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I liked how this novel started out. I enjoy the system aspect and how it works. it all makes sense. what I don't like are two things: the romance and his sadistic nature that slowly comes to bearing. What I don't like about the romance is that I feel that it came way to early. Also, I feel like he lost his focus due to distraction. He can gain Life essence by defeating enemies and such. I have expected him to start doing that while also testing his powers and combat skills. Instead he goes about it in a slower process. It's not bad or wrong, I just would have preferred a more focused MC, especially at the early stages of his cultivation. His sadistic side is also disconcerting. while it makes sense per the author on why he developed it, I expected his experiences to make his will firmer rather than twist him. Once again it's not wrong just my preference. Overall I really enjoy this novel.


Awakened: Evolving to Godhood


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thanks. as story continues, he will develop [img=recommend][img=recommend]