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The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

After being hit by a flower pot, Yu Wan woke up as a poor village girl with an unconscious and fragile mother and a little brother. She was lost as she did not know this unknown ancient world. But she had to pull herself together, because her mother is still unconscious and her brother was starving. So she plowed and sowed until she had a large piece of fertile land, rising to the peak of success ever since. Just as life was getting comfortable, a man, widely feared and rumored to be a living Satan, forced his way through her door, declaring he would marry her! Although she adored beautiful men, it was rumored that this prince… “Your Grace, we don’t know each other well!” She said seriously. “Heh!” The prince smiled meaningfully before grabbing three little toddlers with chubby cheeks from behind of him. “Greet your mother.” Yu Wan was flabbergasted…

Folk Remedies · History
1266 Chs

My Mysterious Doctor and Blessed Little Wife Is Such a Tease

# PHILOSOPHY # ANCIENTMARTIALARTS # PERIOD # FULLFLOW Qin Xi had been reborn. She was reborn in 1983 when her family married her off to a fool, and she had accidentally inherited the Mysterious Doctor techniques on the day of her rebirth. She only had four bare walls of the house? She was bullied by others? Qin Xi looked down at her own hands and her medical skills and decided to start her journey of self-improvement. Since then, with silver needles in hand, she has not only cured her foolish husband, but she also schemed and kicked out her outrageous relatives, leading to her husband’s family becoming prosperous…After successfully becoming a wealthy woman, Qin Xi thought she could finally breathe a sigh of relief. However, her husband hugged her from behind and whispered into her ear, “Darling, we haven’t had children yet…”

Black Koi · General
1090 Chs

The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack

She choked to death after drinking a mouthful of cold water. Was there anything more unlucky than this? Of course, there was! When she reopened her eyes, she found herself transmigrated into a three-hundred-pound fatty. Not only was she fat and round, but she also had a palm-sized black spot on her body. She looked down at the layers of swimming floats on her body and swore to exercise and lose weight. She had just lifted her leg when she collapsed to the ground. This time, she was prepared to go on a diet and lose weight. When she heard the earth-shattering rumbles from her stomach, she held herself back. She had not eaten for three days, but she realized that she had only lost one tael. She instantly broke down. Sensing that something was wrong, she checked and realized that she had been poisoned. As a descendant of a family that practiced traditional Chinese medicine, this was a small matter. With acupuncture techniques in her hands, why would she be afraid of a little poison? Before she could succeed in losing weight, the scumbag canceled their engagement and her stepsister came to provoke her. 'It's fine. Staying calm is more important. What? Does he dare to call me an ugly pig, a fat woman, a fatty? This is intolerable!' With her acupuncture skills, she was able to detoxify the poison and become beautiful. Using her competence, she managed to face-slap everyone and lose weight while torturing scum. After accidentally rescuing a chronically ill uncle, he turned out to be her scumbag ex-fiance's uncle. She smiled maliciously and said, "Uncle, you should give yourself to me in return for rescuing your life!" When she saw the scumbag again, she said warmly, "My good nephew, call me Auntie." Persona: Song Jiaren: Vengeful for the smallest grievance, naughty, and cheeky. Yan Cheng: Two-faced, strong, patient, and cunning.

hTuSbI · Urban
160 Chs

The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!

"You shouldn't be so self-centered. You're lucky that Mr. Mu wants to marry you. You have no right to turn him down!" Bei Shuo felt cold on the inside after hearing what her father said. Having gone missing when she was a child, Bei Shuo was found a month ago. Before she found her biological parents, she always thought she'd have a loving family. However, when she finally returned home, she realized they had adopted another girl long ago. After more than a decade, the girl had replaced her completely. Her parents, her brother, and her fiance... The Bei family never showed her any form of affection. On the contrary, they wanted her to marry Mu Ci for their own benefit after she had just returned. Everyone in the city knew that Mu Ci wouldn't live long. Besides, he had an aggressive personality. Anybody who offended him would suffer badly. Bei Shuo would probably end up dead without even knowing what caused it. Hence, when she married Mu Ci, everyone in Empire City waited for news of the horrible ending. To everyone's surprise, she actually cured him, and he even ended up pampering her! At the same time, it was revealed that Bei Shuo was actually the disciple of a miracle doctor, a top-tier hacker, a champion racer, and the founder of an international fashion brand... On top of that, wealthy tycoons, talented directors, and e-sports professionals all spoke fondly of her. "Everyone, please allow us to introduce our favorite junior!" The man who was rumored to be cold and violent pressed his head against Bei Shuo's shoulder when he found out about her countless identities. "How many more identities do you have?" he asked with a pout. Bei Shuo ran her fingers through his hair and smiled. "There's only one left, and it's the most important one. I'm still Mrs. Mu!"

