A Rider Kick in Marvel

A young man who always wanted to be a Kamen Rider trains himself to become a suit actor. He creates a Kamen Rider collection but dies due to an earthquake. He, however, wakes up in the world of an AU of Marvel with all of his collection becoming real. He now wields the power of all of the Kamen Riders. Discover the birth of Kamen Riders in the world of Marvel. *** I don't own any rights to Marvel and Kamen Rider. I also post this in Scribble Hub and Royal Road. https://www.royalroad.com/profile/477305/fictions If you want to see advanced chapters support me on my P atreon. p@treon.com/Najicablitz *** None of the artwork is mine.

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Chapter 23 Edited

A few days ago Ace received a call from Rogue.

"Hello, Rogue. Have you been well?"

"I'm fine, just the usual antics at my school."

"That's good, so why did you call? Did you get lonely? Want to hang out again?"

"That sounds nice, but I called you for a different reason."

"Shame, then what is it?"

"Our school's head will be visiting you soon."

"Why would he be visiting me? Is it because I took you out on a date?"

"No! That wasn't the reason." said Rogue shouting at the phone. Ace could feel how embarrassed she was.

"Hahaha, it's just a joke."

"Don't tease me like that."

"Haha sorry."

"*cough* Anyway, you remember I was a mutant right?"

"I do"

"Well, our school is a bit special…"

Rogue then explains about her school. It is a place where mutants gather to help them control their powers and keep them from being harmed by other people. Their founder Charles Xavier brings mutants to his school to help them. Rogue was also the same way when her mutant powers manifested.

"I see, so they are coming because they think I'm also a mutant."

"Yes, I don't know when they will come but they will visit sooner or later to invite you."

"Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to welcome them and hear them out."

"That's great, so Ace I want to ask."


"Will you be joining our school?"

"Hmmm… I will probably not join."

"Huh? Why!?" Rogue wanted Ace to join their school. When she heard him refuse she felt quite saddened.


"Ah, no… Why do you not want to join?"

"Well, it is because I feel no need to. I know my powers although not fully, I can master them with time. I also have other plans I need to do in the future and transferring schools is just going to delay that. It also might constrict my actions and I have friends in Midtown High who I need to look after."

Ace wants to look out for Gwen and Peter. He has been teaching them the basics of fighting as Kamen Rider, and that would make them his students. He also knows the strained relationship between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, and he doesn't want to interfere in that yet. Although meeting Rogue and Xavier visiting soon must have already put that into motion, which was inevitable.

"Okay… I wanted to go to the same school as you."

"Sorry for making you sad, but don't worry. I'll be sure to hang out with you more."

"Hehe, thanks…"

They chatted for a few more moments before Rogue had to go to her next class and they both said goodbye.

Which brings us to the present. Xavier and a few other people arrived. Ace opened the gates and they walked into the mansion's grounds. Xavier and his entourage marveled at the estate. Their school was Xavier's ancestral home and it also was a mansion and Ace's estate was on par with theirs. When they arrived at the doorstep, Ace greeted them. 

"Hello, you must be Professor Charles Xavier. Rogue messaged me you would be coming."

"It is also a pleasure to meet you Mr. Ace Ukiyo. These are my staff, Jean Grey and Ororo Munroe.

"It is nice to meet you, Ace." said Jean

"I hope we were not disturbing you." said Ororo

"No, you all came at the perfect time. I was going to do nothing all day but your arrival made me change my plans. Please, come in."

Ace ushered the guests inside. The X-men also admired the beauty inside the estate.

"You have a wonderful home here, Ace." said Xavier

"It was owned by my parents before they passed away. I was living in Japan until I heard I gained their inheritance."

"I'm sorry for your loss." said Jean

"It's okay, I have come to terms with it."

Ace brought them to the guest room and Izu served them tea.

"This is Izu, you could say she is my guardian and helps me run the mansion."

"Hello, I am Izu." Izu bowed with precise movements and stood behind Ace.

"Please help yourselves with the snacks and tea prepared."

"Thank you for your hospitality, Ace." said Ororo

"Now then, I have heard from Rogue about the reason for your visit, but if you can clarify more, I will be grateful."

"Of course, as you most likely heard from Rogue, we are mutants. We run a school to help mutants control their powers and integrate them into society. We believe you are a mutant as well, Ace."

