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A Hunter's Wife

Honey Autumn

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Mao Xiaoyu, who came from a family of doctors, had only just avenged her family. She acquired a mysterious space and accidentally transmigrated to the ancient past, becoming a poor peasant girl. When Mao Xiaoyu saw the poor state her family was in, she was devastated! Could they get any poorer? Her entire family was penniless! Mao Xiaoyu's mother was weak and easily bullied. She ate less than the chickens did, but she did more work than any of the cows. Even slaves lived a better life than her. Mao Xiaoyu's father and brother had been conscripted into the army years ago. She had no idea whether they were dead or alive! Her grandparents valued men more than women in the family. They sold Mao Xiaoyu to a hunter as his wife for ten silvers. Angered, Mao Xiaoyu took her mother with her. She went everywhere with her hunter husband. With her space and incredible medical skills, she set out on a journey of a lifetime.


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