Please Give Buff · General
310 Chs

Urban Unparalleled Divine Doctor

"Because of a mine that collapsed by accident, the Qingshan Village that used to be known for its coal had become an infamous village filled with widows. Yang Guang was a doctor at the Qingshan Village. His brother passed away in the accident as well, leaving his gorgeous wife and a baby daughter Yaya for Yang Guang to take care of. "Yang Guang, I think something's wrong with my body recently," the sister-in-law said. "My breasts are swelling, but I can't produce milk. Yaya keeps crying because she doesn't have milk to drink. I can't take any medicine now either. Is there anything that you can do?" "There is a solution, but I'm afraid you will think that I'm a ..." "Don't worry. I won't think bad of you. Just cure me. I can't let Yaya starve." "Alright. Why don't you lie down here? All you need is a massage." "..."

Scripture Of Six Tao · Urban
Not enough ratings
198 Chs

A Hunter's Wife

Mao Xiaoyu, who came from a family of doctors, had only just avenged her family. She acquired a mysterious space and accidentally transmigrated to the ancient past, becoming a poor peasant girl. When Mao Xiaoyu saw the poor state her family was in, she was devastated! Could they get any poorer? Her entire family was penniless! Mao Xiaoyu's mother was weak and easily bullied. She ate less than the chickens did, but she did more work than any of the cows. Even slaves lived a better life than her. Mao Xiaoyu's father and brother had been conscripted into the army years ago. She had no idea whether they were dead or alive! Her grandparents valued men more than women in the family. They sold Mao Xiaoyu to a hunter as his wife for ten silvers. Angered, Mao Xiaoyu took her mother with her. She went everywhere with her hunter husband. With her space and incredible medical skills, she set out on a journey of a lifetime.

Honey Autumn · General
40 Chs

The Prettiest Girl Wants To Marry Me

"""Stroke? I can cure that. I'll just use my silver needle to release the pent-up gas inside your brain."" ""Sir, what you have isn't hypertension. Your body is just lacking certain nutrients. I'll get you some herbs."" Zhao Chen was the disciple of a Master Doctor. He decided to work as a factory doctor to repay his debt to the owner. However, he could not understand why all his female patients were a little weird. They would always take their shirts off for him to perform his diagnosis. One day, the owner, Su Qianxia, ran into the factory while being chased by debt collectors. Zhao Chen looked at the debt collectors, then at Su Qianxia, and said, "It's 20 million, right? I'll help you earn that money."

Roll Around · Urban
Not enough ratings
40 Chs

My Wife Is A Miracle Doctor In The 80s

The newly published "Rebirth of the Noble Lady: The Wife in Marquess House" tells the story of her past life where her mother remarried, and she became a common cabbage. While her sister got meat, she was left with soup; her sister got noodles, she had to make do with water; her sister was the princess, and she was labeled as trash. She was trapped in a life fully planned by that mother-daughter pair for her; her family, her husband, all reduced to a miserable joke. Then a car accident turned her into a bloody mess. She told him, 'my money all goes to my father, my kidney to you, because you are a good man.' At the age of thirty-three, she died in a car accident, leaving her kidney to a good man. At three, she was reborn. In this life, faced with manipulation, she fought back. What sister? She didn’t even have a biological mother, where would she get a sister from? And in this life, she didn't know if she would once again encounter that good man...

Summer Snow · Urban
Not enough ratings
122 Chs