1 From a barren heart, he is born out of love, a social leader.

Why are you crying woman? Already digest your liquor! – Elix said, years ago, to Anaxy, Sam's mother.

I am a woman troubled by the XPrays Spirit and I need to be heard by the Creator – She explained: Anaxy, because of the absurdity of what they see: others, in her.

What do you ask? –She asked, Elix.

A son! And I will dedicate it to the Creator: All the days of his life! –She clarified her request and purpose.

May the Creator grant that privilege! -The prophet Elix replied-: Adding:

If there is someone who loves you: He, love will cover the faults and the will of the Creator will be done!

My husband loves me! Anaxy said.

-Excuse me-: Who is it, your husband? –He asked, with some curiosity: Elix.

He is the one, the one who goes hand in hand with that woman and who carries a child in her arms and other children follow. –He confessed, Anaxy-: This is my marital situation: I am the wife of a man who congregates in this place, even if he has two women: And who knows how many more he will have?

oh! -Excuse me, they call me-: she avoided the hint, but that was the lie that ruled that place. Elix consented to conjugal immorality. His children learned from him. -Nevertheless:

Without realizing it, Elix has penetrated the depths of the Creator's desire, the desire placed in the hearts of men and women, who out of love: Ask for miraculous things to happen!

And the miracle was done. Anaxy, she had a son, whom she named: Sam. And then she had more children.

Gone is the curse of being "sterile" imposed by the Creator.

Curse that was broken: the day she loved to be loved; All the while bending her knees, she implored herself to tears in the Spirit XPrays.

The Artisanal Procreation Academy: It was born with the love that she could perceive.

Her hands acted, her skin vibrated and her words and gestures were all love.

And she was born: between two beings who love each other: an Antihero.

Sam, was that "Antihero" that the Creator used: to refute; these and other curses.

Through his mouth the Creator spoke: for the end of hidden, perverse and blasphemous things.

Made public from the environment of the leaders, and in view and patience of the people.

People such that they end up losing wars.

Being, the same Creator: who decides to beat his leaders and does it "familiarly".

Without just one innocent: baby, he was left alive. Already from the name it would have repercussions in the testimony of what happened: Icabed: "The glory of the people was transferred".

*It is unconscious, very negligent, and so absurd: knowing that during the Covid pandemic, thousands died in almost every country in the world. While in those countries: Those who had the truth in a book, lived the lie as in a novel. The result was: what happened to you. To all! Except for what they healed and freed for their good actions.


I ask you to be silent. As in a time of silence for the dead . –Said Sam to the parishioners: that he did not know what to do with so many dead, there was no space to "lodge them", and less in the heart, Reflecting:

Why did this whole generation die? "Because the wages of blasphemous error is death" -Consoling and recapitulating a bit:

Come back home! And reaffirm who to serve – If not, don't go out: to lose everything, even life.

Anaxy kept returning trip after trip, on her pilgrimage, what she treasured for her son: it was a dress.

This dress was an annual delivery... symbolic, maternal, and it meant seeing with her own eyes the growth, activity and character of her son.

It is not enough to take it to school, and past the door: not worry about what is done there.

But with solid arguments: do, that the purpose of the learner, is always aligned with the purpose of the school, and that the school does not influence improper decisions. Whoever it is, the one who directs it, or attends it as a participant.

And we will have the privilege of visiting him again -Asked Sam, now regent of the XPrays Academy, to his mother.

Dear son and honorable citizen! -Of course. I'm already wearing: fabrics I got, at a good price. Your next year's dress will be radiant in white, just the way you like it!

But mother? Sam said, "Put a few scratches on the bottom edges." Don't forget: make two to three sets: one with more stripes than the other.

The dresses that I will not wear anymore, I will give to the other graduates of the academy. To whom, their parents: either they don't visit or they don't have the money to buy the dresses.

And you are, mother: everyone's favorite for making them. Look how many have come to say goodbye. And what bales of cloth do they give you!

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