Abandoned Gremory Travels Multiverse

Dylan, a typical 20-year-old teenage boy, meets an untimely demise under a truck only to be reborn in the fantastical world of High School DxD as the son of Sirzechs Lucifer. However, unlike his demonic counterparts, Dylan possesses no innate demonic energy. As he navigates this new existence, will he defy expectations, grow in strength, and ascend to the pinnacle of supernatural powers in this alternate realm

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Chapter : 11 Emma Rescue Operation!

Few hours ago before Dylan waked up...

As Dylan grappled with the effects of the genetic serum inside Almenia, Emma, the astute maid, moved stealthily through the shadows, her senses sharp. Suspicion etched across her features, she surveyed the orphanage's surroundings, honing in on a growing certainty that her young master was nearby.

In a secluded corner inside the orphanage, where the weary children lay in a profound slumber, two priests engaged in a hushed conversation with an apprehensive orphanage caretaker. The air was thick with secrecy and tension.

"Why wasn't the newborn child you found yesterday sent to us?" queried the priest, his tone laced with authority, upon learning of a recent addition.

The caretaker, beads of nervous sweat forming on his brow, stammered, "I don't know, sir. The child has vanished."

"Vanished?" The skeptical priest scoffed. "A child barely able to walk has disappeared? Are you jesting with me?"

A confession hung in the air as the caretaker, under duress, revealed, "I am paid to clandestinely provide children for your experiments."

The priest's reaction was swift, seizing the caretaker by the neck. "How dare you utter the word 'experiment'? If I hear it again, I'll sever that lying tongue of yours," he threatened, releasing his grip with a cruel intent.

With a raspy voice, the caretaker detailed the mysterious disappearance. "The child was here at night, but by morning, he wasn't in his cradle."

Demanding answers, the priest inquired about the whereabouts of the orphanage's principal caretaker. "Where is the old man?"

"I think he went out early in the morning; perhaps he took the child with him. If we wait, he'll likely return in a few hours," suggested the caretaker, nursing his sore neck.

Hidden in the shadows, Emma eavesdropped through a nearby window, absorbing the unfolding drama. "A newborn kid. I was right; young master is here," she murmured softly, her hand gently resting on her chest, her resolve strengthening in the face of impending revelations.

As the time passed with sun descending, painting the sky in hues of orange, Emma's gaze fixated on the entrance of the orphanage, her heart brimming with new hope to find her young master. A sudden interruption came in the form of an old man approaching the orphanage. "Is he the person they were talking about?" Emma muttered, observing the man closely. However, her anticipation waned as she noticed no child in his arms.

The old man entered the orphanage, greeted by the side of priests. "Father, what a pleasant surprise. If you had informed me earlier, I could have come sooner," he said politely.

"No need for formalities. I came to see the new child that arrived yesterday and offer my blessings for a better future," the priest's tone shifted, becoming more cordial.

"Father, your support is what allows the orphanage to provide for these children. I offer my respect to you," the old man replied. Just then, the orphanage door burst open, revealing a mysterious lady with her face covered in a black scarf and draped in a black blanket, only her fixed eyes and flowing hair visible.

"Who are you?" the old man inquired, confused by her sudden appearance.

"Where is the young master?" Emma demanded, her anger palpable and uncontrollable.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Leave, or I'll call the police," the old man insisted. Suddenly, a surge of energy knocked everyone out, leaving only the two priests conscious.

Emma, undeterred, spoke with a calm determination, "I have no intention of hindering you. I seek information and will leave without causing harm."

"We don't make deals with devils. We follow God," the priest declared, drawing a glowing yellowish sword. Emma shivered at the sight of the holy sword.

As the priest lunged with the sword, Emma skillfully dodged both attacks simultaneously, her movements swift and graceful. With precision, she pointed her palm towards the priests, conjuring a powerful burst of water that sent them colliding into the wall, rendering them unconscious.

"Did they also go unconscious?" Emma muttered, surveying the scene. Realizing everyone was knocked out, she wondered whom she could ask about her young master. She approached the old man, shaking him urgently. "Wake up," she muttered.

A sudden sound, a resonant "Dhoo!" disrupted the moment. Emma's voice echoed through the orphanage, but to her dismay, she lost all her strength, collapsing to the ground. A searing pain accompanied the sensation, and blood began to seep onto the floor.

"What kind of devil are you? You're not even checking if your enemies are knocked out or not," one priest sneered. He signaled to the other priest to tie her up, and Emma, weakened but defiant, resisted.

"There's no point in resisting. The bullet I hit you with contains holy energy," the priest declared, explaining the source of Emma's sudden weakness. The scene concluded with Emma bound, her inquiries about her young master unanswered, and an air of mystery lingering in the orphanage.

As the priest slowly unwound her black attire, he couldn't help but remark, "Whoa, you're a beautiful lady," revealing the sinister motives behind his actions. Suddenly, a commanding voice echoed through the orphanage, halting the unholy proceedings.

