Awakened: Evolving to Godhood
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Awakened: Evolving to Godhood


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What is Awakened: Evolving to Godhood

Read Awakened: Evolving to Godhood novel written by the author Crimson_ink on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, r18, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


One day, spatial tunnels opened in the very fabric of reality, connecting Earth to a planet that came to be known as Xavier, a planet that has a lot of deserted settlements belonging to the civilization that lived on this planet before we started exploring it. Each settlement not only hides a secret of its own but also treasures, knowledge, and unthinkable technologies. In this new world, magicians rule the world and make the rules. They are those who can contain magic energy, an energy source present in Xavier, in their bodies. This energy is used to mainly empower supernatural cells. One can get them by consuming evolution materials. These supernatural cells suck magic energy to manifest one's superpower in the real world. Elliot, once the son of magicians in the channel opening stage, now lives the life of an orphaned and poor boy. Elliot is the weakest magician to ever exist in the world, a world where the strong are respected and the weak are disdained. With the death of his parents, the ones who used to look down on his has no reason to control their feeling. With a dim fate ahead of him, he grits his teeth and silently moves on to the day the light of glory shines on him, setting him apart from others in a single day, letting him taste what it means to be God! What does it mean to be a God? Read on and Find Out! 1000 Power Stones = 14+1 extra chapters per week. 1500 Power Stones = 14 +2 extra chapters per week 1700 Power Stones = 14 +3 extra chapters per week 2500+ Power Stones = 14 +4 extra chapters per week The chapters will be published at the end of each week based on the power stones earned that week. Join my discord: https://discord.gg/Cm9ZymDUN2

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Read the first ten chapters, and I can only say that it is executed perfectly. From the very start, you've set Elliot as this heaven-defying character that'll do anything to fight for his rights and fate. World Background is so perfect that it eclipses all other novels. The system is pretty good. Oh right, It is an artifact. Your originality surpasses all the top authors in web novels. All in all, this novel has a high potential of entering top 1.


A Gem, i would place this novel with Cultivation online simply based on potential shown in the first nine chapters. the characters aren;t cutouts they make rational and irrational decisions that fit there character the story isoriginal unlikt others thay copy nd paste stuff from unoriginal black haze and other top webtoons.


I love it, there is the friendship between friends and also the villain is not just some random manhua. The plot is very interesting but mc got strong quickly (I love it).


I would have given the author a five if the females where not power hungry thots, in the first few chapters some girl all of a sudden fell for mc cus he awakened a good ability. thats it i hate interactions like this, i wanna trash talk the author but i cant cus overall that is like the only problem in this novel.


It's all good except the unnecessary face slaps and other wuxia novel cliche that author added simply to increase chapter length These features have lowered the quality of the novel


till now... it was good... evrything is very close to perfect.. i liked it a lot... i hope you won't drop it in mid.....👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


60 chapters in and this is a lot better than your other book, alas there are not enough chapters to last me the day.........................


Reveal spoiler


Прочтите первые десять глав, и я могу только сказать, что она выполнена идеально. С самого начала вы изобразили Эллиота как бросающего вызов небесам персонажа, который сделает все, чтобы бороться за свои права и судьбу.


Worth trying!!!!.... Good one Author ... Bringing in something new in an already known concept of evolution of MC recieving a godly system or item.....


I don't know why not many read this, cause I really like this story. The pacing is a bit fast, with power levels increasing suddenly (the author said he might end this story early). The MC is a bit (more like completely) on the crazy side. From what I have read till now, the MC can very well have a harem, but he still loves only one girl. The world building for me could have been a little better and the fights are great in my opinion. P. S. my first time writing a review, hope it helps




Great novel, hope the author does not stop writing this and keeps updating the chapters daily. I wish more people will give their power stones to this novel.


Well this novel as being great right from the beginning heroes are already separated from the villains, and the MC future potential is very easy to figure out, no matter how good I rate this novel if it will still bore you it will, but for people that like this kind of settings I know you will get to enjoy it...




Why are u doing a prequel while doing the sequel . just wondering...........................................................................



check the tags. if u like what u see. then go ahead and read it. am loving it, and cant wait for more. its well wrtine, fun story with just the right amount of adventure powers good and evil, romance and dirty stuff. there is very very few things that may bother someone imo, but they dont effect the story. and only very few. i cant wait for more my bigest problem is actuly that there isnt 1000 chapter of this.


Don't drop Please :). Le peu que j'ai lu me fait déjà penser penser à un très bon roman, pour le moment je laisse ma note. The little that I read already makes me think of a very good novel, for the moment I keep my note. Thx for this story


Прочтите первые десять глав, и я могу только сказать, что она выполнена идеально. С самого начала вы представили Эллиота как этого бросающего вызов небесам персонажа, который сделает все, чтобы бороться за свои права и судьбу.


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