A Girl In All Boys School (Editing) Book

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A Girl In All Boys School (Editing)


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CeCe was clever, beautiful and free minded girl but she wasn't able to score good and used to agitate her teachers a lot, she also many times became target of male teachers. When she got kicked out of school for the 7th time, her mum had no choice but to leave her school problems in CeCe's dad hands. CeCe thought it was going to be okay as she can get enrolled herself in another school, but then she finds out that her dad is a headmaster of boy's school and her father wants her to get enrolled in that school! She thought this won't be a good idea. What if she creates a mess again and her dad gets forced to expel her from the school? What if she isn't able to adjust there? What if she doesn't score well there too? But she has no choice...but to study there until she scores high grades. If she accomplishes to score high grades then her father will listen to her and will enroll her in school of her choice! But with boys everywhere, will she be able to concentrate and score good marks? Will she be able to erase her mischievous personality and become nerd? Specially when a certain somebody changes her completely in a way she never expected. **I don't own the cover, cover belongs to Inkstone Webnovel** Please enjoy and support me till the end! Hope all dear readers love my work. Thank you (〃^▽^〃) Uploading status: 2-3 chapters daily.

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