As Misogi Kumagawa with Chat Group

An ordinary university student died because of a misunderstanding. He suddenly woke up in a familiar room yet unfamiliar for him. Feeling confused, he trying to recall what happened to himself, only to find that he has two memories inside his head! After being freaked out for few moments and trying hard to reorganized his two memories, he realized that he actually has been reincarnated into a seventeen years old teenage boy! And the shocking thing is that he reincarnated as a fictional character! And that character is none other than the antagonist-turn-protagonist, Misogi Kumagawa from anime and manga called 'Medaka Box' written by Nisio Isin. But the shock is not over yet. When he investigated the memory of the current Misogi Kumagawa, he found out that what was this Kumagawa experienced until now is different from what he knows from the anime and manga! And how the heck he meet characters from different anime and manga! He even befriend three protagonist from three different harem anime and manga and become his classmates no less! He fell into shocked silence after knowing this and then starting to contemplating his life. But suddenly, he was interupted by something more surprising as a blue holographic screen interface appeared in front of his face. *Ding* *Congratulations! You have been choosen as first member of Multiverse Chat Group!* "Huh?" *You can travel to another world and gaining powerful ability and items given by the system!* "Huh?!" *Sending invitation... Invitation has been received and accepted by the other members across the multiverse!" *Ding* PriestessofThunder has joined! AdvocateofGenderEquality has joined! WorstSpirit has joined! RulerofMonsters has joined! "HUH?!" *Ding* *Rejoice, young man! As first member to receive the first invitation, Naked-ApronSenpai have been choosen as admin of the Dimensional Chat Group!* "NANI DAFUQ?!" Misogi can't helped but think that this is just a prank made by Anshin'in...

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Chapter 2: Multiverse Chat Group


"What the-?!"

Misogi yelped in surprise as a blue holographic screen interface suddenly appeared in front of his face.

Staring at it in shock, Misogi could see that there's words in the transparent blue screen in front of him.

*Welcome to the first step to the greatest joy of all reincarnator, the Multiverse!*

*Congratulations! You have been choosen as first member of Multiverse Chat Group!*

*This Multiverse Chat Group allow you to traverse to the vast infinite multiverse and gain power along the way!*

"... Dafuq?"

*Because this is a chat group, there will be other members who will joined us so you're not completely alone in your journey!*

*As this chat group span across the multiverse, the members of course are also from different universe or parallel world!*

*As first member, you automatically appointed as the admin of this chat group! Other members will joined after the chat group send the invitations to random individual across the multiverse!*

*Send the invitations?*


After reading all the messages inside the transculent screen which hovered in front of his face, Misogi blinked owlishly. He raised his hand to touch the screen, only to pass through it. Blinked again, the black haired teen read the sentences again with a raised eyebrow.

"Anshin'in-san... Is this your last prank?" He couldn't help but comment.

Misogi stared at the screen for a while without blinking, making his eyes hurt while trying to prove what he sees right now is indeed a hallucinations or not.

Scratching his head, he read the last part, 'Send the invitations? Yes/No.'

Contemplating for a while he finally decided, "Ahhh! Screw this! Whether this is just a hallucinations or not! For now, I'll just roll with it!"

Misogi pressed the 'Yes' word on the hovering screen, only for his finger passing through it. His eyes twitched, "Great... I can't touch it... Maybe by mental command?"

He then mentaly said 'yes'.


*The invitations has been sent to four random individuals. Waiting for the members accepted the invitation... First invitation has been accepted... Second invitation has been accepted... Third invitation has been accepted... Fourth invitation has been accepted.*

*All four individuals has been accept the invitations! The remaining invitations will be send in unknown time on later date to future members!*


*AdvocateofGenderEquality has joined the Multiverse Chat Group!*

*PriestessofThunder has joined the Multiverse Chat Group!*

*WorstSpirit has joined the Multiverse Chat Group!*

*RulerofMonsters has joined the Multiverse Chat Group!*

The chat was silent for half an hour.

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Okay? Is this a hallucination or not?]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Did playing online game on my computer for three days straight can make me see this strange but futuristic holographic screen in front of me?]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: And my hand passed through the screen when I touch it! Or was I dreaming? Did I finally lose my mind?! Am I going crazy?!]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: And what the heck with this nickname?!]

Misogi who saw this person ranting for a few minutes also nodded his head in agreement. He too also confused by this bizzare situation he found himself in right now.

