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Apotropaic of Danmachi


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Mallory the unfortunate child born from a human among a tribe of leopard demihumans was bullied and shunned since young due to her being slightly weaker, being a bearer of bad luck and because she was an easy target. Even when she kept trying to overcome her trials and difficulties, she still ended up in a poor situation and that is when her previous life’s memories returned along with a skill which had been awakened. How will she survive in the Danmachi world? I do not claim to own Danmachi, its plot or characters but there are some changes I may make to the original story and add my own characters. Kofi Link to donate and join monthly for early chapter releases: https://ko-fi.com/dancematdan Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ehdpPFzrFF Novels under my account Bodyguard of a Villainess in an Apocalyptic Revenge Novel Tiny Terror of the Aether Era Kan-Gar-Chu! (One Piece Fanfic) Pi-Gar-Chu! (One Piece Fanfic) Bombyx: Return of the Vengeful Eldest Daughter (Ongoing) Dr who is where now? (Dragon Ball Fanfic) Apotropaic of Danmachi Holy Beast Saintess (Dropped)