1 Born to be sacrificed???

On a rainy day, at the top of a small elevated place, with an area of around 1-meter square, is a baby of just about a year old. The appearance of the place where the baby is put on, it looked like some kind of a sacrificial altar. And from the looks of it, this baby seems like a sacrifice left by the people to appease the gods.

Maybe it might be due to the severe rain or the cold that comes with the rain. Or maybe it might be because it was left alone, the baby is crying its eyes out as hard as it could. What is happening right now on top of the altar could only be described as a heartbreaking scene.

And all around the altar scattered several tiny bones of numerous babies. With all of the skulls and bones around the altar, it is evidential and self-explanatory that this particular baby is not the first one to be sacrificed. And just from the sheer amount of bones, and the yellowish discolouration of some of them, it seems like this practice of sacrificing babies has been going on for several years at the very least.

But, this baby, unlike all the others before it felt different. If one observes the atmosphere around it, they would recognize that the baby is different at first glance. And around the baby, there appears what can only be described as a semi-spherical barrier protecting it from the rain.

Meanwhile, a man wearing rugged fur clothes is approaching the Altar. And in his right hand, the man is holding a golden spear and he is sitting on top of a greyish-white horse. This horse is very peculiar, unlike all other horses, it possesses eight legs.

As the man came close to the altar, he turned his gaze down towards the altar. And the man sighed in disappointment as he saw the baby on top it,

" Huh.....Heimdall was actually telling the truth. Why do these humans keep doing this? Even though they consider me as a god, it's not like I need to eat babies to live. " said the man. Then he continued, " Maybe I should end the misery of this child. "

With that in mind, he quickly jumps off from his horse and begins to close in on the baby who is crying on top of the altar. And as he stretches his hands out to pick the baby up, he felt a prickly feeling rubbing against his palms.

" What is this? " Said the man curiously as he begins to move his eyes closer to observe what had happened.

With a closer look, the man saw a small semi-spherical barrier around the baby.

" Now, this is interesting. Maybe I can raise and use this kid. " said the man as he had some kind of epiphany.

Interested by the baby, he quickly picked him up. Then he gets on his horse while holding the baby in his left arm. He lifted his right hand where he holds his spear and shouted

" Heimdall, I'm done. Bring me back. "

As soon as the man shouted, a great and bright ray of light with colours similar to a rainbow shot down from the sky and landed right on the man. The next moment after the light landed on the man, the light vanished. Along with the light, the man, the baby and his horse vanished too.


Across the vast and endless space, on another realm, the man suddenly appeared again inside a golden dome structure.

Another man that is already present inside the dome immediately went greeted the man who appeared,

" Odin, my King, welcome back. Did you find out and confirm what I have told you? " asked the man

" Oh that..... I did confirm it. " replied Odin, after about a second later, he continued, "That's nothing to get too riled up about. Although it is unusual, that is just a practice the people from Midgard usually do to show their respect and loyalty to their gods. This just means those people are loyal to us. "

And as the man saw the baby that Odin is holding. He had a curious look on his face, so he continues to ask

" What is that you are holding? Is it a baby? "

" Oh..yes... this is a sacrifice the people of Midgard left. " Odin replied nonchalantly

" Then, why are you bringing it back here? " the man asked in a tone to indicate that he is a bit concerned.

" This baby felt different and it piqued my interest. So, I brought him back here on Asgard to raise him as a warrior and help me conquer the nine realms. " Odin replied.

But the baby in Odin's arm is not just an ordinary baby. This baby possessed the soul of a transmigrator who originally belongs from Earth.

And as for the original owner of the soul, he was just a normal college student that met an unfortunate accident. Saying that he met an unfortunate accident might be an understatement.

How he died can only be described as gruesome and horrendous. Maybe it was fate or maybe it was destiny, whatever it was, it appears that it does not have a good plan in store for him.

One unfateful day, as the original owner of the soul was going back home from the convenience store where he went and buy some supplies for himself. He encountered a mugging. This mugging was not him seeing others getting mugged, but it was him that was getting mugged

" Give me all your money. " The robber said hastily to him as the robber slowly wave a pocket knife in his face.

Startled by the sudden appearance of the robber, he dropped all the foods he was holding in his hands.

As he is scared and did not want to lose his life, he immediately tried to hand his wallet to the robber. But as he tried to go forward to hand him the wallet, he stumbled and slipped on a can that fell on the ground.

And as the robber was waving the knife right in front of his face, he directly fell on the knife. The knife quickly pierces his right eye, and blood begins to gush out of the wound.

As the robber saw what is happening, he is filled with panic and fear. He was just trying to get an easy money but things had escalated beyond his imagination. So, he shoved the man and quickly ran away from the scene.

As the robber had shoved him, the man is forcefully sent backwards. And due to the push, he hit something with the back of his head. This immediately led to him losing his consciousness.

Within 10 minutes from the start of this affair, as the man had lost his consciousness and due to the fact there is no immediate passerby to help him stop the bleeding or call an ambulance, he died right then and there.

As his soul begins to leave his body, he pleaded and cried out to whoever is out there

" What did I do to deserve this? Please give me another chance. I don't want to die yet. "

No answer had come, his soul begins to dissipate slowly. And when he thought that all hope is lost and resolve himself for the eventual unknown , he suddenly heard a sound

* Ding *

[ Binding System with User Soul ]




[ Binding complete ]


[ Transferring user to another dimension. ]




[ User soul has been transferred. ]



[ Searching for suitable body for user soul to inhabit. ]




[ Suitable body found. ]




[ Integrating Sword Skills ( Sword Aura, Sword Intent, Sword Energy) Level 1 to give user a chance at survival. ]

" This time, this life, I will make sure it won't be like the previous one. " he promised in his heart as he opened his eyes.

But, when he opened his eyes, he saw a hugely contrasting scene from what he had envisioned.

He realized that he is left nude on some altar to die right as he transmigrated.

This was not what he had imagined, it was supposed to be his glorious rebirth. A day to commemorate the beginning of the journey where he will stand over fate.

He had integrated with a system for Pete's sake.

And to top it all off, he was soaking wet from the sudden rain.

He cursed out in his heart at this ill-fated event, he could not do anything except cry.

He instinctively activated the skills that he received from the system, this blocked the rain from falling on him. But, before even a minute had passed, he felt like he is going to lose consciousness.

As he thought that it was going to be it, that this will truly be the end. Fortunately, a man came and save him from his predicament.

He was elated, he knew now that his plans have not been squashed before it began. He cursed out to the heavens

" Why am I so unlucky? Why does this keep happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? I will change everything. This so calls destiny or fate. I will destroy it all. I will take control of my own fate and destiny. "

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