Xavier continues to speak about his school and his dream of mutants and humans living in harmony and coexistence. Ace continues to listen to Xavier's dream intently.

"So, Ace, I want to invite you to join our school. Will you be willing to accept our invitation?."

Ace was silent for a moment and pondered the invitation. After a few minutes, he still has the same answer. "Your dream is wonderful professor and seeing a world where mutants and humans coexist sounds wonderful."

"Thank you, Ace."

"But regarding your invitation to join the school, I respectfully decline."

"May we know why? You will be surrounded by people who you could relate to and be in an environment to control your powers." asked Ororo

"It is because I don't see the need for it. I am perfectly fine in my school and I know my powers and can control them."

He is also pretty sure he is not a mutant like them. He knows where his powers came from and couldn't just say. They came from a Sunday tokusatsu show from another universe. His being Kamen Rider would also have a high chance of being exposed and doesn't want to let others know until he has no choice. He felt letting Gwen and Peter know soon because they had been working a lot together and they were his close friends.

"But you could achieve much more if you're with us." said Jean, she had seen many children refuse to join and most of them ended up in a bad way. She did not want Ace to end up like them. What is also not helping is that she seems to not be able to read Ace's mind. She and Xavier had been trying for a while ago, but they were unable to enter his mind. Something was blocking them from accessing his mind. Even his guardian Izu, we were also unable to access her mind. We can't even feel her psyche. They were questioning if she was even human.

Ace stood up and suddenly a blue aura covered him. His body began a transformation. He had an ashen color body and many wolf features on his body. He had white fur and claws on his shoulders and hands. Ace transformed into the Wolf Orphnoch. He discovered he was able to do this a while ago, but he did not find a need to use this form unless he did not have a driver on hand. He decided to pass this as his mutation to fool the X-Men.

The X-Men were surprised by Ace's transformation. They have seen a lot of physical changes among mutants and from just looking. They could tell Ace was a combat type of mutation.

"As you can see, I have no problem with my powers. I can also freely change back to my human form."

Ace transforms back to his human form to demonstrate.

"I have no need for your teachings. So I won't be attending your school."

"Still Ace, I still insist on you attending our school. Even if you can control your powers, there are many people who hate mutants. Some are even kidnapped to be used as experiments. Our school can protect you." said Xavier

"No need, I can defend myself."

"You are overestimating yourself, Ace. Even with your powers, there are many people out there who are stronger than you." said Ororo

"That's true, but I have ways to defend myself. Don't underestimate me."

Xavier, Jean, and Ororor are troubled by Ace's stubbornness.

"Ms. Izu, can you convince Ace to join us? Surely you can see how much in danger Ace will be when other people find out he is a mutant." pleaded Jean

"I will support whatever decisions Ace-sama will take. Besides, he can truly defend himself, and if he gets into trouble. I'll be there to save him."

Izu has watched Ace for months and knows what he is capable of. There will only be a few who can harm when he decides to go all out.

Even his guardian agreed with Ace. This left the X-men more troubled and did not know what to do, but Xavier had an idea.

"Since we can't persuade you. How about showing you our school itself. We can go there right now and I'm sure Rogue would love to see you visit."

Ace could see this is a bait but Ace decided to bite. It still won't change his mind and he will get to see the famous X-mansion. He could also see Rogue which is a big plus. Having a connection with the X-men would also be beneficial.

"Alright, I'll go. I had nothing to do anyway."

Xavier is happy that Ace will be visiting the institute. He believes he will be able to convince him there.

"Wonderful Ace, I'm sure you will love it there." said Ororo

Ace only shrugs. They all exited the mansion and went to a nearby clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a parked jet. Its color is black and it is of great length. This is the famous Blackbird, the jet the X-men usually ride on. Ace didn't know much about it but it still looked cool.

"Impressive huh?" Jean went up to the side of Ace.

"Its top speed is Mach 4 and we always use it to go around the world."

"Cool, can I drive it?"

"If you join our school." teased Jean

"It was worth a shot." Ace shrugs at Jean's teasing

They boarded the jet and flew toward the X-mansion in Salem. The journey was short as we were there in less than 30 minutes. From above, there is a lot of grass on the estate with many children playing. The estate had many buildings connected to each other and many other areas. There was a maze, a court, a garden, a pool, and a lake.

'I'm sure Rogue will be surprised with my visit.' Ace thought