3 3. New Body

'My head hurts and my body feels weird too… Did I drink too much? Did I even drink.', I thought in confusion, a powerful headache rapidly receding as I tried and failed to open my eyes. My eyelids felt very weak and heavy and somewhat glued… Wait, they were taken. Then that means.

A realization hit and with immense relief flooded my being.

'So it was all a nightmare. Huh good but I still need to go to Grandma to see if she has taken her meds and cleaned herself then go to the park… But I swear I already did that and I didn't go to any party either.', I tried to explain my thoughts and what made my joy very short-lived, and unfortunately it wasn't tricks that were played on me by a twisted part of my mind.

I found faults everywhere when trying to prove it was all a nightmare and so I reached a conclusion, the one with fewer faults won and reality came crashing back on me with force, there was no rationalizing, it didn't make sense, and memories, chaotic and disordered, slammed at the forefront. They all poured down in my mind all at once.

Yet I didn't blank out, or feel overwhelmed, I remembered it all at the same time with a clarity I never had before. Every second of it, imprinted in my mind but… I still couldn't remember my name, it was lost for good, not that my identity was built on it but it was part of it and it hurt in a way hard to describe losing it forever.

'No… This can't be all real, this doesn't make sense but my memories… I-I why… And why am I so fucking calm?', I thought in confusion as I analyzed from the moment the innocent girl exploded to the moment my body was getting… Taken away and after what could but my soul be reconstructed from the ground up.

Multiple fully cognizant lines of thought were working simultaneously in my brain at speed and efficiency that I never knew I was capable of, because I couldn't before, I shouldn't. The human brain is an incredible organ but it has limits, limits that I have severely crossed that line. Seconds felt the equivalent of long minutes if not hours or more, no matter how little sense it made.

This snapped me to my evident changes both physical and metaphysical, I shouldn't be this coherent, I wasn't calm, I was the exact opposite of it in fact but I could think extremely clearly.

It wasn't that I wasn't feeling my emotions, no they were different, many alien to the highest degree and far more diverse and complex in their nuance and… Very intense for lack of better terms, far, far too much even yet I wasn't having a mental breakdown.

It was as if I biologically couldn't go into such a potent state of weakness, I was above… Yes. It was what I was feeling for as strange and presumptuous as it sounded, I simply knew, and for some reason, it felt right. I didn't know how to feel about the last part.

I didn't know how I knew but I knew. I was feeling curiosity and wrath at my condition, sadness at what I lost, despair at my unknown future hate for the ones responsible for it all, and many more varying in color and hue.

This wasn't the kind of response I should have, it was by all accounts an abnormal one, but it was the one I was having and one thing I can be thankful for is that I could think coherently with a minimum of sanity for the little positive it gave me about my present.

It was strange to feel all of these tempestuous emotions that should have stopped me from functioning as a rational being and made me insane yet they weren't. Or maybe I was already, I didn't know and truthfully cared little if it was the case. By all metrics after what I endured I was different.

'I'm floating in something of warm viscous liquid… Am I in some kind of incubator pod?', I thought while the liquid shifting around likely giving me the necessaries to not die also made me even more hyper-aware of my body than I already was.

I wasn't human anymore… It was evident, there was no need to go see my new mug in a mirror to realize, my senses weren't lying. That instinct was making it known it was.

I wasn't human and never will be… I couldn't deny it and if it wasn't the case then I was a horrifyingly malformed abomination to the point it became the same. Both cases were that I… I was a different creature.

The frog bitch had done this and I was deeply aware of the potential implication as cliche as they might be. Novels, manga, and fiction, in general, were a very good fuel to explore imagination, overall a skill of little importance but when what should be fictional became reality… Then it was not the same, it let me fathom what could happen and helped me react as foolish as it sounds.

It's not like I had anything else to go by.

You don't get kidnapped and have all that I was forced to go through with the current present for no reason. There was a purpose; a goal behind it. I wasn't daft and didn't believe I was going to be some happy-go-lucky hero in a fantasy world.

My very being knew it as well, it was in my genes, blood, and flesh, I was artificial beyond doubt and my purposes weren't going to be centered around my well-being. Not that I accepted any of it but my emotions and opinions on the subject didn't change the reality of my situation.

I needed to act but that was easier said than done, at worst I don't have anything to lose but my life not that I will throw it away. If the saying that you only live once is correct I didn't know but I wasn't particularly anticed to test its veracity.

I didn't want to die but I refused to be a slave.

In any case, my humanity was gone... My body, while vaguely humanoid and currently in a fetal position held most of its similarity to a human here, half of my form was covered in fur, my face was of a different shape, or more precisely my jaws were far more pronounced forward, the lower one more than my upper one.

I could feel the general shape inside of my mouth by moving my tongue, an organ also of a totally different shape, it was elongated and tapered at the end with thousands of near-microscopic hard barb-like structures at the top for some reason.

With it, I knew that all of my teeth were now multiplied to be seventy-two in number and were almost exclusively fangs barring a few ones at the backs and two bigger ones on each side of my lower jaws that were jutting outward like tusks.

I had six hands or talons as their anatomy was vaguely bird-like, each with one thumb and two digits of equal size ending in sharp slightly curved inward claws.

Yet this addition of these many limbs wasn't the strangest aspect about them. Per my six hands, I had six forearms but it stopped here, I didn't have elbows, upper arms, or even shoulders for that matter.

I didn't have arms, my forearms and talons were not accessory additions to the side of my chest however, they simply were not physically attached to my body, yet I could feel them with just as much clarity as any other body parts. They clearly weren't working on any kind of biology I was aware of, if biology at all as I wasn't sure I even fully was this anymore.

