A Rider Kick in Marvel

A young man who always wanted to be a Kamen Rider trains himself to become a suit actor. He creates a Kamen Rider collection but dies due to an earthquake. He, however, wakes up in the world of an AU of Marvel with all of his collection becoming real. He now wields the power of all of the Kamen Riders. Discover the birth of Kamen Riders in the world of Marvel. *** I don't own any rights to Marvel and Kamen Rider. If you want to see advanced chapters support me on my Patreon. patreon.com/Najicablitz *** None of the artwork is mine.

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Chapter 24

"Ace, so glad you came!" When Ace disembarked from the Blackbird, Rogue ran up to him and hugged him.

"It is nice to see you to Rogue."

"Are you here to join our school?"

"No, just visiting. Professor Xavier kindly invited me and since I had nothing to do I thought I would see you."

"Ah~ how kind of you." Rogue gives Ace a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm happy regardless."

Xavier, Jean, and Ororo saw Ace and Rogue being intimate smiling. Jean reminisced about her times with Scott when they were young. They met around the same age as Ace and Rogue. They got to know each other and went through missions together. Their love bloomed, although most of it was due to Scott's always chasing after her.

"Ah, young love."

Xavier had other things in mind with Rogue getting along with Ace. It would incentivize him to join his school even more. He wants to let Rogue be more intimate with Ace. He also knows how much the girl wants intimacy, so this relationship would be beneficial for her and him.

It wasn't only Rogue who came to greet Ace. Her friends also followed. Kitty, Kurt, Bobby, and Evan came to greet Ace.

"Hey, handsome, it is great for you to come here." said Kitty acting cute to Ace which displeased Rogue

"Yeah man, we'll show you around the campus. You'll love it here." said Kurt

"I don't know… she seems to be wanting to show Prince Charming around herself," said Bobby, teasing Rogue.

"Bobby, if you don't shut up. I swear I'll leave you under the sun until you melt." threatened Rogue, she did not want to ruin this for Ace.

Bobby saw Rogue's gaze. If looks could kill that would be it. He knew Rogue was serious and would probably do something worse. He shuddered and shut his mouth.

"Hey, chill Rogue. No need to be so defensive. Let's all go together, you know the more the merrier." said Evan, the one most relaxed in the group.

"That will be for the best. You, kids, show Ace around the mansion now. Just be sure to not disturb the other students." said Ororo

"Sure thing Aunt Ro. Come on Ace, let us show you around."

Evan led the group while the rest followed.

"Are you sure this will work professor?" asked Jean

"I hope it does. If not, I'm sure Erik will find him. He already has met the Brotherhood. It will only be a matter of time before Erik realizes he is a mutant."

Rogue, Kitty, Bobby, Evan, and Kurt show Ace around the X-Mansion. They entered a large hall with a wide staircase and a chandelier on the ceiling.

"This is the main hall, a lot of students pass through here to go to the different wings in the mansion." explained Kurt

"It is impressive, quite different from my home." said Ace

"Wait, you live in a mansion?" asked Kitty

"Yeah, my parents were quite wealthy and they own a mansion. I live there now with my guardian."

Ace's mansion has more of a modern design, while the X-Mansion has an older design. The mansion didn't look old and looked brand new. Ace thought it must be due to them being attacked so much and the mansion getting destroyed occasionally.

"Really! We have to visit your place sometime, maybe we could also have a little bit of fun." Kitty wraps her arms around Ace's arm.

"Sure, all of you are welcome anytime. My mansion has an arcade. We could go there to play."

"Hehehe, I already can't wait."

Rogue becomes jealous of Kitty and wraps her arms around Ace's arm as well.

"What's wrong Rogue?" asked Kitty

"Nothing, come on, we still have more to show you." Rogue pulls on Ace's arm, dragging him to the next destination.

Kurt, Bobby, and Evan are envious of Ace with two beauties fighting over him.

"He sure is popular huh." said Kurt with envy

"Is it because he is good-looking and rich?" asked Evan

"How is life so unfair." said Bobby tilting his head backwards.

Rogue and Kitty are popular in school. Due to them being part of the X-men and also their beauty. All of the students talk and admire them. Rogue is a cold beauty, although she spends her time a lot on her own. Her beauty and mysteriousness attracted a lot of people. Kitty on the other hand was a cute and energetic girl. She is also a nerd and talks about her hobbies a lot, which makes many people feel close to her and therefore attracted to her. So when two of the most popular beauties were dragging Ace around the school. The student body was curious about who Ace was.

The group led Ace to the school cafeteria, where many students were eating and playing around with their powers.

"Is it always this chaotic?" asked Ace

"No, it is usually more chaotic, you want to eat? It is lunchtime." replied Evan

"Sure, I haven't really eaten since Xavier visited me."

