A Flugel's Gacha

An ordinary anime fan transmigrates into the world of Fairy Tail with a Gacha System and a sassy A.I Kouhai. He wants to become strong enough that nobody can mess with him ever again… And have a harem of girls, but he’s a bit too embarrassed to say that out loud. Updates (Hopefully) once per week on Thursday.

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Chapter 3

"So, Fairy Tail has a small library?" I asked Mavis, tilting my head.

"Oh yes," she smiled. "There's a bigger library in town that Levy would be happy to show you to- she's the girl with blue hair in the orange dress- but our own library isn't anything to scoff at with some pretty helpful types of magic in there. We also have some rarer spells, but those are kept in a safe place by the Guild Master, and you need to both be an S-Class Mage and show a certain level of maturity before you're allowed access to those."

… That explained how Laxus learned Fairy Law, he probably snuck in when Makarov wasn't around and read the book on how to do Fairy Law.

Personally, I would have gone for Fairy Sphere given it's a defensive magic so strong that Acnologia's breath attack couldn't break through it.

Hm… Didn't Fairy Sphere also slow down time within the sphere? What if there was a way to inverse that, so that time flowed faster within the sphere? I'd be able to have my own Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but one that I could make anywhere…

Thoughts for later.

"Any chance you have a book on transformation magic in the library?" I asked her, feeling a bit sheepish. "And a good place to train magic where I won't damage anything important?"

She gave me a small, amused smile. "The book on transformation magic, yes. The good place to train… I might have a few suggestions, but what kind of magic do you use?"

"I have two magic that I use," I told Mavis. "I only have an innate understanding of both though… My first is Star Dragon Slayer Magic."

"Star Dragon?" She asked, her eyes widening. "Dragon Slayer… That's quite a rare magic… How did you obtain it?"

"I learned it from a book."

"… Pardon?"

"It's rare, but there are books on dragon slaying magic you can find," I told Mavis. "Probably easier to learn it from a real dragon, but I managed. Like I said, only an innate understanding, and the book was in pieces so I'm lucky I was able to learn anything at all."

"I see… And the second?"

"Time Magic."

She did a double take and stared at me. "Did you say Time Magic? I don't even know anyone who uses such a powerful magic…"

"I only know one spell at the moment," I told her. "And I'm not very good with it… It's called Haste. Does what it says on the tin, speeds up the person I target with it, increasing the flow of their magic, processing speed, and so on. It's more a support magic than a combat magic."

"Interesting…" She put a hand on her chin, seeming to go deep into thought.

"… Um, Mavis? Library?"

"Huh?" She looked at me. "Oh, right!" She nodded and put a little plastic sign on the counter before she stepped out from behind it. "This way!"

I followed her into the back, where she led me into a simple room, about the size of an average house living room. It had 2 tables with 4 chairs apiece. All around the room were shelves filled with books, and I saw little plaques on the bookshelves that labelled what that 'section' had there.

"Here we are," she smiled. "There's a more impressive library in Tenrou Island- Fairy Tail's personal island- but this is our little library in the guild that has enough things. Books are separated into categories, and then alphabetically within those categories. Transformation Magic should be under the 'non-combat' category, but I would personally suggest asking Mirajane to teach you once you've got the basics."

"Mirajane?" I asked her. "As in, Demon Mirajane?"

She giggled. "The name is a bit of a misnomer. She used to be much more demonic, yes, but she's mellowed out quite a bit. She is still quite aggressive and has a rivalry with Erza, but she's mellowed out greatly since back then."

Ah, so she was like a mix of her personalities from before and after Lisanna was sent to Edolas and she thought she was dead. That was… A rough guess, though probably not inaccurate.

"I'll keep that in mind, but I'll take my time reading and seeing what I can finagle for now," I gave her a small, tired smile. "Thank you for your help, Mavis."

"No problem," she smiled. "Take your time," she bowed before she turned and left to get back to the bar.

I let out a sigh as I began to look through the book options in the non-combat category.

[Congratulations for joining Fairy Tail~] BB cooed out happily. [I'm honestly impressed! With how much of an introverted loser you are, Senpai, I really thought that you'd spend at least a few months building up the courage to join!]

My eye twitched at her back-handed compliment. 'Fairy Tail remains fairly consistent through fanfictions and the like, so I took a gamble on it being similar here and being very open to accepting people and giving them the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise, I probably would have looked for another guild to join… Not sure what, maybe something like Lamia Scale.'

[Heh? ~ Is that so~] She smirked at me. [Well, it doesn't really make a difference to me, virgin loser Senpai~ As long as you can entertain me, BB-chan will stay with you~ Speaking of entertaining, how do you like the changes I made to this world? ~]

'I don't know what to think,' I shook my head, stopping my search for a moment. 'Lisanna is in Earthland, Mavis isn't in Fairy Heart, Mirajane still has parts of her demon persona… Who knows what other changes you've made to this world, is Natsu a girl? Is it Etherious Natsumi Dragneel now?'

[Who knows? ~] She played dumb, acting like she had no idea. [I suppose the only way to find out is to wait for them to get back from their job, right? ~]


[Your bitch~]

I frowned…

I still didn't understand, why me? Why was it BB- with the powers of both the Goddess Pele and the Outer God Nyarlathotep- had decided to pluck me out of my world and transmigrate me?

It just didn't make sense to me, and I honestly couldn't think of any reason I would have her interest, nor did I think I had done anything worthy of catching the interest of an Outer God.

Sadly, I didn't think I would ever understand unless she told me outright. Even then, with how she was part outer god, there was a good chance my measly mortal brain would simply be unable to comprehend it.

