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Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family

“That’s a jinx and must be rid of. It’s that or you and your family get out of here.” Su Xiaolu was transmigrated into this world as a newborn, and the instant she opened her eyes, she was deemed a burden and a jinx by a venomous grandmother-in-law. Her father, Su Sanlang, gritted his teeth and said, “Alright then, you can separate us from the family and we’ll leave.” For the sake of keeping her alive, they were forced to leave the main family and start a new life elsewhere. They ventured into a new profession, went hunting, and their lives gradually improved. Despite being called a jinx, she became the apprentice of a divine physician at the age of three, inherited his legacy, and became known to the world. She treated her brothers’ brain disease and her eldest brother became a profound martial artist while her second brother became a scholar. They all brought glory to their family. Now a divine physician herself and well-versed in nutritious recipes, she owned the largest restaurant in the Zhou Dynasty and earned so much money that she couldn’t possibly finish spending them in ten lives. Her family grew more prosperous and their horrible relatives showed up, trying to ride their coattails. Su Xiaolu smirked. “Close the gates and release the tiger!”

Skin White As Snow · History
1029 Chs

Agriculture Escape: Ultimate Boss Has A Space Pocket!

# first daughter # figurehead # agriculture [space + ancient times kingdom building + escaping from famine] The big shot from the future, Bai Wutong, transmigrated to ancient times with her space pocket! Before she could feel happy, she found herself in a chaotic world! There was murder, robbery, schemes, sky-high prices, and many other things happening all around! The moment she arrived, she had killed two people. Then, she also kindly saved someone, but was deceived and stalked as the person insisted on following her. If that’s the case, then don’t blame her for using aggression in return! After she finally managed to settle down, she was assigned to the frontier to develop the lands. The remote lands were out of anybody’s control, and there was nothing more that Bai Wutong could ask for. After a few years, Bai Wutong accidentally led the richest man of the previous dynasty, the prime minister, the commander of the secret guards, a great scholar of the dynasty, the holy maiden, as well as the divine doctor… and turned the barren land into a rich, noble town that everyone desired. When the emperor and his ministers came to admire the place, they were dumbfounded. That man who was pouring tea beside Bai Wutong… Wasn’t that the eldest son of the previous emperor, who had been dead for many years?!

One Tail Length · General
564 Chs

The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All

# food # dailyfamilylife Su Binglan was known to be the most awful woman in Suteng Village. She spent money to buy a beautiful slave and had him marry into her family, but physically and verbally abused him every day. The new Su Binglan who transmigrated over learned that this slave was a descendant of a family of generals. The courageous warriors in his family had sacrificed themselves, leaving only him alive. Seeing the man covered in wounds, Su Binglan decided to spoil her husband. Blessed with incredible luck, equipped with a spatial spirit spring and possessing divine medical skills, she led the entire village on a journey to gain wealth. She became everyone’s lucky star. The weather was dry with no sign of rain. The crops were about to die from this drought, but with a snap of her fingers, rain immediately started pouring. Despite the villagers’ painstaking efforts, their harvest amount was low. She presented them premium seeds and helped everyone achieve great harvest. Poison? Fractured limbs? Not to worry. She could use her medical skills to cure them all. Whichever mountain she entered, the treasures inside seemed to call out to her, begging her to take them home. Their food culture wasn’t as advanced. She casually made a few dishes and started a new food trend. The man who dotes on her and protects her: Darling, I’ll give you whatever you want. All the villagers: Binglan, you’re our village’s lucky star. Don’t let anyone take you away. Her brothers: Our sister is the priority. We will get you whatever you want. [Group pampering + multiple identities + a kingdom building story with no awful characters + strong female lead + sweet story about pampering her husband]

Fengyuan Candy · General
970 Chs

Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

When she woke up, she had transmigrated into An Jiuyue, a woman living with two young children on a mountain after her husband abandoned her. She was pushed to the ground, and now, there was a bloody wound on her head. With only a handful of rice left in the rice bag, she had relied on digging wild vegetables to satisfy their hunger every day. Her children were so often starved that they were all skin and bones. On top of that, a wicked woman threatened her to sell her son! If she refused, the woman would snatch him away forcefully. But An Jiuyue took a deep breath, revealed her sharp claws, beat the woman up, and threw her out of the house. She could show the woman she was not to be messed with! They were out of rice and vegetables now, but she was not afraid. Acquiring food using her spatial abilities was as easy as curling her fingers! Moreover, her spatial abilities were unlimited, and her medical skills did not deteriorate. She could no doubt earn money and raise her children well! As for her ex-husband… The prince, who had returned from the battlefield, smiled maliciously. "My beloved concubine, please calm down. I brought back a mountain of gold from the battlefield as a gift for you and our children."

