As Misogi Kumagawa with Chat Group

An ordinary university student died because of a misunderstanding. He suddenly woke up in a familiar room yet unfamiliar for him. Feeling confused, he trying to recall what happened to himself, only to find that he has two memories inside his head! After being freaked out for few moments and trying hard to reorganized his two memories, he realized that he actually has been reincarnated into a seventeen years old teenage boy! And the shocking thing is that he reincarnated as a fictional character! And that character is none other than the antagonist-turn-protagonist, Misogi Kumagawa from anime and manga called 'Medaka Box' written by Nisio Isin. But the shock is not over yet. When he investigated the memory of the current Misogi Kumagawa, he found out that what was this Kumagawa experienced until now is different from what he knows from the anime and manga! And how the heck he meet characters from different anime and manga! He even befriend three protagonist from three different harem anime and manga and become his classmates no less! He fell into shocked silence after knowing this and then starting to contemplating his life. But suddenly, he was interupted by something more surprising as a blue holographic screen interface appeared in front of his face. *Ding* *Congratulations! You have been choosen as first member of Multiverse Chat Group!* "Huh?" *You can travel to another world and gaining powerful ability and items given by the system!* "Huh?!" *Sending invitation... Invitation has been received and accepted by the other members across the multiverse!" *Ding* PriestessofThunder has joined! AdvocateofGenderEquality has joined! WorstSpirit has joined! RulerofMonsters has joined! "HUH?!" *Ding* *Rejoice, young man! As first member to receive the first invitation, Naked-ApronSenpai have been choosen as admin of the Dimensional Chat Group!* "NANI DAFUQ?!" Misogi can't helped but think that this is just a prank made by Anshin'in...

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Chapter 1: It's seems I reincarnated as anime character

"Ugh... My head..."

A young man with with black hair is can be seen waking up from simple bed while groaning and massaging his head slowly.

Waking up with splitting headache is not what the teen had expected when he woke up this morning. He opened his eyes slowly, revealing a pair of large deep blue almost purple eyes.

"Damn... Is this what hangovers feels like? But I never drink alcohol before... "

For a few minutes, he keep massaging his head, hoping that it can reduced his headache. The feeling of the pounding pain slowly begin to dissapear, either because of the massage or the passage of time.

As the pain dissapeared, he looked around at his surroundings. He realized that he is in a familiar yet unfamiliar room. A simple study desk with chair, an ordinary sized wardrobe with a mirror atached on the front side and a short table with a laptop on it.

"... Where am I... ?" The teen then sitting up from his bed slowly, not recognized the room he was in, "Oh yeah, this is my room..." He muttered, nodding his head. But then he realized something weird.

"Wait a minute... This is not my room..." The black haired youth looked around the room, "But I also recognized that this is my room."

He indeed inside his own room, but also not his room, making the teen confused.

He trying recall what happened before he sleep last night. But that only making him more confused since he not only recalling his own memory, but also someone memories inside his head! Dafuq?!

This make the teen freaked out inwardly. Cold sweat started appeared on his body, 'What the heck happening to me?! I'm pretty sure that I never drink alchohol before! Or using drugs when I stressed out or depressed!' The more he thinking about his situation, the more panicked he became. In one of his memories, he is an average university student that lead an ordinary life. While in the other memory, he is a second year student in a high school. But the difference in this memory is, he's not an ordinary student. In fact, he is even not an ordinary person! He have what many other human don't have. And that is having an ability. A freaking supernatural ability that making him surpassed any normal human. That whats making him perplexed and yet not. Since it seems that the two memories that he had is belong to himself.

"Calm down... Calm down, me..." The confused teen trying to make himself calm by closing his eyes and count to 10 slowly, 'Breathe in quietly through your nose for 4 seconds. Hold your breath for 7 seconds.

Then exhale forcefully through your mouth with a "whooshing" sound for 8 seconds. And repeat as needed. '

After he repeated the action few times, slowly but surely, the teen started to calm down.

He sitting quietly on his bed for a few minute to collect his mind. After that, he start to organize his memories. Separating the two memories that jumbled up inside his mind, like putting many of books in the same series in one of a bookself, and the other series of books at another. Its hard but hey, its work.

"*sigh*... Okay then, lets recall what happened in my first memories yesterday before I come back home last night, I hope its nothing bad..." He nodded to himself and scrunching his face to trying hard to remember, "Lets see... I have nasi pecel for breakfast, leaving my apartement, going to university by bus, arived safely in class then greet my friends, completing my coursework and give it to the teacher, the class over then hang out with friends, we eat rendang in warung padang for celebrating no more assignments for awhile until the next one come, walking with one of my female friends toward her home because her house in the same direction of my apartment, talking fun thing and joking with her while walking, then... I remembered that we were aproached by someone, if I recall, he is my female friend's ex-boyfriend, he glared hatefully at me then talked about how he still love my female friend, and she replied that she is no longer love him, but the dude insist that she must come back and marry him while he pulled her arm forcefully, worried that it will end badly, and as her good friend, I intervene by separate his hand from her arm. As if didn't like being interrupted he shouted loudly at me with angry red face, he accusing me that she leaving him because of me, wait... Does he think that I am is her new boyfriend? I'm trying to calm him down and explain that we were only good friend, but the dude not listening to me and pull something from his jacket, it was a knife, he suddenly went mad and thrust the knife to- HOLY SHIT! I DIED! I'VE BEEN KILLED!!"

"DON'T SCREAM SUDDENLY, MISOGI! IT'S STILL THREE IN THE MORNING!" Shouted a female voice from across the wall on my side.

"Sorry!" The teen known as Misogi replied in reflex.