[PriestessofThunder: Ara? What's this thing? Some sort of Sacred Gear's power?]

[WorstSpirit: Oh my~ Is this the work of another spirit? Or is this a trap by Deus Ex Machina? Those bunch of gentlemen really persistent to catch us huh.]

[RulerofMonsters: Did I got a new unique skill? But Great Sage are clueless about this...]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Sacred Gear? Spirit? Great Sage? Are the three of you is chuunibyou?]

Misogi couldn't help but surprised. He knows some of the people in the chat because of some thing they said in their message on the chat and also their nickname.

"Priestess of thunder... And she said something about sacred gear. If my guess is right, then she is Akeno Himejima from that ecchi anime High School DxD... Considering that is her nickname and what she said about sacred gear is related only to that franchise."

He then looked to the next nickname, "Worst Spirit... There's many anime and manga with spirit theme but I'm not familiar with this name... Deus Ex Machina? I only known that name in one anime where there are battle royale between thirteen holder of diary that can tell their future. Deus is a god, and there's no spirit in that anime. I'm unsure about this person identity..."

Misogi tried to remember the anime and manga he watched and read on his previous life, "But, why I feels that I know this person nickname? But from where?" He wondered but then shook his head, he looked at the remaining two and their chat. But he found nothing familiar, "Whatever... Sooner or later, They will tell their name."

He continued to read the chat with a bit excitement.

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Wait... Seeing the nicknames of you guys... Is this some kind of chuunibyou club?!]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Why the heck am I included?!]

[WorstSpirit: Then you also a chuunibyou, Advocate of Gender Equality-san~]

[PriestessofThunder: Ara~ then as Priestess of Thunder, 'In the name of thunder! I shall punish you!' Ufufufu~]

[WorstSpirit: Our paths have finally crossed at last!]

[WorstSpirit: For I am, the Worst Spirit! The third spirit that appears on the world!]

[WorstSpirit: Come! Advocate of Gender Equality!]

[WorstSpirit: Our destined battle will start the mark in new history of Netherworld! The victor will receive the right to hold the Abyss Lord's throne!]

[PriestessofThunder: Well said, your exellency!]

[PriestessofThunder: Then as your beloved Queen, I, the Priestess of Thunder! Shall destroy the followers of Advocate of Gender Equality with my black thunder and white thunder!]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: No! I won't lose! I have duty to vanquish the evi- wait what am I saying?!]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Nope! I'm just normal person! A normal ordinary person which did not caugh with eight grader syndrome! Yep!]

Misogi laughed silently at this person and decided joined the fray.

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Are you sure, Advocate of Gender Equality? Your nickname is the proof.]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): You can pretend as a normal ordinary person, but I know your true self is actually an angel with hearth full of equality!]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): You has been send by god to vanquish the evil in this wicked netherworld!]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): After your mission is over, you have been tasked by god to restore the equality between man and woman in this unfair world!]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Am I right? Advocate of Gender Equality? Or should I say, lord of Holy Heavenly Flame, Michael of the Archangel!]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Nooooo!! I don't know why and how, but I suddenly join a weird group full of weirdo without me knowing!!]

Misogi and the two others whose teasing this person laughed heartily.

[RulerofMonsters: ... Ummm Advocate of Gender Equality... They're just teasing you, you know...]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Really?! You guys just teasing me?!]

[WorstSpirit: Probably~]

[PriestessofThunder: Ufufufu~ who knows~]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): What do you think?]

[RulerofMonsters: Stop it you three... If you continued teasing the poor guy, he/she would blow a fuse.]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Okay, we'll stop... For now... *evil smirk*]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Ugh... Dammit, you guys jus- huh? We have admin here? And a perverted one too?!]

[RulerofMonsters: You just noticed now?]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Who's pervert?]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Isn't it obvious, you!]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Why do you assumed that?]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Your nickname give your personality away!!]

Misogi raised his eyebrow and then replied honestly.

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): What's the problem with my nickname? I have naked apron fetish, so what?]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: ... Y-You're admiting that you're a pervert? Okay, you got courage there...]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Hmph! I'm not a pervert.]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Just you know, you're called a pervert if you looked at girls with impure and lustful intention!]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): I'm just a man of culture which like to admire a woman body when she wearing nothing but apron!]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Admiration and perverted tendency is entirely different thing! Admiration is a feeling of great liking and respect for a person or thing when the the said person or thing is considered impressive!]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): While pervert is if you consider their behaviour, especially their sexual behaviour, to be impure, immoral or unacceptable!]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): And so, I'm not a pervert!]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: ...]

