A Path of Bone and Poison

Formally titled: A Goblin's Path James Frank a 16 year old boy who has been abused and neglected dies a horrible death. He is reincarnated in a different world. He is. born as both a different race and a different gender. He is born as a female goblin with a pitiful 1 for strength. His instincts tell him that if does does nothing that his life will be something he would not wish on his worst enemy. Join Yuri, Jame's new identity, As she explores the world of Kaos. Disclaimer: Photo is not owned by me. If it is yours and you want it down please let me know.

Morbidwishes · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
145 Chs


I did not explore further; my mana was already mostly exhausted and wounds had yet to heal. Instead I headed back to my base. It was not a long walk; I had only just entered the forest.

I could not help but shake my head at the encounter. I was truly too weak. How was a single goblin to survive? By evolving of course!

This was the first time I was happy to see the confines of what had once been a prison for me. The cave had a single entrance, which was of course made out of stone. There was a small pond outside, which connected to a river that went through the forest. This pond fed into the underground stream that went through my cave.

There was of course a plethora of trees that surrounded the cave, and a small clearing. Most of the clearing was charred black and covered the crispy corpses. I sighed as I looked at the corpses. I might not care about them, but they tarnished the image of my home.

I spent the next few hours clearing the corpses. I did not bury them, rather just dragged them into the forest. The creatures that lived here could take care of the bodies.

The sun was setting when I finished, and I wiped my brow in satisfaction. The charred ground was still an eyesore, but it looked much better without the bodies.

When I went inside, I had a simple meal of freshly caught fish and bread that I had made from the grains that were left in the kitchen. It was peaceful, the only thing that would have made it better was a cup of beer. How I missed alcohol! When I evolved in could not wait to visit a city and partake in this tasty adult beverage.

I sighed as I rubbed my stomach. With the day finished it was finally time for the main event. I can honestly say I have never been so excited to go to sleep.

My body was exhausted, and yet despite this I stared at the ceiling for what seemed like hours. I had counted countless sheep, before I was finally greeted by the sweet embrace of slumber.




<User has reached maximum level and is eligible for evolution>

<Generating a list of Evolutions>



<An outside force has interfered with your evolution.>

<You have been cursed by the demi-God of Goblins Ja'ni>

<You have gained the [Forsaken] Trait>


You have been cursed by a deity. You receive half as much experience and require twice as many levels to evolve.

<An outside force has taken pity on you>

<You have received the blessing [Monstrous Growth] for the elven goddess Eliondra.>

[Monstrous Growth]

You receive twice as many stats when you level up. This includes all bonuses from talents.

<You have received the title [Blessed by Eliondra]>

You have received a blessing from the goddess of the Elves, and as such you will not be attacked by the elves Unless provoked. Does not affect level of relations. (Friends, Enemies, Etc.)>

<You have a single evolution to choose from, based on the interference of the gods.>

[Dark elf]

A race of elves that has been cursed by the gods for sinning against them. They are an intelligent species that is scorned by the major religions of the Kaos. They receive bonuses from their class on level up as well as 2 free points to put as they choose. Dark elves are weak to the holy element. Holy magic does twice as much damage to them. Dark elves are strong in darkness and poison elements, receiving a damage bonus of 10% in these elements. Being Elves, they are still blessed by mana and can cast spells 25% faster.

<Commencing evolution>

My body began to radiate pain as the evolution take place. I could feel my body being pulled in every direction. The pain Began to rise, causing my complete agony. Finally, after what felt like an eternity the pain climaxed, and a sense of relief began to spread through my joints.

My mind felt fuzzy and my body tingled. I tried to move. My body would not respond to my commands, and my eyes which had just been staring at the ceiling like it was the endless abyss began to close.