All Peoples Island Fishing For A God-Level Mermaid At The Beginning MD

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What is All Peoples Island Fishing For A God-Level Mermaid At The Beginning MD

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In the island era, Blue Star can enter the vast sea at the age of 18 and become an island owner!Lin Yi activated the supreme fishing system at a critical time.Whether it is heroes, troops, props and other items, you can get them through fishing!There is no upper limit on the quality of the same order!At the beginning, Lin Yi wanted to catch a piece of equipment for self-defense, but he unexpectedly caught a mythical mermaid!Not only that.The fishing system is showing its power one after another, mythical succubus, dragon girl, Medusa, angel…Complete species, everything you need!With well-behaved and capable subordinates, they fought bravely with their wisdom and loyalty! Help Lin Yi rule the entire island world!…I don’t know how long it took, the parallel universe fusion leaderboard opened.Many island owners were shocked to discover that hundreds of lists of equipment, heroes, skills, and arms were actually the same person!As a party, Lin Yi didn’t care about it.“I’m just an ordinary island owner who enjoys a happy life.”

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I just read the first chapter but I can tell the wording is bad


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