'I have wireless body parts…', I thought and it was an odd thing to put into perspective but it was quite on the lower end of my personal list of shocking things.

And that felt very, very weird, the addition of new body parts in vastly different shapes only coming third for the first was the fact they were but the second was where the disembodied half limbs were located.

They were like the blades of swords when sheathed… The sheaths for my three pairs of arms in the equation here were three circular sockets on each side of my body, from the start of my neck to the beginning of my waist. As bizarre as it was, it didn't feel wrong, it was natural, it was their resting place.

I instinctively knew how they could move, or more accurately levitate but I couldn't do so now, it wasn't the time something my body also knew. It was too early in my development.

Then there was a tail, I had a prehensile tail growing from my rump and it was currently passing in the middle of my two comparatively short but muscular legs which ended into toeless feet that curled upward like some eccentric pair of shoes.

As I was in a fetal position the last portions of my tail and its arrow-shaped tip were close to my face. With difficulty, I moved these alien muscles for the first time.

Those little twitches I managed to do were enough for me to feel that where a nose should be there was a beak-like structure that fused with my upper jaws and that a pair of horns was growing in my skull, if the two nubs were the outside parts of ears should be were any indication.

This body… all of those details combined pointed to one thing. I was… I couldn't remember the name of the character, my memories on the subject filled with holes like many more but it was that of a Pokémon, one I reckon was one of if not my favorite and in its alternate form.

'Absurd… But I'm past that point and it's only the beginning.', I thought, I wasn't exactly sure how to feel as it could all be just physical similarity and my imagination running wild. I simply didn't know so there was no need to overthink.

Then like a clap of thunder all of my lines of thought and emotions ground down to a halt as I felt a presence through an entirely new l sense I didn't realize I had until now, if one thing could describe it then it would be this metaphorical third eye is much spoken about by less than trustable source. And this had been blown open multiplying my 'vision' to a point it was hard to grasp.

I could see and feel everything composed of esoteric energy my body understood the nature of as it was reading from my DNA, it was psychic energy the product of emotions generated by minds and souls that could when channeled, affect reality in certain ways, it could be summed up to magic but it was so much more.

And I was now aware of everything in the room before it was suddenly cut off from my senses, from my body to the 'pod', to the dark room connected to me my 'pod'.

The dark room was some kind of ring-shaped bottle that felt like an integral part of me, it was placed and connected to a massive chamber adorned with complex tapestry written in uncountable and everchanging runes full of deep and intricate meanings I could not comprehend. All of these from what I could understand channel a great amount of this esoteric energy directly to my soul and body like a blood transfusion.

But those pieces of information from this newly awakened sense and the innate memories imprinted in my body were shoved to the back of my mind by… Her. This very same presence that opened this sight to another facet of reality, or irreality as things stand…

There was no mistaking, not only would I never forget her mind but these new and confusing instincts of my body screamed at me that she was my Creator and more...

It was her, the scum responsible for all that has happened, her disgusting presence through my third eye was like facing the purest of white made into a star of unfathomable light, heat, and mass yet I wasn't being burnt in her corona or crushed, my far weaker but just as intense presence of a miniature swirling nebula composed of obsidian black, lavender, and dark purple clouds congregating together was not affected in any way by her.

And that was because she willed it so, I was certain, she could snuff me out of existence right here and there and I would be none of the wiser. I was terrified and out of my depth even though I was certain she wasn't going to kill me or permanently damage me, I was somewhat important if such a being put this much attention on me.

Yet this didn't change that with my fear I want to strangle every fucking last bit of life force out of her fucking saurian body, mind, and soul, to feel her blood on my hand and see her suffer for all eternity, to kill her and kill her again and again until nothing remained.

But I didn't act, I wasn't suicidal, and I didn't know how to begin, and even if the formers were not considered I simply couldn't… I simply knew I couldn't, it was how a horse couldn't fly no matter how it tried with its body, at least not in any conventional way and it was the same here.

It was one of the locks to keep me under control that had been placed it seemed. A wise and logical choice for any sensible being but one I could but despise from the bottom of my heart.

But these thoughts were still affecting my body language, I didn't care to stop it, I didn't want to be as childish as it was. Fitting for a chimeric fetus growing in a test tube.

My eyes were shifting behind my closed eyelids focusing on where she was, my tail was moving erratically and I felt myself growl like an animal, my teeth baring as my jaws tightened, all coming naturally. Nothing threatening or intimidating in the slightest for our position but it was the only I could do and it was very exhausting.

-Hoopa, my Child, I'm pleased with your rapid and successful development but it is not of your stature to act in the way of a rebellious rabid lesser life form in the presence of your Mother.-, she said telepathically to me, her words echoing to the limit of my mind, and her voice was unnerving yet beautiful to the ear soft yet strict with very little emotions aside from satisfaction and pride… And a little amusement.

I growled even harder in defiance. She had chastised me. She just fucking chastised me like a brat after having ripped me away from my universe, my family changed my body, and soul beyond recognition, destroyed and altered parts of my identity, and just forced a new name on me, then pushed her status as my Mother on me with what I felt was true in some form for reasons I hated. I had a Mom and this lizard bitch wasn't her and never will be no matter what she did to me or will force me to do.

But all of this rapidly disappeared as my mind began to feel foggy and my body sluggish. The cause behind it all was unimportant and obvious, it was her.

'Peace at last... If temporary.', was my last thought before the world went dark and I fell into a deep dreamless slumber.

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