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Read APRIL FOOL'S KILLER (BOOK 1): APRIL KILLS FOOLS novel written by the author RAMichaels on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering reincarnation, r18, weaktostrong, mystery, superpowers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


After years of torment and abuse by her obscure parents, this incomprehensibly beautiful and unassuming adolescent is constrained to commit parricide on her thirteenth birthday, alas to find solace. Perforce, her sinister past is revisited on her eighteenth birthday; cornered and hopeless this teenage girl goes beyond the realm of death to attain true justice. April Fool's Killer is intended for mature readers only as it contains depictions of abuse, mystical lore and more. It is raw and foremost has a relatable message for all as it deals with social issues such as bullying, and violence against the homeless. It also explores magical realism with a transmigration to Deity status. April is the latest addition to the boogeywoman myth. Is she a villain or a superhero? She has her reasons for being the way she is. I can tell you that she is not a Ghost, nor is she a simple witch but she can be intense. Book 1 explores April's journey from a weak little girl to something more. Book 2 will focus primarily on Mike's character arc. Book 3 will explain the Cult 13's origins, their world, their spirituality, their powers and their members. I borrowed the voices of Morgan Freeman and Lady Gaga as the omniscient, omnipotent narrator for the storytelling! Give it a read and let me know what you think.

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En un mundo donde la gente puede controlar todo aquello que los rodea,existe un lugar con paredes tan altas como los cielos a el cual se le conoce como la utopía y se cree que allí habitan los Dioses de este mundo,así que cada medio siglo se organiza un torneo en el que la gente pueda usar sus poderes en batallas mano a mano para complacer a los dioses y que estos no dejen caer su ira contra los humanos. Un único hombre decide usar todos los medios para investigar que hay más allá de aquellos muros y desenmascarar a los supuestos dioses,al investigar un poco mas sobre el control elemental decide clasificarlo en tres rangos: -Usuario -Dominador -Unificador Cada rango se obtiene según el manejo del elemento,así mismo declara extra-elemento a todo aquel elemento que sea ajeno a el fuego,agua,tierra y aire. Después de esto hace un descubrimiento más,sin embargo los grandes ejércitos deciden asesinarlo antes de que lo haga público. Los echos de la historia suceden siglos después. El protagonista es un joven huérfano que vive solo en una cabaña del bosque,nadie lo quiere por que su madre era una prostituta y su padre un ladrón,el joven siempre ah soñado desde pequeño participar en el torneo de los Dioses. Al ir a la gran capital a participar en el torneo conoce grandes amigos y a una doctora misteriosa la cual dice saber un gran secreto sobre la utopía y le pide su protección ya que está siendo perseguida,así mismo después de salvarle la vida le pide a cambio una entrada al gran torneo elemental de los dioses para buscar grandes guerreros que puedan salvar a la humanidad de los que se viene. ¿El resto? El resto será historia… Esta es una historia cómica y de acción escrita por un aficionado (yo) a manera de hobby,espero que sea disfrutable para mas de uno,de antemano me disculpo por las faltas de ortografía que muy seguramente habrá,intentare irlas corrigiendo para poder dar una experiencia agradable a los lectores

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Nice story. I love the narration and descriptions. Keep up the good work, I look forward to more chapters. :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)


Reveal spoiler


Writing quality - The narrative are easy to understand with no g-errors to be found. Stability updates -The author has a stable updates so far. character design - You could completely feel that they are real in how the author portrayed them. Overall, it is a intriguing story with great synopsis. Great work author.


Before I give an honest review, I usually only read up to five chapters, but if I enjoy what I've read, I'll move on to the next one. Right now, I'm on chapter eight. The first thing I'd like to comment on is how quickly I feel the story is moving. There are so many events that keep happening one after another with no break in between, and there are so many new characters that I end up forgetting some of their names and faces. If you look at my review history, you'll see that the majority of the criticism is directed toward stories with quick storylines. Maybe because I like stories that are a bit slow so I can relax while reading them or because my slow brain can't focus on remembering characters that are less memorable. Aside from that, every single one of your story plots is original, and the ways in which your characters interact with one another are very entertaining to me.


love the way this story went. the plot and character development is great I'm definitely adding this book to my library, keep up the good work author❤️


The character design,world development everything is so good,the author successfully transports readers to his imagianry world,looking forward for further chapters..keep writing


The story can make anyone addictive Keep up the good work! The main characters have good development. Hope to see more from chapters , waiting how they end up.


Ash as a character is very well thought-off and designed. I like her as a reader and I think the way the author writes is quite unique as well. The descriptions and the story is detailed and well planned. Looking forward to the future release :D


Shamelessly I want to implore you all to read this novel in the mindset that April is the best friend you wish you could help but was unable to at the time. Now she is more than capable to fight her own battles yet she still needs friends. This story took a lot of out of me as a creator. I hope you would come to understand April and make her your favorite!


I've gotta give it to yah, the grammar and description is quite unique, i like this read, seems there are two more volumes coming up? hope so![img=recommend][img=recommend]


Hello beauties, I wanted to ask for a favor, please add and keep my book in your library. That indicates to me that my readers want to be updated and keep up with the story as it is now a part of them. Also please add inline comments, it does not have to be on every chapter, but it definitely helps me understand what captivates my audience on a deeper level. Thank you always for all your support and feedback, they are invaluable to my growth!


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