Amalgam Universe Beast Boy

Author: Malamber
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What is Amalgam Universe Beast Boy

Read ‘Amalgam Universe Beast Boy’ Online for Free, written by the author Malamber, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering WEAKTOSTRONG Fanfiction, SUPERPOWERS Fan Fiction, TRANSMIGRATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: This book will be LOOSELY based on Amalgam Comics. An old combination of DC and Marvel with a few more things added for ...


This book will be LOOSELY based on Amalgam Comics. An old combination of DC and Marvel with a few more things added for my enjoyment. A 36 year old Garfield Logan is a military veteran working a Museum security job. A robbery goes wrong and our story begins. He finds himself in a different body and wouldn’t you know it he doesn't just have to worry about a big purple nut chinned simp that wants to kill 50% of all living things to impress his crush, Death (Balance my A&&). But he also has to worry about an Anti Lifer whose look really can kill. Seriously Darkseid, take up a hobby, learn to paint with more than the blood of the innocent. Set up an adoption agency for abused space animals and retired Paradeamon’s. Something, just leave Earth alone. This is my first time writing and I am doing it for my enjoyment. Will look forward to comments and constructive criticism but complaints will have a better chance of getting to me of you scream them out your window and I happen to be walking by at that time. My greatest hope is that this story will inspire someone else to write a story I will enjoy. Going to shoot for daily release but I have to work to do the things I enjoy so we will see. I don’t own the Pic’s or the Original Characters concepts. Also I accidently placed this in Novel instead of FanFic so moved it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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It went well until chapter 14, which is where it falls like all stories of this type. I wonder why all these protagonists need to say exactly who they are and where they came from to the good guys.


Yead, idk how anyone understood this story plot. I will be honest I only read 7 chapters but there are so many details missing that I am just confused. Is this a self insert? transmigration? reincarnation? like what is happening, what's with the memories of monkey? was he rescued by the young justice from queen bee. The story feels like it's all over the place and there is not really a flow of going from point A to Point B.


I am surprised by how genuinely good this is I for one have never seen a beast boy fanfic before. I look forward to the process you will make


No one who has advanced knowledge of Batman and DC would ever voluntarily subject themselves to his paranoid delusions or Gotham for training that can be done elsewhere.


It is a very good story, the focus of the story is adventure, development, and creativity, with a lot of interaction between characters, with an MC with a more mature personality than the bunch of mini-zeus in the webnovel, good battles and transformations not limited just to animals common, but practically all races and even aliens, like some from Ben 10 (I'm still waiting for him to turn into that alien speedster and race with Kid Flash lol), the romance is gradual and solid, starting with long-distance interactions and evolving over time. few, I'm happy to see a normal MC who isn't a walking aphrodisiac, they are very rare in the web novel. the only current problem is the MC has no clear goal, he's kind of testing the waters, still not knowing what he wants, which is understandable, but it's been 49 chap, so I hope he makes a decision and starts moving towards it quickly Anyway, I highly recommend the story, and I thank the author for the good work


It's honestly an interesting world and an interesting idea for the main character. Unfortunately, it feels undirected. The plot after 30 chapters feels like it's still finding itself, where the Mc only real goal is to explore his powers. Honestly, it misses a lot of character development moments instead of letting the Mc just stay as his previous life self, but with powers. So far the "struggles" of the Mc have basically been artificial with all the solutions handed to him or easily within arms reach. Tldr it's okay, but won't ever be considered great.


The writing is all over the place. However, if you are from English Country then maybe it can be understood. Still, it is so confusing.


It is one of the better DC novels I have read but in the story Logan primarily relies on the martian part of his powers and neglects the red.In all honesty it feels like he is just martian boy instead of beast boy


It’s a great read so far and I am thankful for someone finally using beast boy in a fanfic


Reveal spoiler




This is an excellent story that I recommend you read I have read up to chapter 16 (16 is the latest chap at the posting of this review) there are hardly any spelling mistakes aside from some simple auto-corrects I will be enjoying this story as long as it keeps up the awsome work!


love it


I'm giving this a 5 star mostly because barely anyone writes beast boy fan fic


The character is nice. Sure there are little problems but they seem to sort themselves out as the author keeps writing


Absolutely amazing the first 2-3 chapters confused me but the other chapters explained. No dumb or naïve mc alot of potential to be op also super sayin four


Read this it's good. DO IT.


You are doing good so far. The story is well written up except some grammar mistakes like your/you're and some mix up(?) word like waste/waist. I'm up to chapter 30 and ready to follow your lead.😁👍


good story, keep going...............................................................................................................................


Is there romance?


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