[RulerofMonsters: ...]

[PriestessofThunder: Ara-ara~]

[WorstSpirit: My~ you are an interesting person, Naked Apron Senpai-san~]

[WorstSpirit: If you want, I can show you how I look with wearing only apron you know~]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): That's depends. Are you a girl? Not some dude with womanly behavior?]

[WorstSpirit: How rude~ I'm bonafide cute girl~ and I'm also confident with my body~]

[PriestessofThunder: Ara? Can I do it too?]

[PriestessofThunder: I didn't have narcissistic intention, but the people around me always says that my figure is more beautifull than any model~. My body also considered as sexy~. With my breast size is a bit bigger than my best friend, which is really huge~.]

[PriestessofThunder: So I'm confident that you'll love it~. How about it Naked Apron Senpai-kun? Want me to show you how my appearance wearing only apron?❤]

Misogi suddenly froze after reading the chat.

He recalled the appearance of Akeno in the anime. Long beautiful black hair tied into ponytail. Beautiful yamato nadeshiko face. A silky white skin that many other women envied. Having hourglass body figure that leaving any men whose looking at her would make them having wet dream. And the most noticable thing is her breast that categorized as 'Oppai is truth!'. Not 'Medium is Premium'. And definitely not 'Flat is Justice'.

In his previous life, he is actually a simp for a certain pink haired elf girl from online gacha game made by mihoyo. Of course as a man of culture, he also appreciate other anime girls that he found attractive and Akeno Himejima is one of those girls.

Misogi then began to imagine Akeno standing in front of him, wearing nothing but apron while holding a ladle on her hand like a housewife and with beautifull smile she posed sexyly then said seductively 'Welcome back, dear~. Do you want to eat first? Or do you want to take a bath? Or do you want to eat~ me~ while~ taking~ a~ bath~ ❤'.

A line of blood could be seen dropping from his nose as Misogi fantasized about Akeno indulging his fetish. Then he feels that something is rising and it's definitely not the shield hero.

Misogi snapped from his daydream when he feels pain in the area between his leg and then looking down at his crotch. The painful feeling of a dragon that wanting to get out from its cage prison then stretcing its big and tall body gloriously and roared to heaven then going to it's mate's home which is a beautiful but narrow and tight cave.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch!" Misogi cried out in pain when his little brother is 'awake' inside his pants, which is to tight for it when its fully awakened. He fixed his pant to make his awakened dragon a bit comfortable, "Okay, don't get a boner Misogi. Remember, naked apron is not perverted thing. I'm just admiring whoever girls that wearing it. Relax... Relax... Calm down... Akeno wearing naked apron is to be admired, not object of lust... Naked apron Akeno is..." He trailed off and began fantasize again as blood still flowed down from his nose.

"Arghh!?" He shouted in pain because his 'dragon' want to going out from it's 'prison' again.

This situation happened for a few times before he could calming down his dragon.

While Misogi is occupied with his problem, the chat still going on.

[PriestessofThunder: Naked Apron Senpai-kun? Why are you suddenly went silent?]

[WorstSpirit: Oh my~ I think you broke him, Priestess of Thunder-san~]

[PriestessofThunder: Ara? Is that so? Fufufu~ how cute~]

[WorstSpirit: It's seem not only Naked Apron Senpai-san. Both Advocate of Gender Equality and Ruler of Monsters-san also went silent after reading your previous words~]

[WorstSpirit: I guess they're fantasize about you in not so pure way while they're didn't know what you look like.]

[WorstSpirit: Based on your words, you sound so confident about your appearance. Are you really the type that make other girls envy your body figure and desirable for many men? Oh, I'm not trying to doubt you. I was just being curious.]

[PriestessofThunder: Don't worry, Worst Spirit-san~. Its natural since we haven't meet. I'm not trying to boast, its just that's what the other people around me said. So you can leave it to your imagination first about my appearance.]

[WorstSpirit: Ufufu~ I think we will get along just fine, Priestess of Thunder-san~]

[PriestessofThunder: I also think the same, Worst Spirit-san~]

[WorstSpirit: Fufufu~]

[PriestessofThunder: Ufufufu~]

True to what Worst Spirit had said. Because of what Priestess of Thunder described about appearance of herself in the chat, both Advocate of Gender Equality and Ruler of Monsters also couldn't help but imagining about what she looked like like Misogi had fantasize despite the two of them didn't know what she's looked like, but because the three of them are still virgin, they lost in their fantasy about Priestess of Thunder wearing only apron on her body.

