Arc Of Time: Pillars Of Light Book

novel - Fantasy

Arc Of Time: Pillars Of Light


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  • 202 Chs

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Sean and Arthur, skilled operatives leading a dedicated team, embark on a mission to apprehend a notorious drug lord. However, when their operation takes an unexpected turn, their lives are tragically cut short. Miraculously, they awaken in a vibrant new world brimming with magic and Spirit energy, reborn as Toki and Articius. Retaining their memories from their previous lives, the duo sets off on an extraordinary journey to uncover the mysteries surrounding their past and the events that led to their demise. Immersed in a realm of awe-inspiring wonder, Toki and Articius They encounter mythical creatures, encounter ancient prophecies, and discover the vast potential of Spirit energy. As they traverse this captivating world, they forge deep connections with allies who aid them in their quest for answers. With each step they take, Toki and Articius They push the boundaries of their newfound abilities, delving deeper into the enigmatic nature of Spirit energy. Along their transformative journey, they confront malevolent forces, unravel the secrets of their past, and ultimately seek to understand the truth behind the events that shattered their previous lives.