39 Setting Up a Stall at the School Gate

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Song Yao put the money into her pocket. "Sure! How many catties of eggs do you want?"

Lin Feng thought for a moment. "Ten kilograms first."

Song Yao nodded and said goodbye.

On the way to Jiangzhen Elementary School, Song Xiao remembered Lin Feng's gaze just now and couldn't help but ask, "Sister, have you thought of finding another one after your divorce?"

Song Yao paused. "Why are you asking this?"

Song Xiao frowned. "Why do I feel that Lin Feng likes you?"

Song Yao sighed. "I know."

"Ah? Then what are you thinking?" Song Xiao chased after him. "I heard that Lin Feng's family background is not bad. His father is the workshop director of the steelworks factory, and his mother is the math teacher of Jiang Town's Elementary School!"

"What does it have to do with me no matter how good the conditions are? I just have to do my business well."

Song Xiao thought about it and felt that it made sense. However, Song Yao teased and sized up him. "Why are you asking me this? Do you want to get married?"

Song Xiao's face turned red. "Sister! Don't talk nonsense! There's no such thing!"

Song Xiao's face turned red to his ears. When Song Yao saw this, she couldn't bear to tease him anymore.

The siblings chatted and laughed as they arrived at the school gate and set up a stall.

For today's matter, Song Yao had specially brought two pots of boiling water. She placed the kettle on the ground and placed the instant noodles, rice strips, sorghum, orange carbonated drinks, and other snacks on the surface. She also placed the toy pistol and stuffed animals on both sides.

It was probably 11:30 in the afternoon, and the students in the school were about to take their lunch break.

At the school gate, there was a row of parents waiting for their children to take the exam. When they saw Song Yao selling something, they followed her.

"Are you selling snacks?"

"Yes! We even sell instant noodles! Do you want to take a look? This is new in the city. It can be eaten after being soaked in water! It's even better than meat!"

Song Yao saw that the parent was still wearing a gold bracelet and didn't look like she was short of money. She said, "The child's exams are quite tough now. It's so troublesome! As adults, we have to give the child some favorite food!"

The parent nodded. "You're right. My son loves this brand of soda. Make me a bowl of noodles and a bottle of soda."

Song Yao didn't expect to sell it so quickly, so she quickly replied, "Alright! The soda is 30 cents, and the instant noodles are 50 cents. Just give me 70 cents."

The parents took out 70 cents and gave it to her. Song Yao put the money in her pocket and took out a bowl. She tore open the noodles packet and soaked it in. Soon, the fragrance came out.

The other parents also went over to take a look. "Daughter! What are you selling? Why do I smell meat?"

Song Yao finished making the noodles. "This is instant noodles. It's very fragrant! If you buy it now, you'll get 70 cents and a bottle of orange carbonated drink!"

"Then give me two bowls!" An older middle-aged woman took out a few cents and said, "My two children are taking exams inside."

Song Yao smiled. "Then you're really lucky! I hope your child can get into a good university in the future and bring you to the city to enjoy life!"

Song Yao's words made her like it. "Then give me two more plush toys! My child likes them!"

"Alright!" Song Yao accepted the money and made two more bowls.

Immediately after, the bell rang for the end of the exam. More than a hundred elementary school students walked out of the school gate one after another.

Soon, Song Yao's stall was filled with people. Some children stomped their feet and wanted instant noodles. The parents could not persuade the children, so the instant noodles were sold out in a short while.

Some children couldn't snatch the instant noodles and started crying. The parents tried to coax them for a long time, but to no avail. They asked Song Yao if she would still be at the stall tomorrow. After receiving confirmation, they coaxed the children home.

Song Xiao wiped the sweat off his face. This was the first time they had sold so quickly!

Song Yao counted the money she earned today. There were actually more than 20 yuan!

It would be even better if he could open a shop at the school gate in the future!

Song Xiao held the toy gun in his hand and looked around. "Sister, why don't I see Wei?"

"Are you stupid? Wei's in the sixth grade! He'll only take the exam the day after tomorrow!"

"That's true…" Song Xiao scratched his head, "Sister, are we still coming tomorrow?"

Song Yao smiled and said, "Yes! The final exam takes four days. Let's try to sell all the instant noodles!"

From four in the morning to noon, the siblings were already hungry. Song Yao took Song Xiao to the noodle shop to eat a bowl of noodles cooked with bone soup.

"Sister, where are we going later?" Song Xiao asked.

Song Yao thought for a long time. "In a while, I'll go and sell two boxes of instant noodles. I'll try to sell them in the next few days!"

Song Xiao finished the broth in his bowl. "It's settled then!"

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