These two girls chatted happily for few minutes, waiting for the other three members of Multiverse Chat Group rebooted from their dirty little thought.

A few minutes later...

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Fuuhh~ I'm finally calmed down!]

[PriestessofThunder: Ara? Welcome back~.]

She actually meant it politely and in kind way without a single intention to teasing him when she said that, but for Misogi which read Priestess of Thunder's greeting in the chat screen making him remembered his daydream a few moment ago.

'Welcome back, dear~❤'

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Gagh!!]

Then he fell silent again.

[PriestessofThunder: Eh? Naked Apron senpai-kun?]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): ... I'm not a pervert... I'm not a pervert... I'm. Not. A. Pervert!]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Why did you rise again, lil' bro?! I told you already that you are not the shield hero!]

[WorstSpirit: Oh my~. So you really had perverted mind despite what you has claimed before, Naked Apron Senpai-san~]

[WorstSpirit: Should I also describe my appearance in detail? With a bonus which is my three sizes~]

[PriestessofThunder: Ufufu~. I'm happy that you thought my body is desirable, Naked Apron Senpai-kun~. Feel free to imagining of doing lewd thing about me~.]

Right now, Misogi started to have headache while resisting an urge to go to their respective world (if possible) and giving their sexy pretty butt a few spank.

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): ... Let's just move to another topic. Which is about this Multiverse Chat Group.]

Reading Misogi's words, both girls stopped their teasing and turned serious.

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Before I begin, why Ruler of Monsters and Advocate of Gender Equality still silent? Are the two of you paying attention to this or you guys still daydreaming?]

[RulerofMonsters: ... No, I'm still here and reading the chat after I snapped out from my fantasy a while ago.]

[RulerofMonsters: I keep myself silent, so that I won't be teased by those two.]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Alright then. What about you, Advocate of Gender Equality? Are you still with us?]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: ...]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Ooi~ Hello? Are you there?]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: ...]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): ... So he still daydreaming.]

Misogi sighed softly then looked toward admin menu and searched for special features that can be used by admins only.

He already read the manual and explanations about this Multiverse Chat Group after the system sent those invitations and before the other members went online for the first time. So he understood some of the function of this admin privilege.

After finding what he was looking for, he selected 'Mind Recording' to upload a certain scene from a movie in his previous life, he then selected 'Special Effect', after that he select 'Mix' and start editing it, after he was done, he select 'Send' to send it toward Advocate of Gender Equality's account.

Nodding with satisfied smile, he waited a few second for his 'gift' arrived to the recipient.

And then...

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: GYAAAAAAHHHHH!!!]

The other members except Misogi was surprised when Advocate of Gender Equality suddenly started screaming while using caps lock in his words. They wondered why the heck he suddenly screamed irl.


[AdvocateofGenderEquality: THIS IS REALLY SCARY!!]




[AdvocateofGenderEquality: AAAAHHH!! GOD!! HELP!! SHE GOING TO KISS ME!! S.O.S!! S.O.S!! NOOO!! STOO-]

He went silent after that.

The chat group also fell in silence while Misogi holding back from laughing out loud so that he's wouldn't waking up his older sister next besides his room.

[PriestessofThunder: ...]

[WorstSpirit: ...]

[RulerofMonsters: ...]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Hahaha! I didn't expect he'll react like that!]

[RulerofMonsters: Eh? Did you do something to him?]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): I'm just show him something from my memory with a bit of special effect~]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Can you guess what happened? He did give a clue about someone's name~]

[RulerofMonsters: Name? Oh yeah, he says Sadako right? Isn't that a girl's name? Wait... Sadako...?]

[RulerofMonsters: Are you telling me that she is Sadako Yamamura?! That vengeful ghost from 'Ring'?!]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Yep~]

[RulerofMonsters: Is that okay? You know that particular ghost is very nasty right? And you threw her at him?]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Don't worry, he'll be fine.]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): She's just a hologram made from the chat group by uploading my memories of her. And with a few modification and a bit of editing with special effects, you get a real life hologram with perfect quality appear before you!]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): I made her appearance more terrifying from the original and made her to give force kissing act to him!]

[RulerofMonsters: ... You're so cruel, Naked Apron Senpai-san...]

[WorstSpirit: Who's Sadako? And can I do it like what you did to him to the other members?]

