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Interesting story, but love interest characters make me want to puke. People are not horses, asking stranger to make baby with her (she never talk to him prior to that curse scene, I’m disturb) - just to ‘breed’ better offsprings is such a disgusting idea. (Worse, her father approved with that idea) What will happen to Mc (or children with high potential in general) if this idea become a norm? Would they kidnap them to ‘breed’ with other high potential women (that’s right, MANY women) just to get an army of high potential offsprings? A disturb idea indeed, consider most teachers and students around them was just staring in shock and envy at them, but not tried to interrupt and even feel that Mc’s rejection were abnormal…. Lol, I think this novel have interesting plot, but female charactors destroy it all. Read at your own risk.


Awakened: Evolving to Godhood


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