A Path of Bone and Poison

Formally titled: A Goblin's Path James Frank a 16 year old boy who has been abused and neglected dies a horrible death. He is reincarnated in a different world. He is. born as both a different race and a different gender. He is born as a female goblin with a pitiful 1 for strength. His instincts tell him that if does does nothing that his life will be something he would not wish on his worst enemy. Join Yuri, Jame's new identity, As she explores the world of Kaos. Disclaimer: Photo is not owned by me. If it is yours and you want it down please let me know.

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The morning sun shined on my back as I stretched my tired muscles. It had been a month since I had evolved, and had mastered the usage of my body. The monsters around the cave were all relatively weak, with the Rosethorn Constrictor being the apex predator of the area. The rabbits I had seen earlier were Rather fast, but died quickly if one attacked them from stealth.

Their meat was rather tasty, it was a little sweet and very lean. They were the basic prey of the area.

Between them and the Rosethorns there was a third beast. It was called a Velocinid. They were the prey I was currently hunting.


A hybrid monster of a spider and a raptor. They travel in packs of 3-5 with an Alpha that is always female. Only the Alpha has the right to breed, and she chooses her mate from the pack. Once the deed is done the alpha paralyzes her mate, using its body to incubate their offspring. The paralyzed beta is then brought to a dark and damp area where it's offspring can hatch in peace.

Velocinids are a Venomous type of beast, their venom amongst the deadliest of evolved beasts. Because of this they are highly beneficial to those who cultivate poison type abilities.

The move silently, observing their prey for days or weeks before they finally make their move. They are highly intelligent, moving in formations. They communicate with each other through pheromones. Their prey often does not know it is being stalked until it is too late.




This had indeed been the case with me. I had not left the Cave for over a week, as I was in the process of cultivating my core. I survived on fish and water as I cultivated, not even longing for the light as I worked. The process had been successful, and I had leveled my core up to level 6. Its benefits were incredible, but I knew with my own weakness this was the only path I had to survive.

One day when I opened my eyes, I found myself staring at the paralyzed mate of an alpha. Its eyes shone with agony as I could see several smaller versions of itself bursting from its flesh as they feasted on their still living father.

The image caused me to scream as I jumped back into the river. The cold water inciting another scream from me.

Only when I realized that I had not been noticed did I examine the beast, the monster encyclopedia telling me what it was.

It appears the pack had not been aware of my presence, or they would not have left their offspring here. I showed the Spider no mercy as I shot orb after orb at it. It's flesh slowly started to rot from the poison I had shot into it, and its children began to choke on the flesh that was supposed to nourish them.

A grim smile had crossed my face as I received notification after notification of their deaths. The system did not differentiate the young from the old, as they were all equally deadly. Hundreds of notifications sounded as I leveled up a total of 5 times.

I did not pause to check my stats as I entered stealth and began to follow the tracks of the Velocinids. The predator had become my prey.

I stalked them for a total of 3 days. I watched as they stalked their prey, each spider moving in tandem as they slowly closed in the distance. Their prey was a Rosethorn, and attacked as it was enjoying its meal.

They did not notice as I stealthily moved towards them. I had behind the beasts Rosethorn's body as they attacked. And at the moment of its death I cast [Sleeping Poison] on its blood.

I had experimented a lot with my spells during the past month, and came to conclusion that I could poison any liquid, as long as it was not alive. The best part was that there would be no evidence of my sabotage. Unless they had a holy magic higher than my wizard capable of detecting it.

I did not have to wait long for the poison to take effect. The spiders hungrily fed from their prey, drinking all of the blood from it. Of course, the alpha had the priority, satisfying its vast thirst before letting its minions feed.

The three beats were quickly slain, their bodies becoming precious experience points and coins. However, I eyed the alpha cautiously. Its level was far higher than my own, higher than even that of the Rosethorn. My poisons would not be as effective against it, but they were my only real weapon I had.

Before I began, I quickly entered the shop in the menu. These last kills should have given me enough coins. I quickly found what I was looking for.


A rare pistol-wand used by those who chose to dual cast while at the same time use the Pistol-wand. This Wand is specifically designed to be used with the offhand and provides a cast speed reduction, but is limited to the offhand slot. Cast time reduction: 50% Cost 2000 coins.

I hesitated only slightly before hitting purchase. Over the last month I had hunted almost nonstop, besides my week of isolation. In this time, including these kills, I had a total of 2001 coins. I had planned on purchasing a spell, boosting my Wizard status to Novice. I never imagined I would be spending it on this. The pistol was rather expensive, but of only average quality. The reason for its high price was that it was a rare off hand wand. One needed an offhand wand if they were going to dual cast with wands.

I sighed as I pointed both of the pistol-wands at the Alpha Velocinid. Orbs quickly riddled the body of the spider, as they did the Alpha quickly got to its feet. It had a groggy look in its eyes, but was quickly replaced by anger as it realized what happened.

I jumped back as it lunged at me, but I never stopped firing my orbs. The spider screeched in anger as it realized its attack had missed, but was greeted by a couple of orbs in its mouth. Green goo oozed from its mouth as it Dashed at me. It's movements far faster than I myself could move.

Alas, it had already fallen into my trap as I dodged at the last moment, the spider's eyes widened as it spotted the sharpened branch, I had prepared for it directly in its path. It was too late for spider to adjust, and soon found itself impaled on the branch.

Its body convulsed as its brain had been impaled, a steady stream of warm blood oozing from its mouth. Its body soon dissolved into a green gas that was quickly absorbed by my core.

<You have defeated an Alpha Velocinid gaining 25,000 experience and 200 coins.>

<You have leveled up. You are now Level 10>

<Your core has been advanced to Level 10. Commencing Evolution>

A surging pain exploded in my chest as my core began to rotate at a speed that I could not track, even with my mana. I fell to my knees panting. Sweat dripping down my face.

A green vortex appeared around me, slowly absorbing all of the essence around me. The trees slowly began to whither as all of the wood energy was absorbed.

After what felt like an eternity the absorption suddenly stopped. The rotation of my core slowed to a manageable pace, though it much faster than it had been before.

My body burst with power as the newly evolved core slowly dispersed its Venomous mana. My body screeched in pain, as the strength of the mana was far too high for me to control.

<Your [Beginner's Poison core] has successfully evolved into [Novice Poison Core] >

[Novice Poison Core] Lvl 1

All poison damage is increased by 100%. Grant's 100% resistance to poison. Reduces casting time of signature spell by 25%. User is unable to use other types of magic.

I laughed even as my body was in agony. This power was something that I could addicted to. Only after I had Calmed down did I once again bring up my status.

Name: Yuri [Kinslayer] [Blessed by Eliondra]

Class: Arcane Assassin

Skill points: 17

Stat Points: 40

Race: Dark Elf

Age: <1

level: 10/500

exp 0/120,000

hp: 1500 mp: 2700

strength: 10

dexterity: 15

agility: 40

constitution: 35

Vitality: 35

Intellect: 65

Wisdom: 65

Charisma: 9(+5)

Luck: 28

I smiled. I had made enough progress to be satisfied. My signature spell [Poison Orb] had also leveled up to level 6. And now hand no casting time with either hand. So long as I was using the pistols. The only thing that limited it was my own mana.

[Poison Orb] lvl 6

(Unique) (Signature Spell) (Evolvable)

Does 60 damage initially, then 10 damage per second for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Casting time .5 second. no cool down. cost: 10 mana

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