Silence then envelop the whole room. Misogi is still in shock. But don't get deceived, his previous life coming to an end because stabbed by a knife is not the one that shocked him.

In fact, this is what he is thinking, 'I died while still single... I died before I can get a girlfriend... I am died before getting laid... And I still virgin until my death come knocking on my door! Curse you! You damn random ex-boyfriend of my female friend! If I know I'm going to die early in my life, I would confessed my love to my childhood friend whose living next door to my family house!'

Different from any other person, right? At least the dude still have his priorities first.

After cursing the ex-boyfriend of his female friend in five different language for nearly half a hour, he started to calmed down again.

Well... He is known for have stronger mentality than any other people in his past life and the same also can be said for the owner of his current body owner too.

With a sigh he massage his temple for a few minute. After mulling over his thought he sighed again, "Well... What's been done is done... I died and found myself in this body, then so be it... At least I got second chance at life." He started think the positive side in the situation he found himself in. He isn't negative person and of course not a pessimist. He looked the world and the life itself is a wonderful thing, he can learn something on the world while living. He can having fun on the world while also still alive.

"Now, let's see about my second memory, or the memory of the owner of this body."

He scrunching his eyebrow while closing his eyes, trying hard to recalling this body owner's life, "Okay, my name is Misogi Kumagawa, a not ordinary teen, i have older sister named Karen Kumagawa, an university student, my little sister is named Saika Kumagawa and she in her last grade in middle school, my father is named Haruto Kumagawa and working overseas while my mother name is Yukiko Kumagawa, a fulltime housewife."

Nodding his head, the now named Misogi Kumagawa remembering his ability, "I have few ability. The first is 'Imagination Manifestation'. This ability can manifest immaterial objects into reality with sheer force of will, allowing me to create any object I want."

Misogi looked at his hand, then he activated his Imagination Manifestation, and his favorite weapon, a giant screw, manifested on his hand. Satisfied, he dismissed the giant screw, making it dissapear.

"Next is 'All Fiction'. This ability allows me to deny any aspect of reality. For examples, I used this ability to heal any wound I have despite how grave they are (his own brain get crushed and he could still regenerate), resisted having my body rotted away, I also use this ability to deny my death, so I can brought myself back from death, and stole a person's sight or reject, deny and erase anything. I can also heal the wounds of other people, and seemingly also materials that have been destroyed. I didn't have to touch anyone or use my hands to use All Fiction. Wow... This is overpowered! But, the drawback is that I cannot undo something I already rejected. Okay... I must carefull if I use All Fiction or I accidentally erased someone who irked me or erased the whole world and the solar system..." He shuddered.

"Next is 'April Fiction'. This ability is the same with All Fiction, but the difference is its limits the time an item is erased to three minutes before returning to normal. So basically, its a downgrade version of All Fiction with time limits."

Nodding, he continued, "My last ability is called 'Non Fiction'. It can undo things that have already been rejected or erased by All Fiction. Thank goodness! With this I don't have to worry if I accidentally used All Fiction on someone or erased something from existence as I can bring back anything that I erased!"

Nodding again, he continued to recall his life, "I'm seventeen years old teenager, a second year student at Bonyari High with above average at studies. I also a high ranking psychic at secret organization 'PSYREN' japanese branch, an organization made to combat and eliminate a creature called Tavoo, a manifestation of negative aspect of all living being, be it hatred, anger, jealousy, terror, sadness and all negative emotion that all living being have. Beside Tavoo, they also deal with rogue psychic by subduing them, if its impossible and cannot be dealt with reason, they will be eliminated, killing the rogue psychic. This organization, the psychic users and Tavoo is not known to general public. Only the government and select few that know about this."

At this Misogi frowned, ignoring his family since they not appear in the anime, the life of this Misogi Kumagawa and the one he knew from the anime/manga from his previous life is different, and the world is also different, far to different. Even his personality too. But his ability is exactly same as he remembered except he didn't have 'Book Maker'.

"What's going on...? Is this not Medaka Box's world? Or this is an alternate reality of Medaka Box?" Confused again, Misogi tilted his head with his arms crossed.

But suddenly he clutched his head again as massive headache attacked his head again. While grunting in pain he remembered a memory. A memory before he become the Misogi Kumagawa right now.

This headache happened for a while. Clenching his head and gritting his teeth, Misogi endured as the new memory entered his head. The reason why he was reincarnated as Misogi Kumagawa, why The Misogi right now not the same as Misogi in his previous life and how the world Misogi right now living is like this.

A few minutes later the headache is gone as the new memory finally entered his brain. Gasping for breath, Misogi collected himself as this new memory he replayed answered all his question.

The black haired teen fell silent at the reveal from this spesific memory. Then drops of tears fall from his eyes. He suddenly dropping his body back to his bed. Laying down, Misogi looked at the ceiling with tears while smiling sadly.

"... You know, you are an idiot, Anshin'in... " Remembering the apocalypse in that particular memory before he become the 'now' Misogi Kumagawa, he can't help but smilling sadly at his friend.

He cried for his friend, Najimi Ajimu, or Anshin'in which Misogi usually call her.

He wondered if this is alright. With the only one to survive that apocalypse and then remembered everything by himself in this world.

But Misogi also recalled the last word his friend said to him before she dissapear.

'Protect the new world.'

He mourned while silently crying. Half an hour later, Misogi collected himself. With determinated expression and clenched his fist, he said softly, "I will fulfill that role you give to me in that last moment... I'll protect this new world like you said... And I protect this world that you created from that 'THING' if it appeared again... Even if that cost me my new life!"

Misogi raised his clenched fist to the air. His heart is resoluted to keep this promise. But suddenly...


"What the-?!"