Misogi raised an eyebrow at her question. She didn't know who Sadako is?

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Sadako Yamamura is an overpowered onryo, or a vengeful ghost with many abilities. She has habits of killing person with a cursed video tape which is a physical manifestation of her pure hatred. When someone get the tape then watch the video, he or she will die seven days later in gruesome way.]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): She's really scary as hell... Believe me.]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): And for your second question the answer is no. The only one who's can use that feature is the admin. Which is me~.]

Misogi looked smug when said that.

[WorstSpirit: Oh pooey~. That's unfair~.]

[PriestessofThunder: Yes like she said, it's just only you that can tease(bully) the other members with interesting thing like that~]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Its called 'admin's privilege'.]

[RulerofMonsters: Alright, remind me to never anoy you then.]

They chatted merrily while waiting for Advocate of Gender Equality to coming back.

Not for long later, he responded.

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Ugh... What happened...?]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Welcome back. See? He's sound fine.]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Huh? Why am I lying on the floor? Did I passed out?]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Wait... Why I don't remember anything from the past few minutes ago?]

The Multiverse Chat Group Members: "..."

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Hey everyone, did you guys know what was just happened to me?]


[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Ugh... My memory is blurry...]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: I remembers that I'm imagining fun thing, but then I see and experienced something which made me terrified but I don't know what it is...]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Errr... Why are you guys still silent?]

Indeed. The entire chat group is in silence while the members except Advocate of Gender Equality looked at the screen with blank look.

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Hey? Hello? Anybody there?]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): ... I think... I went to far...]

[RulerofMonsters: Well duh! Of course he's going to lose his memory if he experienced something terrifying like that!]

[WorstSpirit: Hmmm... I like your method to made someone fainted.]

[PriestessofThunder: I will admit, I think I get turned on by your sadistic side, Naked Apron Senpai-san~❤]

RulerofMonsters and AdvocateofGenderEquality: "Eh?"

[WorstSpirit: Oh my~]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Who's a sadist?!]

Misogi couldn't help but retort to her.

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Okay, back on the track everyone! I will explain about this chat group to the four of you.]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): But before that, can we introduce ourselves with our real name to each other?]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): So that we know who we'll be interacting with for who know how long this experience going to be.]

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): So, are you guys agree?]

The four of them went silent for a while, making Misogi nervously watching the chat group's screen while holding his breath.

[PriestessofThunder: I don't mind.]

[WorstSpirit: I also alright with it.]

[RulerofMonsters: I guess its okay. Great Sage said that this is not something dangerous.]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: ... Fine. If everyone alright with it, I also agree.]

Misogi sighed in relief with anticipation inside his mind while smiling softly.

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: I'm going first.]

[AdvocateofGenderEquality: Yo! My name is Kazuma Satou. I'm just an ordinary sixteen years old dude with a face that you can find anywhere else and I like playing video games in my pc. Nice to meet you.]

[WorstSpirit: Then I'm next~. Greetings everyone. My name is Kurumi Tokisaki. The third spirit that appeared on the world. Deus Ex Machina Industries ranked me as S-Class Spirit. I hope we get along~]

[RulerofMonsters: My turn then. Hello, my name is Rimuru Tempest. I'm a good slime. I can eat other monsters with a skill called 'Predator' and taking their skill. Oh! I'm also a former human that reincarnated as a slime and can turn back into one! And I don't have gender... Okay, that make me depressed again...]

[PriestessofThunder: Ufufufu~ next one is me~. Hello everyone~. My name is Akeno Himejima. A reincarnated devil. Currently, I'm serving my best friend as her Queen in her peerage. I'm a third year student at Kuoh Academy. I'm also the vice president of Occult Research Club in our school to disguise our activity as devil in the human world. May we get along well~]

Misogi widened his eyes with happy smile on his face. He knew all the members of the Multiverse Chat Group after they're introduced themselves except one. They are the actual characters from anime or light novel in his previous life! Well, almost everyone, except for this person called Kazuma Satou. Who is he? Is he a characters from slice of life or comedy anime?

But Misogi shooked his head, this is not the time wondering about it. It was his turn to introduce himself.

[Naked-ApronSenpai(Admin): Alright, I'm the last one. Hello everyone! My name is Misogi Kumagawa! My age is seventeen years old and a second year student. As you guys already know, I have naked apron fetish and I'm won't deny it! Oh, I'm also a high ranked psychic with powerfull ability! Nice to meet you!]