A Path of Bone and Poison

Formally titled: A Goblin's Path James Frank a 16 year old boy who has been abused and neglected dies a horrible death. He is reincarnated in a different world. He is. born as both a different race and a different gender. He is born as a female goblin with a pitiful 1 for strength. His instincts tell him that if does does nothing that his life will be something he would not wish on his worst enemy. Join Yuri, Jame's new identity, As she explores the world of Kaos. Disclaimer: Photo is not owned by me. If it is yours and you want it down please let me know.

Morbidwishes · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
145 Chs


When I opened my eyes the world around me seemed different. Everything was slightly off, as If the world had shifted the slightest bit. My body was extraordinarily comfortable, unlike when I had previously arrived in this world.

I held my head as I sat up. A slight pain entering my head from the action. When I finally worked up the energy to move, I immediately went to the underground stream. Using the light from the torch I confirmed the changes that I could already feel.

The first thing I noticed was that my once green skin had changed. It had grown darker, no longer any hint of the green before it was now a disturbingly dark shade of grey. My dual colored eyes reflected back at me in shock. One of them was a deep crimson, the other an emerald green. My hair had grown, it now went to the middle of my back and was pure white. The color stood in sharp contrast to the rest of my body.

My green eye had a silver sun shaped marking around it, while my red eye had a dark moon. The weird markings did not take away from the beauty of the face before me though. Rather the sun added an aura of the divine, while from the moon could be easily be sensed as a curse.

If I had to guess I stood slightly less than 5 foot, which I got the feeling was actually rather short for an elf. I could only blame my goblin ancestors for this. Regardless I was almost twice as tall as I was before, which was an incredible improvement.

I checked my status to confirm the changes I felt and saw.

Name: Yuri [Kinslayer] [Blessed by Eliondra]

Class: Arcane Assassin

Skill points: 7

Race: Dark Elf

Age: <1

level: 1/500

exp 0/20,000

hp: 450 mp: 750

strength: 10

dexterity: 15

agility: 20

constitution: 15

Vitality: 15

Intellect: 25

Wisdom: 25

Charisma: 9(+5)

Luck: 18


[Gift of tongues]



[Beginners Poison Core]

[Serial Killer]

[Sole Survivor]


[Monstrous Growth]

[Blessed by Mana]



[Silent Casting]

[Dual Casting]


[Sleeping Poison]

[Poison Orb]

[Blessed by Mana] an elvish racial passive that reduces casting time of spells by 25%.

After checking my status, I noticed that it was more than just a little drafty in the cave. When I looked down, not only was I greeted with my comparatively larger chest, but also the sight of my once fairly intact clothes in complete shreds. I found the image oddly arousing, considering the fact that I was looking at myself.

I noticed that oddly enough the thong underwear I had been wearing (Like seriously, this is all that the goblins wore... but I do have to say they grew on me) were fully intact. It seems they were form fitting. When I inspected them further, I found that they were actually a magical item and could not help but roll my eyes. Of course, the sex crazed goblins would have magical underwear.

[Panties of sexual energy] (Unique) (set item)

A pair of panties that have been used and abused in the art of breeding. Through the collective energies of yin and yang that have been constantly absorbed they have gained the unique grade of magical equipment, and gained the following properties

1. Self-cleaning

2. Form fitting

3. +2 charisma

4. Indestructible.

If I had been drinking, I would have spit it out. I was half tempted throw the panties away after reading their status, but the effects were simply too good. They were basically a godly pair of underwear. Even if they were gross.

I sighed as I decided to keep wearing them. The self-cleaning property assured me that they were in tip top shape. And as I admired them it appeared brand new.

I shook my head as I left the room I had taken for my bedroom and headed towards the exit. Equipped only with my indestructible underwear and my cloak that thankfully still fit, it was time to face the challenges of the forest.

But before that, I would need to get used to this new body of mine. The best way for that? Of course, it was a basic workout.

In the bright morning sunlight if someone had wondered by, they would have witnessed a mostly naked Dark elf doing yoga. If they could see the invisible gods, they would have seen both males and females admiring the view of her downward dog...