[Your finger passed over the book you want.]

"Huh?" I snapped out of it and looked at where my hand was, before looking back a few books.

Secrets of Transformation Magic – by Azure Zodiac

"Ah… Thanks," I nodded before I grabbed the book and headed over to the table, taking a seat before I started to read it from the very beginning.

This would take a while…




Mavis couldn't stop her heart from racing as she closed the door to the library behind her, slowly sinking down to the ground and covering her red face with both hands.

"I can't believe it," Mavis murmured in shock. "It's him, there's no mistaking it… I would never mistake him… Never him… But how…?"

When Mavis had first seen him enter the guild, she had felt as though her heart had frozen in her chest. There were a few details out of place in her memory, but she had recognised the boy the instant he'd entered the guild.

She'd been so shocked by his entrance that she'd missed her chance to take him to Makarov herself, Erza had taken that chance from her instead. Still, she was delighted to learn that he wanted to join her guild that she'd worked so hard on.

"Mavis?" Makarov's voice interrupted her train of thought, making her look up at him. "Is everything alright?"

"Ah, y- yes," she quickly stood up. "Shall we move to your office; I need to talk to you about something. About our new member specifically," she tried to sound dignified, but she was fairly sure her face was as red as a cherry.

Makarov's chuckles did not help.

He closed the door once they entered and then the room lit up with runs- courtesy of Freed's Dark Ectriture- which would make sure that no sound would leave the room, meaning nobody would be able to listen in one their conversation.

"So then, what did you want to talk about regarding our newest member?" Makarov asked. "Should I be preparing Wedding Bells, First Master?"

She felt her cheeks burn red. "M- Makarov, don't tease your godmother," she huffed, looking away with a red face. "And this is somewhat serious, please?"

"Okay, okay," he chuckled. "So, what is it?" He asked, growing serious.

"Our new member… A- Ash… I know him," she confessed.

Makarov raised an eye and leaned forward. "You know him?"

"Yes," she nodded, closing her eyes. "I've met him a few times in the past…"

"But that would mean…"

"Yes, I know," she nodded. "But something is different about him compared to those times… He doesn't recognise me. He's also far weaker than I remember him being, and I've noticed he's lacking a lot of confidence… He also seemed a bit jittery, nervous. I know it's him for sure, even the name is the same, but there's so many discrepancies…" She shook her head.

She was certain that Ash was the same one in her memories, but how…? So many things just didn't line up for Mavis, outside of her vast knowledge…

"How did you meet him?" Makarov asked her. "I don't think you ever told me that story, Godmother."

Mavis looked surprised at the change of topic before she smiled warmly at the memory. "I'll never forget that day… It was the day everything changed for me…"

"He saved mine and Zera's lives."




[Through hard work, you have obtained Transformation Magic.]

"Fucking finally," I groaned, resting my head on top of the table…

I'd been cooped up in the library for a week. Mavis had come to check on me several times to make sure I was okay, but I assured her that I didn't need to eat or sleep in order to function. As a result, I'd spent that entire week in the library reading anything I could on transformation magic.

My enhanced learning capabilities due to being a Flugel definitely helped me out, as I was able to put everything I'd read into practice and learn how to use the magic on only my fifth try.

I mentally brought up the screen.

Transformation Magic (Innate)

Magic that allows the user to change their appearance.


Basic Transformation – Allows the user to merely change their outward appearance to anything of the same or a similar race to their own.

Perfect. I didn't need to know the intermediate or advanced level; all I needed it for was to hide my wings and my halo. I would definitely train this magic in my spare time though; I wasn't sure if I would turn into a dragon down the line or not thanks to my magic after all.

[Well done, Senpai~] BB cooed out. [It seems you being a virgin NEET actually helped you out this time, you were so experienced in tuning me out~]

'It wasn't easy when you literally started doing a strip tease in front of me, you bitch…' I cursed her.

She just smirked and slowly slid her hands down her hips. [A shame you didn't put down that silly book and pay proper attention, or else I wouldn't have ended at just teasing~]

I felt heat ride to my cheeks and looked away from her… Bitch.

Shaking my head, I stood up and closed my eyes, concentrating and envisioning myself without wings and a halo.

It took a few moments, but a puff of smoke briefly covered my body before I reached back and sighed in relief at the lack of wings. Then I looked up and felt a wave of relief ripple through my body at the lack of halo.

"Right, that takes care of that," I nodded in satisfaction. I made my way to the door and pulled it open, only to blink in surprise at the sight of Mavis in front of me, who yelped.

"O- Oh, Ash!" She exclaimed, blushing a bit. "I was just coming to check on you…" She trailed off as she looked closer. "Oh, you managed to learn Transformation Magic already?"

"Yes," I nodded at her words. "Only the most basic version of it, but I got it on my fifth try. Now I, hopefully, won't be stared at without my wings and halo."

"Even so, that's really impressive for only a weak!" She clapped with a smile.

[Hm…] BB hummed as she floated around her. [You know, I beat she'd look really good in a Nurse or maid outfit~]

… The polite smile I had on my face twitched.

"Do you know of any good places to train?" I asked Mavis. "I'm only a beginner in my combat magic, so I'd like to get a bit more experience in using them before I start taking jobs."

She hummed and shook her head. "Sadly, I don't really know… However, I know someone who does! And, luckily for you, they are due to come back from their quest today if all goes well!"

I tilted my head. "Who?"

She smiled. "Our resident Dragon Slayer besides you, Nozomi Dragneel."


[Hehe~ Surprise, Se~ N~ Pai~]