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Absolute Choice

Pear Lands In The Autumn Spring

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What is Absolute Choice

Read Absolute Choice novel written by the author Pear Lands In The Autumn Spring on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, comedy, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A world filled with heroes with superpowers. A world attacked by calamity fiends. A modern world filled with wonders and dangers. Shi Xiaobai, a child from normal Earth, walked into such a world, proclaiming to be its king. But at the first signs of danger, he is forced to make a choice, one which he cannot refuse for time would repeat, making him face the choice again. He is not humble nor is he modest, but neither is he delusional. Yet, the Absolute Choice seems to make fun of him. Will the joke be on him or will he laugh at his opponents? There will be many watching his escapades, and there will be some joining him in his adventures. To see through the world and to grasp its truth, that is the destiny of the King.

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The translation quality and speed is fine but I feel like the pacing and story development is so infuriatingly bad that giving anything higher than one star would be unfair to anyone who starts reading the story. The author has officially been lost in a single 'climb the tower' arc now for hundreds of chapters. The chapters are so long winded and filled with nonsense that it makes the filler in TMW and MW seem tame. If you do feel a desire to read this story wait until it is over 500 chapters. Apparently the author gets his sh*t together by then.


So... getting to the point. - The pace of the story is too slow - To actually enjoy reading this novel just pile up a hundred chapters then go, once you are finished with those 100 chapters stop, and wait for another 100 chapters to come out. - People say all the filler content is actually the author being careful and is actually developing the world, the characters and plot... Nonsense its filler! It is tedious to read and there is a bunch of stuff that is overly explained! Please author, Im not a 5 year old who is not capable of ****** obvious assumptions. - Story is actually pretty cool and the concept is amazing, characters are really good. It is fun read. - The setting of the story is overly explained. Chill author. - Did I mentioned that things are overly explained? Well... yes, things are overly explained. It is sometimes annoying. (Im looking at you ED!! It happens with you as well!) - Will you regret reading this? No, read it now! But if u get annoyed just stop and wait for chapters to pile up. In big amounts. - Yes, my 3 is because I hate filler. It is not development, its filler.


First I want to say that the translation is great. Let me say it again the translation is great. Good now that I got that out of the way.... Do Not I repeat Do Not read this story if it's not "completely" translated. As of ch. 555 (the # of the a-hole) the translator has caught up to the raws that are released "monthly" and the author is just filling the story with constant filler which shows he has no idea where he's going with this. I highly doubt this story will ever be completed.... but hey you never know. The characters are interesting but there's no actual "plot". There's no enemy to fight.... no purpose behind it all.... just a "slice-of-life" story with your over-the-top chunni MC... I don't even care.... I read 555 chapters and it was fine.... until the Naruto-level of fillers showed up and then the monthly updates..... just go read something else.


One of the best stories I've read. Epically gripping writing. Great translation. Great action scenes. Very well written characters. This is easily my favourite novel I've read on this site. Can't believe it's not more highly rated.


I gotta say the Art cover looks nice, Can you give us context regarding what's on that Art Cover. P.S. I miss the old Saber..ehem, Dawn cover.


I have nothing but the highest admiration for this novel. It does so much right, has interesting characters, a well-realized and fantastic world, and an intriguing plot to boot. All without wearing out its' welcome like so many other series do. Its like whenever think you think everything's gonna be ok, something comes along and unexpected things happen. Did I mention the epic characters? "The King" and Mr "Speechless" are some of the most interesting and awesome characters I've ever read. Only Li Qiye from Emperor's Dominion could compare to their epicness! Thanks to the translators for bringing us this series. It was a blast to read!


This novel hurts me like no other. It is one of the best stories I've ever read but the author seems to have trouble with consistency. The chapters first came fast and furious but then big breaks come and there was no updates for months without a warning. So months without an update? Why!!? But the inconsistency of release aside, this is one hell of an adventure story. I've followed this story for probably 2 to 3 years now, and I still can't give up despite the author's lack of updates. I hope he comes back and finish the story lol.


