A Lady Does It Better Book

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A Lady Does It Better


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[NOT HAREM] Luxury… How would you describe it? Eating 5 star multi course meals? Extravagant jewels and the finest of clothes? Being chauffeured in most expensive cars and private jets? All of this was the only thing Varya Vance, heiress to a multi-billion dollar company, knew until Earth was attacked by an Alien Invasion. After being targeted by the alien emperor, her plan to escape being captured is foiled when she is knocked unconscious. She wakes up in the bed of an alien prince as the world she once knew ceases to exist. Join her journey as she seeks to return to the security she once knew. For the first time in her life, she's going to have to rely only on herself. Only the tough will survive in this new reality of hers where murderous aliens run free and sanctimony has lost all reason. She had searched for her soulmate on Earth, but it turned out he was in the stars.