The group got some food and sat on an empty table. While they were eating Ace asked Kurt about something he was curious about.

"Hey, Kurt, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it, my friend?"

"Is this how you normally look?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you have a tail, so I guessed you're hiding how you look."

Behind Kurt was a blue tail. Ace saw it appear and disappear a couple of times and thought he might be hiding his true appearance.

Kurt became embarrassed, Ace saw his tail and was a bit fearful of showing people his real appearance on their first meeting.

"You're right, sorry about that. I just don't have a lot of good memories when people see my appearance."

"Don't worry, I understand, but I hope you can trust me to show your real appearance."

After a bit of hesitation, Kurt turned off his holo watch. Kurt's real appearance was like a blue devil. He has blue fur all over his body and he had three fingers instead of five.

Ace really didn't mind Kurt's appearance, instead, he found it a bit cool.

"So this is what you look like. You look pretty cool in my opinion."

"Really? You don't mind what I look like?"

"Of course not, if you look at my mutation. It will look scarier."

"Your appearance changes when you use your powers?" asked Bobby

"Yeah, but this doesn't seem like a place to show it casually. By the way, Kurt, is that all your mutation?"

Kurt smirks and disappears in a puff of smoke. He then reappeared behind Ace and put his arms around Ace's shoulder. He then disappears and reappears back in his seat.

"So you can teleport. That is really cool."

"It is one of my gifts."

The group continued to show Ace around the mansion. They went outside and saw a 6′6 foot Russian man teaching a gym class on the court. The man noticed the group and came to greet them.

"Ah, Kurt, Bobby, Evan, Kitty, and Rogue. You kids are finally here. The class just started, come on, join in."

"Sorry Piotr, we were just showing around our new friend here around the mansion."

The man named Piotr recognized the new face and held out his hand.

"Oh, who is this young man? My name is Piotr Rasputin. I teach physical education here, are you a new student?"

"It is nice to meet you, Mr. Rasputin. Sadly I'm just here to tour the campus."

Piotr's handshake was firm and strong. 'It is like shaking a hand made of steel.' Ace thought.

"That's a shame, you looked to be a fine young man. Come and join us if you are interested."

"No thank you but thanks for the offer."

The group left as they went inside the building again.

"Did you guys just want to escort me to skip your classes?" Ace asked

Kurt, Kitty, Bobby, and Evan turned away and started to whistle.

"I knew it."

"I didn't, I just wanted to see you." interjected Rogue

Ace smiles at Rogue's cuteness. "Yes, yes thank you."

As the tour went on Ace met a tall blonde woman wearing a white suit. Her gaze was calm, icy, and cunning. She greeted the students who passed by with a smile.

"Ah, hello students. Who might this be? A new transferee perhaps?" The woman greeted the group and asked who Ace was.

"Oh, Ms. Frost, he is Ace. We are just showing him around the mansion. Rogue met him a while back." replied Bobby blushing

Her name is Emma Frost. An Omega class telepath capable of reading and altering minds. She is also the chairwoman of Frost International, a multi-billion dollar corporation. She is cunning and an experienced businesswoman. She used her instinct in business and her powers to climb up to her current position.

"Oh, you must be the one Charles mentioned. The one who is immune to Rogue's touch."

"I guess I'm popular. Ace Ukiyo, it is nice to meet you."

"Emma Frost, I work as the school's counselor here. If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to come find me. So, Ace, tell me are you going to join our school?"

"Most likely not Ms. Frost. I'm just here to visit my friend. A lot of people have been pushing me to attend this school."

"Eh~ you are not going to join the school? Come on, it is going to be fun." complained Kitty

"Sorry Kitty, no matter what anyone says I have already made up my mind."

"If you have already made your decision that is fine, but if you ever change your mind. The school will always welcome you and please call me Emma." 

"Thank you for your understanding Emma." replied Ace

Emma walked away but she had a confused expression. She had been trying to read Ace's mind when she met him, but no matter how much she tried. She couldn't even get a wisp of his thoughts. Although this wasn't the first time Emma couldn't read someone else's thoughts. They were telepaths on the same or higher level and they used external means like a helmet to block telepaths. Ace was none of those and it looked like he wasn't even trying or realizing it. This intrigued Emma very much.

"Who are you, Ace?"

Unaware of Emma's suspicion Ace continued the tour of the X-Mansion.

"Come on, let us show something really exciting." said Kitty

"Where are we going?" Ace asked

"Hehehe, we are going below the mansion." Kitty dragged Ace to an elevator and the group followed. The elevator descended and Ace's confusion grew.

"I wonder where we are going?"


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