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Synopsis (WebNovel) This novel presents, that time: where on earth, it is decided to change the authority of the Creator, by the authority of a man. They discard the divinity of the Creator and submit to human rule. From here two and even three kings succeed each other. All of them have that sign of the antihero in the eyes of men and before the government of the Creator. Prefacio Who is an antihero? ■ Who is an antihero? The one who is, divergent from what is established, in an XMonk Academy: "that succumbs to his wickedness" and therefore establishes an XPrays Academy: "that is enlivened by his goodness" By GenXPrays. "XMonk": means 'monge', to say: dressed in religious evil. "XPrays": means 'oracle', to say: dressed in the armor of the Creator. 1|Academies are schools of goodness and evil. Humanity in its indecisive future: by disbelief. It goes from a learning state of good or bad; to position and teach: so much so that his disciples who become his own children inherit these bonds of truth or lies. 2 | This novel is an essay: about the life of a first man, who at the request of a king, is chosen as such, because of his appearance: but his heart is not perfect, and; he succumbs to his own wickedness: by disobeying the Creator's designs. For which he is discarded, ending: affected by the presence of an evil spirit from the Creator. It could be said: If he does not accept: heaven for obeying, he awaits him: hell for disobeying. The paradox is living these heaven-hell states in life. Dear reader: In which of these states would you like to live? -Let's discover together-, how these characters live, what they do as heroes and antiheroes: according to their emotional states, for their character, for their personality, for their family, for their friends, for a town that elects its candidate: without looking ' the applicant's profile' for "the function of reigning". 3 | It is the Creator himself, who provides himself with a new man: After his own heart! To make him king of his people. However: this young man must stop grazing his father's sheep and be part of the royal family, while he manages to: win the wars of the new kingdom. Whose victories make him worthy of being king on his own account and under the guidance of the Spirit of the Creator. Arguments with the first king take place: who by then was already discarded, and that state of "possession" manifests the activity: hell-heaven. Both for them and for their families and therefore for the entire first kingdom that humanity had. Epílogo: Arc 7: Prequel: Generational Political Influences. Why did King Sauly fail in government? - 1


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