A dream or A reality? Book

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A dream or A reality?


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The world contain two agencys 'Yankai' and 'Yokai'. Yankai fight for the welfare of people and protect them but... Yokai on the other hand tend to cause caos and trouble, causing Havoc in the society. The leader of Yokai is a heartless women, who seeks pleasure in violence and suffering. A very few people get power and its there desition to be a 'Good' or 'Evil'. Some Yokai get there normal body but some losses all humanity and because mindless monsters. All who join the yokai get corrupted. The leader is above all of them and her evil is unmatched. She's known as "the queen of devils". But Yankai, work for good and there leader is a kind lady. tho appears to look mean, she's very kind. That why she earns the name "the Angel" or "The Staff of God". She treats all As members equally. Her wisdom is beyond comprehension. She work dag and night endless to bring the city to peace. Now for a tale and as quiet reality, Rumour has it that The powerful clan Tanzaki has neverever lost there position, as the 'The Strongest clan ever since the 16th centuary. They alway won wars which made the other clans afraid. The Tanzaki clan had. the largest land in all of japan, But soon in the 19th centuary. A law came out that 'all clans who has land should hand it over te gevernment, From now on none should rule over any places.. It ment that from that time on the kingly must end. All the clans agreed but that didn't stop Tanzaki chan to stop being the strongest. In the curent days "tanzaki' I one of the only clans that exisite.. But they never lost anything, It was as if they had infinit money. There was a rumour that said that one of the members or much known as the leader of that time... God knows how, he summond a Genie who granted his wish of never ending power and money...But all good thing last long The same leader was attacked the day after and fell into a coma but he saw something a purple figure stares at him till the day he woke up. No one knows what he saw but the moment he woke up he kept screaming "WERE CURSED!" over and over again....Since that day they were considered CURSED but soon a local and very trusted priest went to him and broke the news for him about this curse....


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