Baldur Odinson: God of Light

In this unique tale of reincarnation, a scientist finds himself thrust into the Marvel universe as Odin's youngest son. Armed only with his intellect, he must learn to navigate and thrive in this new and unfamiliar world. This captivating fan-fiction piece, which I stumbled upon online and found immensely enjoyable, lacked an English translation. Hence, I took it upon myself to share this remarkable work with others who might appreciate it, emphasizing that I do not claim ownership over it. Support me at patreon.com/Lonely_Translator an read up to 15 chapters in advance

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Chapter 35 - Preparation

POV: Baldur

Genosha, 1943.

After receiving the message from my AI, I rushed back to Genosha. As I landed at the castle, I quickly made my way to the throne room. Along the way, my thoughts started to spiral, considering what had occurred.

Code Beta. It meant the island had been invaded, and we had suffered civilian casualties. Attempts at invasion had been ongoing since the creation of Genosha, but civilian casualties hadn't occurred in a long time. So, I wondered how the island could be attacked. Those who could do so had tremendous power, and the only thing that eased my mind was seeing that the city had no visible damage.

Rushing towards the meeting room, guarded by soldiers who opened the door for me, I found the room relatively simple, with a large hologram projected in the center and a round table around which strategic matters were discussed. The room was empty, save for one person.

"So, my husband returns from another grand adventure," Amora spoke, her face cold.

She wore a simple white coat over a long black dress, truly stunning. She didn't like it when I went on solo trips, out of both jealousy and fear that I might have betrayed her. I suppose she thinks I'll become like Thor. Just as I was about to offer words to console my furious wife, she conjured a magical circle around me that glowed green.

"It seems you haven't betrayed me, very well," she said, relaxing a bit.

This was the same magic she used the first time I returned from the dwarven city, possessing the power to reveal if I'd had contact with other women. She used it every time I returned from a solo trip.

"I have the most beautiful woman in the world as my wife; how could I be seduced by mere mortals?"

(Nice response!) I congratulated myself.

"Men in your family have a great reputation for being womanizers, just like Thor," she remarked.

Talking with her was like walking through a minefield; one wrong word could set off an explosion.

"We're like water and wine," I replied.

She still didn't seem convinced.

"Your father is also married to one of the most beautiful women in Asgard, yet he's had many other 'adventures,' as has your grandfather."

"It seems I'm the black sheep of the family," I joked.

Finally, she laughed at my words. I hugged her and then kissed her for a few seconds.

"I missed you," I said as I embraced her.

"I missed you too," she whispered softly.

"Liar, you probably didn't even realize I was gone; you were too focused on your experiments. There are times I disappear for months, and you don't even notice."

"I did notice. The moment you left the island, my GPS alerted me."


"Let's stop the small talk here; we have serious matters to attend to."

Clearly changing the subject, she stepped out of my embrace. She often reminds me of how intimidating she can be.


A knock on the door made me temporarily forget the subject.


Three people entered the room and bowed to me.

"My king." "My king." "My king."

Two of them wore full golden armor with helmets covering their faces. I confess I may have drawn some inspiration for the armor from a certain anime's Golden Knights. The third person wore long robes adorned with golden embellishments, his short hair as golden as mine.

"Rise; let's begin the meeting."

Everyone stood up, and the two in armor removed their helmets. One of them was a well-known man, General Nordur, who seemed younger now and had golden hair. This change in hair color had occurred with everyone who used my weapons marked with runes.

The second person was a beautiful woman, with long golden hair and black eyes, possessing a slim yet strong figure that was equally enchanting. Freyja, who had trained with me since childhood and become my second general, commanding another half of my army. The third was my vice-king, Seig, whose appearance hadn't changed much except for the beautiful ring on his finger.

Without wasting time and without further ceremony, everyone sat at the round table while the hologram displayed the data of the occurrences.

"General Freyja, I know you were in charge of defense at the time of the attack. Please report what happened."

"Yes, sir!"

Freyja reported what had happened. An hour ago, four men using submarines managed to cross the storm and reach the beach. It was almost impossible to cross the storm, and even if they did, those who reached the island were almost immediately captured. Unfortunately, before the army arrived, three teenagers and a child found them.

It's against the law to leave the city and wander the island without authorization, so there are often cases of young people trying to leave the city to roam in the jungle. One of these young people found a small flaw in our defenses and brought his friends to relax on the beach.

During the attack, two of them were killed, an apprentice mage and a cadet from the army. The teenage girl was shot in the head and survived, but she will have permanent sequelae, forcing her to abandon magic. Our medical technology is very advanced, but the human brain is even more complex. Fortunately, the child will be fine after a long recovery.

"What did the prisoner reveal during interrogation?" I asked, trying to keep calm.

Our interrogation method is very efficient; we have truth serums, and if the individual is difficult, we can use mages to read their minds. Unfortunately, after using this method, the prisoner will enter a vegetative state.

