer the most. 

The other countries remained neutral after our withdrawal, the Americans are still having trouble in the war against Japan, so I doubt they will take any action against us now. With all the issues taken care of, it is now time to prepare for a real battle, it is time to start planning my fight against Balthakk. 

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