This series... oh boy. Where do I even begin? Pros: - BADASS MC - Face Smacking! - Great side-characters - Good story - Ok story development - Ok character development Cons: - Slow story start - EXTREMELY angelic MC - EXTREMELY dense MC - Many many side characters


We're talking about the cream of the crop right here. A novel that blasts all boundaries of awesomeness. Mind-boggling twists, epic AF fight scenes, one of the most bad-ass MC ever lived. Pros? Too many to count. Cons? Too damn short. We'll see where this goes. Hopefully the author just pulled a Togashi and will be back after a break.


First of all, the translator is doing an amazing job with this novel, even as the author twiddles his thumbs and churns out filler after filler. The updates are consistent, but even the rapid releases aren't able to distract you from this story's failures. Let's descend in order of ratings. The character design is well done- for the main character, that is. It's really endearing to see him grow and steadily exercise more power, considering his *****, pitiful origins. However, his arrogance- or perhaps chuunibyo- is used to awe and inspire those around him, but it most frequently turns into a joke, a poor attempt at comedic relief. Speaking of chuunibyo, there's a heavy Japanese influence in this novel. There's nothing wrong with that, but directly plagiarizing characters from other anime, such as Saber, One-Punch Man and Hellscythe is a sad substitution for actual character development, and really demonstrates the author's lack of originality, which is further exacerbated by his terrible pacing, the overarching flaw that neuters this story's potential for growth. I mentioned that I would descend in order of ratings, but I merely gave character design 2 stars. Why is that? That's because the story doesn't consist of only the main character. The main character has a few potential love interests, and anyone caught up on translated releases will be very familiar with them. Unfortunately, the fatal flaw strikes again. I ask you, readers, after the tower arc, how many of you are still conscious of the supporting characters that were introduced in the first "half" of the novel? Perhaps if you binge read, you might have some semblance of their personalities, but the tower arc, as a means of isolating the elites from the rest of the world, has utterly disconnected the reader from the rest of the world. We're not talking a quick arc either- we're speaking about hundreds of chapters, with maybe 50% of it filler and the author simply bloviating about whatever he wants to extend the word count. Is it strange to consider character interactions as part of the character design category? Honestly, the interactions are consistent, but of course they would be- the author has simply stole premade characters and dropped them into his story. The characters he designed himself are your typical wuxia cultivators. He hasn't just stolen characters either. There's an implicit ridiculousness to this story- if you really think about it, you might become dizzy. For example, don't let it bother you that the main character wields Shu's ability from Guilty Crown, as well as something akin to the eyes of death from Tsukihime, as well as Excalibur from Fate, with another recent addition being the Hulk's physical power up. That our mutated chimera of a character is driven by a ***** personality of straightforward foolhardiness of nigh idiocy is no comfort- his transfer to this world might have neglected parts of his brain. There's not much to say about development- there is practically none after he enters the tower, and what was established before will quickly be forgotten. The author provides random tidbits of history to pad his word count, but instead of explaining the rest of the world besides China, he'll focus on something inconsequential to churn out another filler. Oh? Did I not mention the origin of the title? Don't worry, you won't see much of the "absolute choice" system anyway- it simply acted as a method to introduce comedic relief, but its output was cringe and a prelude to the author's questionable state of mind- honestly, we should've recognized his insensitivity before reading this far. The author alludes to the fact that he recognizes his pacing is messed up, personifying himself into his characters and speaking dialogue that's essentially throwing shade at our "impatience". He has deluded both the readers and himself into believing that his chapters of full of substance and vibrant with content, a false sentiment borne of his arrogance. If you read the comments, you'll get the information you need in 1-3 sentences, as opposed to the author's long winded rambling. Don't have any high hopes for this story- the 4 and 5 star ratings are from an era long past. How can a story reform when the author won't? It is pure idiocy to expect anything from this fool. For the brothers stuck in a limbo of anticipation and then deflation upon seeing a chapter of nonsense, I feel you, and I beseech the newer readers, on the fence- don't read this story.


