Abyssal Sin System Book

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Abyssal Sin System


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Ezra Hoaths, a 23 year old orphan, has chosen to work his life as a hunter. The only real problem though, is that he is an F rank, the lowest of the low. He dies during an attack, but gets another chance at life after conquering the first floor of the abyss. After going through and completing the first floor of the abyss, Ezra could finally return to earth, but... "What does it mean abyssal system?" [The system has evolved into an abyssal system] [You are a SINNER. Your soul has been damned] [You have awakened the SIN of GREED] Soon, Ezra will realize that his second chance at life wasn't what it initially seemed. Being dragged into a power struggle, he will have to conquer the seven sins and face opposition. . See how the journey unfolds and how a simple death can turn the fate of the world! . . . Additional Tags: Demon, Necromancer, Transverser . Art is not mine


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