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"Do you love me?" Alas asked me full of eagerness. "I don't, now go." I strongly mumble raising my eyebrows. "Aren't you going to choose me instead your dream? this place? Heart?" His words glimpse in my heart. "I wont, that's your dream Alas. Chase it and never let that dream saw you broken and hurting," I smiled. "Please, please... Please Heart, please. I'll do everything just dont fck'n do this, please." He begged and held my hands like he don't want me to go anymore. Alas's eyes is watering, and slowly his blue eyed eyes let go of the hot tears he have been keeping so long. He kneel in front of me begging for everything asking for anything and what he would do just so I wont leave him alone. It hurts. Like how he holds my hand begging for me not to leave him in this dark and broken place. "Is this what you really wanted to do?" Alas bravely stood up and wiped his tears away. "Alas, plea--," He cut me off. "Then go," "Before I---," "Shit!" He curse and kicked the flower pot causes to each pots beside of it fall apart. "Just fcking go!....Fcking go Heart! You don't want me? Then I don't want you either!" Alas proclaimed and pointed me. "You want to leave me? You wanted to ruin the fcking 4 years! 4 years Heart! Fcking 4 years!" "Alas, please under--," "I damn! Understand everything Heart. Now leave, cause if you leave right now. I'll be happy forever, now go." He commanded and pointed the hard glass doors behind me. "Alas please let me leave without arg--," I couldn't finish my words because he always say the words he wanted to speak off. "You don't want to leave this place? Then I'll leave this place for you." He uttered and walk passed on me. "Alas..." I called but he didn't turned his head. "Alas!" I repeated as my voice raised a bit of tone. Finally, he turned his back but with his empty emotions and poker face. "I won't chase you, and that's final. May you have fun with the dreams you dreamed," As he said those words Alas smiled on me for the last time. And said this three words... "I love you."