The translation quality is excellent, typically one of the bigger hurdles in translation a work is keeping cultural references intact, but I've never had any difficulty understanding them through the translation. The wording on things feels very natural, hold for one awkward sentence every thirty chapters. When this translation was previously on Wuxiaworld, the translator was able to consistently upload new chapters exactly on the hour twice a day, to the point where I would even plan when to eat with it hahah. I don't know how far the original work is through, or how close the translation is to being caught up to it, but at least for now, it's extremely consistent. The biggest criticism I could give is that, indeed, the arcs progress slowly. However, not very many chapters feel "empty". The largest reason that it feels slow is actually because a great deal of detail is added by way of character thoughts and feelings. Something that comes to mind is during the Battle Exchange arc, the pacing is actually used really well to convey the experience of a certain attack that takes 20 minutes to prepare. After that, rather than repeat the excruciating wait, the story gets to the point, but you can only remember that first time which took a dozen chapters to take place, and get the same effect. If you were to read this after it was completed, I don't think you would feel that the arcs are too long. Although the translation speed is very fast, it does make the arcs feel slow. The story also does foreshadowing and hints well enough, so even with that alone, it's better than a large chunk of other novels. The protagonist's chuuni is really not that bad, only occasionally annoying, usually it's funny. By this point I just filter "this king" out of sentences, and he reads like a normal, likable, albeit occasionally oblivious character. The other characters are all extremely well written, even the background characters, or characters which only appear for one or two chapters. They almost all feel human, and are very relatable. Even though you might form a strong bond to a particular character, you don't feel as though their prolonged absence detriments the story too much, because the character quality is consistently good.


This is one of my favourite novel, very good story background, comedy make the story more fum and interesting.. i don't know why this novel so low rated, but you can say this is hidden gem (at least if you have enough patience for one arc finished for god know how many chapt because story development is very slow) but i can say it's worth it cause the story is so f*ucking good


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it is one of my favorites novel evey especially the charater nature, the way he call and think him self the king of kings of god is the best


What the heck is with the ratings on this site??? How does a masterpiece like this only get 3.8 and some dirty bag who gives 1 stars gets top comment?? Jesus too many fcking trolls ruining this site.


Interesting characters, odd twists, deep and wuirky characters, and a truly heroic protagonist. All this done in a unique way. I deeply enjoy this story as he somehow both makes the characters shockingly strong willed while still feeling human. Despite the halt in translation this remains my favorite novel. I recommend reading it.


MC transfers to this world and possesses a system-like thing which requires him to perform a task. Should he fail to accomplish the task, the system turns back time to when MC was first given the mission. It keeps doing this until he is able to accomplish what the system asked of him. On another note, this is probably one of the funniest MC's I've ever read in any novel. The author has jokes everywhere throughout each chapter and MC's interactions with other characters is also pure gold.


F*** with story development, full of crap, only 1-2 sentences worth reading out of 1 chapter, yeah full of filler for at least 100 last chapter..


Maybe still my best novel out there. First, if u are a short-fused and short-minded person then don't read this. This is a very good novel if you can bear with all the flow. Imagine an eastern Game of Thrones with more details and story. Do not judge this as a series full of fillers. The moment you do that, your mind has degraded. This story is not about one person embarks in a journey. It's about how the MC and his group walk on life and solving all the problem they face. With a lot of hills and valleys. I repeat, it's not a story about a person. This is a story of a world. The characters design and character development is just godly. Only ATG, ED, and a couple of novel that did it this good. The world building? Harry potter can't even touch AC's feet. Then why not a full mark? Because it's not to the point where i am crazt for it. A series with full mark? Never gave it to any other than monogatari series. 9/10 ma boy. Keep the good work dear translators.


Starting from the very first chapter, SXB brings you mountains of surprises and plot twist at every corner so much that once you realize that you've reached the latest translated chapter, you will stand up, grab anything that is next to you and smash it towards the device you were reading on. This is how good it is. I found it very lonely not seeing the dragon that stares at you while you read but nevertheless, my chuunibyou bloodline will not let me despise this story. Don't give up on the first few chapters, bare with all the nonsense, and this Kaiser promises that you will reach a higher realm of enlightenment!


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