Slightly Attractive · Urban
1377 Chs

The Chief Minister’s Ferocious Wife

# chief assistant Zhao Chuchu was reborn in a time before the apocalypse. As soon as the space was filled with supplies, something fell from a high altitude and killed her. Then, she transmigrated, becoming a small villager in an unknown dynasty. She started this new life by taking out the natives, dealing with the plague, and becoming a divine doctor in one fell swoop. Using her fists, she gained high status. She bullied those scums until they cried for their mommy and begged for mercy. She produced large quantities of rice, beans, and sweet potatoes… She could do everything, and she earned a lot of money with that. Everyone watched as she reconciled with Xiao Xiucai. They watched until a baby was born, as well as until Xiao Xiucai became the top scholar and smoothly became the Chief Minister. Then, everyone waited for the day the Chief Minister would divorce his wife, who went through hardships in life with him. They waited and waited until the couple had grown old, the two living together for the rest of their lives.

Twilight Smoke Painting · General
548 Chs

Super Farming Tycoon

# ROYALTY # MSPERFECT After five years of being together, Gu Qingming thought it was love. Who would have thought it was simply an elaborate scheme? After learning the truth, she decided to exact her revenge on that pair of scumbags! Just as she was about to return and receive millions in inheritance, she died unexpectedly! When she opened her eyes again, she had returned to the moment when her parents kicked her out of the house. She was also pregnant with a fatherless child. She decided to return to her grandmother’s house in the countryside. There, she grew watermelons, peaches, and oranges…***Gu Qingming followed her grandmother to the field and saw a large plot with lush green plants. She asked excitedly, “Grandma, why is there so much leek planted here?” Her grandmother’s expression changed when she heard the question. With a smile, she explained, “Darling, that’s not leek. They’re rice seedlings! When harvest time comes around, they’ll turn into the rice that we eat every day!” Gu Qingming: “...”***An adorable toddler stood between the endless rows of crops, staring at his mother who was busy plucking watermelons. He balled up his tiny fists as he yelled, “Mommy, you can do it! You’re almost there! You can do it!” Everyone: “...”***A certain businessman was on the prowl for investment opportunities in the boonies when he bumped into a little munchkin. Their gazes met. The kid stared up at the bigger version of himself. The little kid clung to the man’s thigh and announced proudly, “This is the hill where my Mommy works. You can’t buy it!” The man picked up the kid and a slight grin broke across his face. “Well, that’s fine. We’ll get your mom to marry me, and you can call me Daddy. This hill, alongside all the assets under my name, shall also belong to your mommy. How’s that for a deal?” The boy: “...” That’s very tempting indeed! The little kid gulped, but he was determined not to sell out his mom! This is the story of a princess who hails from a small family of farmers, who goes on to become an expert farmer, and then an agricultural tycoon!

May Lilac · General
586 Chs

Hot Farmer's Wife: Buying a Husband for the Farm

# agriculture # militaryofficer Lin Xiaoyue, a girl from the future, transmigrates into the body of a dumb peasant girl. The father of the original owner had just died, and her remaining family was made to live in a dilapidated house on the edge of the village by their own grandmother. Looking at her fragile mother and her little brother’s miserable appearance, Lin Xiaoyue decided that she wanted the three of them to live a good life. The good thing is that she had her spatial ring and spiritual powers. With that, she could relax and easily do what she needed to do. Hmm. There wasn’t a strong man in the house, and people continuously came to bully them? No problem, she’ll just buy a man! After browsing through the slaves, she discovered the captain whom she had a crush on in her previous life! Ah, she just loved ancient times! There was no war, and no famine. She also had a family and a lover! She was happy to live on like this! This is the story of an ordinary girl who came from the future, living a prosperous life in the ancient times!

Check It out · General
772 Chs

The Blessed Farm Girl Has a Spatial Pocket

# BLESSING As soon as she opened her eyes, Li Fu’er had not only just been born in a farmhouse in a mountain, but all her luck that she was supposed to have had also been taken away. Her grandmother was a wild savage, and thought of Li Fu’er as an unlucky child. She would beat and scold Li Fu’er every day. Her aunt thought she was an eyesore and added oil to the fire all day long. She treated her as a servant of the family, and was tempted to skin her from time to time. Her cousin was arrogant and was the one who stole her luck away. She even planted evidence to frame Li Fu’er for her near death. Li Fu’er’s father was the only person in the family who wanted to protect her. However, he was incompetent and cowardly, allowing the older three family members to work her to the bone and bully her. A dignified and lucky girl had been treated worse than a dog in that household. *** But now that she was reborn, she would take back everything that belonged to her! With a spatial pocket in her left hand, and medical skills in her right, plus all the luck from Heaven! No one would stop her from doing what she wanted! Those who wanted to hurt her would feel the hurt on themselves! Those who wanted to scheme against her would find it turned against themselves! As for those who were good to her, she would bless them. [The peasant girl who transmigrated into a novel with a lot of luck VS the hidden royalty of the dynasty]

Lost Hustle · General
40 Chs