"After the interrogation, we confirmed that he worked for the Nazi organization HYDRA. They were ordered to investigate this island by their leader, Baron von Strucker. Their ship is parked a few kilometers away from the storm."

(It seems these bastards are involved in everything bad happening in this time period.)

"The other thing, sir, when we were investigating the submarines, we found an amulet with magic. We sent it to the queen to examine."

(Another unexpected fact.)

Amora showed us a small trident-shaped amulet.

"It's a simple amulet, its only function being to ensure safe maritime travel. I confirmed it to be Atlantean magic," Amora began to explain.

I searched for Atlantis for several years; to this day, I haven't found any proof of its existence. So, I deduced that they had been destroyed a long time ago. Perhaps it's a lost relic; HYDRA is gathering several of them worldwide.

"The amulet was given to the squad leader by his HYDRA commander. Its defense is small, but fortunately, it's what allowed them to survive. Those were the only useful pieces of information the invader provided."

After finishing her report, Freyja sat down.

"How is the news being received by the people?" I asked Seig.

"The news has spread like wildfire! The people never imagined that the war would reach them. The elders are scared, while the hot-blooded youth are clamoring for revenge."

Even though it's a reclusive island, the people aren't ignorant of the events happening in the world. In fact, they know more about what's happening in the world war than the Americans do; their government censors photos and some information to prevent people from losing their will to fight

 or becoming frightened by the savagery of war.

"How did they find out about it?"

Every country has its secrets and classified information; I didn't intend to hide this matter forever, but I would choose to disclose the news personally after this meeting.

"It's also my fault, sir. When the prisoner was taken for interrogation, I personally reported to the parents. The news spread after that," Freyja explained.

"That doesn't matter; they would have found out anyway."

"Sir, ignoring public opinion, an attack always has to be responded to in kind," Nurdur spoke, his eyes showing a desire for battle.

"It's not that simple. If we attack HYDRA, it could cause more problems. The only way to do it without them linking the case to Genosha is for either me or Baldur to go personally to HYDRA."

What Amora said was correct, as always.

(T/N: I'm pretty sure that's linkable since your the king and queen of your nation)

(No! There's a way to make them leave us alone, but it comes at a cost.)

"So, what will it be, Baldur?" Amora asked, awaiting a decision.

"I need a few hours to think. In the meantime, General Nurdur, I want you to put the defenses on maximum alert and station men on the beach; I don't want any more surprises."

"Yes, sir!"

"You too, Alice, set automated defenses to maximum priority."

"Yes, sir," my AI, who has ears all over the city, responded.

Everyone leaves the meeting room, leaving me alone to ponder the next move and the future consequences they may cause. I already know what action to take; what I'm doing now is just hesitating, not out of fear for myself, but for the deaths that will occur.

After an hour, I make a decision and leave my insecurity behind. I begin to contemplate how the actions should be implemented. Before I realize it, two hours have passed. I glance at the hologram and speak.

"Summon everyone; I have made my decision."

"Yes, sir," Alice responds and sends a message to everyone.

A few seconds later, Amora and the three key figures of the city return. Amora sits beside me while the other three stand, awaiting orders.

"Seig, initiate Plan Y85. Additional information will be sent to you later."

Surprised by my orders, Seig widens his eyes. Plan Y85 was created a long time ago but for a different purpose.

"Yes, sir."

Then, I turn my gaze to Freyja.

"General Freyja!"

Freyja trembles at my tone and kneels, awaiting my orders.

"You were responsible for the defenses. It doesn't matter if it was due to a simple breach that the children left; everything happened during your watch, making you guilty."

"Yes, sir."

"But we don't have time for punishment now. If you want to atone for the deaths of those children, do it on the battlefield by bathing in enemy blood."

"Sir? You mean..."

My words make everyone understand my next orders.

"Do you understand, General Freyja?"

"Yes, sir."

Finally, I look at General Nurdur, who smiles like a madman, foreseeing what will happen; his Asgardian blood is on fire.

"General, commence the plans."

"Yes, sir."

I sit in the chair, leaving the four of them staring at me. If I'm going to do this, I'll do it well. The orders have been given.

"Everyone, prepare yourselves, for we are going to war!"

After my words, the three depart to carry out the orders and start the plan, leaving me alone with my queen.

"Are we really going to start a war?" She asks me, smiling.

"Yes, you seem very happy about it."

"My heart is almost bursting with excitement, and it's not just me who's excited," she says with that mocking smile on her face.

"What do you mean?" I ask, confused.

"I may be smiling, but you're almost laughing. I know you, my love. You may be a good and calm man, but when the storm begins, you sail into it, shouting with joy."

She's right. Even though I know lives will be lost, I can't ignore the Asgardian blood flowing in my veins. My heart is bursting too.

"So, what's the first step?" She asks me.

"A declaration, my love. A declaration of war."

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