"Hello, may I have some of your time?" The mysterious voice rang out as a figure emerged at the entrance, confidently making his way inside.

"Now who's here again? Look, leave or die. Since I'm in a good mood, I'll spare you; just go," the priest arrogantly declared.

"Oh, but there's a helpless lady here. It seems I can't just walk away," came the calm reply from the newcomer. As he continued to approach, he revealed himself—a tall man in his twenties, with an average build, black hair, golden bangs, and a black goatee.

"Bastard, since you wanna die? I'll send you to God," the priest threatened, brandishing his sword and licking it menacingly.

"Oh, really? I doubt it. I've met him many times already," the man responded calmly. The priest lunged forward, but before he could strike, he halted, stepping back in fear. A radiant lance materialized in thin air, and the priest muttered, "You're a fallen angel."

The lance shot forward with incredible speed, causing the orphanage to tremble as if an earthquake had struck. The pressure released by the lance threw both the priest and the intruder to opposite sides, colliding with the walls and tearing a hole through the orphanage.

The newcomer's tentative steps led him toward Emma, offering his hand. Emma hesitated initially but eventually accepted, rising with shaky legs weakened by blood loss. Her attention, however, was immediately diverted, pushing him away to scan the surroundings frantically.

"You've lost too much blood; you need to rest and tend to your wound," the fallen angel urged, creating a golden-hued barrier around the crumbling orphanage. Emma, however, remained fixated on searching for Dylan.

The orphanage walls rumbled, and the structure began to crumble. "I shouldn't have used that much power," the fallen angel muttered, securing everyone within the protective barrier.

"Where are you, young master?" Emma desperately checked every child, returning to the old man, shaking him in a futile attempt to wake him. Meanwhile Amidst the crumbled debris of the orphanage, a swirling bluish energy swirled around as Dylan poped out on the ground from it.

Canceling the barrier, the fallen angel took flight with six pairs of jet-black wings, his feathers embodying the color of everlasting darkness.

The old man remained unconscious, prompting Emma to frantically search the debris. After a thorough scan, she finally found Dylan amidst the wreckage. "Young master," Emma muttered, her expression filled with concern.

"It seems like you found him," the fallen angel remarked upon landing. Emma's eyes grew hazy, but she found support as the fallen angel held her. Even in weakness, Emma's grip on Dylan remained steadfast as her head rested on the fallen angel's chest.

As a golden-hued magic circle, resembling angel wings, appeared below them, teleporting them away from the crumbled orphanage.

Some time passed by as Dylan found himself in a dimly lit room, transported there by the fallen angel. He lay beside Emma, his eyes fixated on her peaceful slumber. A perplexing thought crossed his infantile mind – "Why would she search for me? I doubt the Gremory family would have told her."

Suddenly, a voice echoed in Dylan's mind, startling him. It was Liridian, now floating above him. "I think she cares for you," the ethereal voice whispered.

"Why are you here, Liridian?" Dylan questioned in his thoughts, which was vocalized to Liridian.

"I've come to advise you to rest. The genetic serum you took has put your body through pain. To recover your energy, you need a good rest and should avoid unnecessary movements," Liridian explained.

"How could I move anyway?" Dylan replied, his existence only a few days old.

"You'll understand once you experience it," Liridian cryptically remarked, leaving Dylan puzzled.

A subtle click announced the entrance of the fallen angel. Panic set in, and Dylan urgently thought, "Liridian, hide! He'll see you."

"I'm just a hologram projected onto your cornea. No one else can see me but you," reassured Liridian, as the mysterious figure entered the room.

While Emma's eyes slowly flickered open as she rose, her immediate attention drawn to Dylan. "Young master," she uttered, scooping Dylan into her arms.

" The fallen angel acknowledged Emma's condition. "Seems like you're fine," he remarked.

Emma expressed gratitude, seeking the savior's name. "May I have the name of our benefactor? I wish to remember and repay your kindness," she inquired.

"Azazel," the fallen angel replied.

"Thank you, Mr. Azazel. Your name is similar to the leader of the fallen angels," Emma noted.

"Because I am the leader of the Fallen Angels," Azazel revealed, unfurling his 6 pair wings. Emma was visibly shocked. "Surprising you didn't notice my wings at the orphanage," Azazel remarked.

"I think I should leave," Emma stammered, a hint of nervousness crossing her face as she cradled Dylan.

"Are you returning to the Gremory house to give Sirzechs' son back?" Azazel queried, causing Emma to tense up, her demonic energy flaring. Holding Dylan protectively, she stood her ground.

"How do you know that? Only the Gremory family and some maids are aware of it," Emma inquired, skeptical.

"No need to be on guard. Rest your body; you've lost too much blood. I harbor no ill intentions towards you," Azazel reassured, but Emma remained vigilant.

"Come on. If I had ill intentions, I could've acted already. As for knowing he's Sirzechs' son, I have information on all pregnant ladies in the underworld," Azazel stated calmly. Emma and even Dylan were left wide-eyed at his last revelation.

To be continued...


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