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Dylan, a typical 20-year-old teenage boy, meets an untimely demise under a truck only to be reborn in the fantastical world of High School DxD as the son of Sirzechs Lucifer. However, unlike his demonic counterparts, Dylan possesses no innate demonic energy. As he navigates this new existence, will he defy expectations, grow in strength, and ascend to the pinnacle of supernatural powers in this alternate realm

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Chapter : 12 Marriage proposal

Emma couldn't hide her disgust as she glanced at Azazel. "I've heard the stories of a mighty angel falling from heaven due to his perverted habits and lust," she thought to herself.

Azazel, sensing her gaze, retorted, "What's with that look? The only reason I know about pregnant ladies in the underworld is for general knowledge, I promise." He added, almost casually, "I even know Venelana is pregnant."

Emma was shocked. "How do you know that?" she muttered, her nerves evident.

"I have my sources, but there's no need to worry. It's just for general knowledge," Azazel reassured, calmly taking a seat.

Feeling uneasy in the presence of the fallen angel leader, Emma decided it was time to leave. "I should go now. Thank you again for helping us," she said, trying to maintain composure.

Azazel, however, steered the conversation towards Dylan. "So, are you taking him back to the Gremory house, the same people who threw him outside?"

Emma's eyes softened as she hesitated, but explained "It was the Gremory family's decision to let him live in the world for a better life. That doesn't mean they abandoned him. Lady Grayfia hasn't properly slept since young master's whereabouts were lost."

Azazel offered a cautionary perspective, "Well, the Gremory family's decision isn't entirely bad, but you don't understand. If you take him back now, his life will have two choices – he might be killed or live a life with disdain, and you might already be aware of what I am trying to say."

Azazel, maintaining his calm demeanor, proposed an alternative, "How about leaving the kid here and telling the Gremory family that you've found some clues about the whereabouts of your young master? See their responses with your own eyes."

Refusing his suggestion, Emma declared, "I'm not leaving young master here, and I won't deceive the Gremory family like that."

"Fine, it's your choice, and I won't interfere," Azazel conceded, deliberately whispering to himself loud enough for Emma to hear, "Just take him. I was thinking of giving him a sacred gear to increase his power, but since you want to take him, just take him and go."

"What do you mean by giving young master a sacred gear? I thought only humans can have them." Emma inquired, puzzled.

Azazel, evading the question, replied, "Forget what you heard. I was talking to myself." Frustration crept into Emma, but her attention shifted to Dylan.

"Even Ajuka couldn't cure young master. Getting a sacred gear could be different. Should I gain more information on it and see whether he can do such a thing or not?" Emma contemplated.

"You said young master can have a sacred gear. Can you tell me how? I'll pay you however you want," Emma proposed with determination.

With a mischievous grin, Azazel teased, "Marry me, then." catching Emma off guard, and Dylan, who overheard, nearly spat out his own saliva.

"Huh!" Emma exclaimed as Azazel stood up, closing the distance between them. Emma instinctively took steps back.

"How about this? We make a deal. Go to the Gremory family, do as I say. If everything goes as smoothly as you're imagining, no need for marriage. I'll also grant your young master a sacred gear. But if things don't go your way, you marry me, and I'll still provide him with a sacred gear. How about it?" Azazel proposed, stepping back and leaving Emma to grapple with the weight of the decision in the charged atmosphere of the room.

Emma was beyond shocked, unsure how to respond to Azazel's unexpected proposal. Silence filled the room, Azazel wearing a soothing smile with his back turned to Emma. She regained her senses, thinking, "What is this man planning, proposing out of nowhere?" Her gaze met Dylan's as they locked eyes. In her thoughts, she pondered, "If it's for young master's goodwill, I don't mind accepting anything, but can I trust him?"

Meanwhile, Dylan, in his infantile thoughts, shouted, "What are you thinking, Emma? Run, this guy is a pervert!" attempting to wriggle around in her arms.

"Young master, are you hungry?" Emma asked, thinking Dylan needed food.

"It seems he needs milk. I might have some in the kitchen," Azazel suggested.

"No, we can't give him regular milk; he needs women's milk," Emma replied.

"Women's milk? How about I make you pregnant so you can give milk in a few months? What do you think?" Azazel suggested excitedly, only to receive a punch in the face, making him fall on the bed.

"Ouch! That hurt. It was just a joke. Why don't you go to the Gremory house and do what I said? Don't worry about his milk; I will arrange it," Azazel said, dialing someone on the phone.

"Hello, Baraqiel, I need some women's milk," Azazel said.

"What kind of weird fetish are you into now?" came the reply.

"It's not for me; it's for a baby," Azazel clarified.

"Don't tell me that baby is you," the reply came back.

"It's not me; it's a real baby. Just arrange some milk. I'll explain the rest when we meet," Azazel said.

Turning his attention back to Emma, Azazel said, "The food will arrive soon. Just go to Gremory Castle," swiftly taking Dylan from her arms. "Go, go," he insisted.

Emma vanished in a magic circle, reappearing at the entrance of Gremory Castle. As maids weren't allowed to use magic to enter the castle, she changed her attire with magic and entered. As she did, she remembered, "Wait, did I just accept his deal?" As she froze in place.

Meanwhile, Azazel laid Dylan on the bed, lying beside him. "Kid, do you believe in love at first sight? Today, I experienced it," Azazel said, beginning to share his perverted tales. While Dylan eyes slowly started to close due exhaustion and finally finding a moment to rest.

As Dylan found himself submerged in weariness, embraced by a warm sensation, surrounded by a black sky adorned with countless stars. The water beneath him resembled a tranquil blue sky, clear and undisturbed, not mirroring the night above.

To be continued..


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