Abyssal Sin System Book

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Abyssal Sin System


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When they don't just call you the weakest hunter for show, going through life can be difficult at times. Ezra, a 23 year old orphan, has chosen to work his life as a hunter. The only real problem though, is that he is an F rank, the lowest of the low. He dies during a dungeon raid, after a mishap. Unfulfilled and yearning for life, yearning for survival, he finds himself awake moments later, in an unknown place. 'Didn't I die? How come?-' Ezra had been transferred to an unknown place where he had to struggle to survive by fighting and killing monsters. He had been placed in a kill or be killed environment. "But what does it mean abyssal system?" [The system has evolved into an abyssal system] [You are a SINNER. Your soul has been damned] [You have awakened the SIN of GREED] Soon, Ezra will realize that his second chance at life wasn't what it initially seemed. Danger loomed everywhere now. "If it's like this, I will use the system to get stronger and protect myself, and the system will use me."


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