["Lin Zhu, the badminton prodigy, just won his third World Junior Championship title in a row!"]

["Chinese badminton association chose Lin Zhu as the most potential young athlete who will shine brightly in the future!"]

["Ye Jiang, the Chinese's legendary men's singles player, believed that Lin Zhu will be his successor in the future."]

Lin Zhu gazed blankly at the phone screen in his hand. He was reading some articles about him. Those articles were praising him, but the look in the athlete's eyes was so dull.

If the journalists, who had written those articles, were standing in front of him right now, he probably would punch them right in the face.

Why did the brown-haired athlete want to punch them so badly when they wrote good articles about him?

Lin Zhu's fingers swiftly worked on the screen again as he moved from the old articles to the latest ones.

["Chinese's main men's singles player, Lin Zhu, lost to a Japanese men's singles player, Yasui Seiji, in the quarterfinal of China Open this year.]

["Lin Zhu lost again, and the head coach gave him the last warning.]

["The badminton prodigy lost his magic. Will he be kicked out of the China national team?"]

The articles that spread all over China 2 years ago were replaced by the new articles that started spreading like viruses after he lost again in his last match three days ago.

He played in front of his supporters, but he shamefully bowed his head down in front of the Japanese player after losing in a straight game.

The Japanese player wasn't even a top player, but Lin Zhu couldn't even play well and ended up losing the match.

The head coach scolded him, forcing him to bow his head even deeper in front of the people on the team.

["It has been two years since you were promoted to the senior team, but you're not progressing even for a bit, Ah Zhu!"]

Lin Zhu still remembered how the coach scolded him harshly after he lost the match. The 21-year-old player could only bite his thin lips when he was being scolded by the bald coach.

The same coach was praising him two years ago when he had just been promoted to the senior team after spending several years in the junior team, but the coach had turned his back on him because of his bad performance in the senior team these past two years.

The head coach had chosen him as China's main player in the men's singles sector, but he had disappointed the coach's trust. In the past two years, the young player wasn't able to snatch any international title. He always came back home empty-handed during that time.

The coaches in the team threw daggers at him, and as if that wasn't enough, the Chinese media started slandering him as well. Those media, which posted his best pictures of him along with the best articles two years ago, now posting his miserable photos along with the worst articles.

Everything turned upside down in just two years. There were no longer supporters clapping their hands for him because he lost most of his games in the past two years. Praise turned into criticism in just two years, and he had almost no loyal supporters now.

He wanted to go back to the junior team again if he could, but that was not possible. He was no longer a junior, and he had to stay in the senior team with all humiliation. There was no turning back for him.

Lin Zhu sighed heavily as he threw his body on his bed. He laid down on his stomach and buried his head under his worn pillow.

"What the hell is wrong with the head coach and also the media? It's only two years since I'm on the senior team, so why don't they give me another chance? They better try to play in the court before they can slander me! Those old geezers need a beating!"

Lin Zhu's appearance was adorable, but don't get fooled by that facade. That boy was rude and harsh, and he was never hesitant to speak like an animal. Despite having a small frame, he had a loud voice that probably could deaf people.

He looked like a cute little angel, but actually, he was a small devil. He was a small devil with great hatred in his heart.

His phone, which had been thrown by him on the pillow, suddenly vibrated. The vibration annoyed him, and he groaned while smacking the bed angrily.

Unfortunately, his groan and his barbaric attitude couldn't stop the vibration, and he finally forced his body to get up.

After glaring at the vibrating phone, he then stretched out his hand to grab the thin object. His thick brows furrowed when he read the manager's name on the screen. He sighed again before pressing the green icon on the screen.

"What?" He snapped at the manager.

The manager of the team was eight years older than him, but he didn't care about that when he was in a bad mood like this.

"Get out of your bed now and meet me in the office."

Lin Zhu rolled his eyes, and instead of getting up immediately, he once again laid his body on the bed and covered his tired eyes with his palm.

"Is it the head coach's order? What does he want to do with me now? Is it not enough for that baldie to scold me yesterday?"

The manager, Zhang Wei, deserved a Noble for his patience.

"I don't know what he wants to do with you, but you better come here immediately. You don't want to be kicked out of the senior team, do you?"

Lin Zhu hastily got up after hearing the manager's words.

"Does he want to kick me out of the team, gege? I promise that I'll work harder, but please don't let him kick me out!"

He could hear the manager chuckle, and he suddenly wanted to whack the manager too.

"The head coach seems to be in a good mood today, so he probably won't kick you out."

Lin Zhu finally heaved a sigh of relief, but his relaxed body immediately grew tenser upon hearing the manager's next words.

"But he might kick you out of the team if you can't get here in ten minutes, Ah Zhu."

Shit! Lin Zhu wanted to castrate the manager and the coach now!

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