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This novel is about a young man who died because of an accident When he thought it was all over he got reincarnated However the world he got reincarnated into was not your normal world He got reincarnated into the world of DanMachi where the self proclaimed goddesses came down from heaven to help the mortals who got pushed back by the monsters that came from the deepest dept of hell With the new life he had and the system he got, he has a goal... A goal no one could imagine His goal was not to conquer the world or the heaven nor to have all of the beautiful woman in the world His goal was to go back to his home planet and reunite to someone important to him With this new goal in mind he will not let any obstacle to stop him from moving forward and he was ready to crush everything in his path just to achieve his goal He will not gave mercy to this who try to take his life, he will be ruthless to anyone who dare to stop him from achieving his goal. This... This is the story of selfless sacrifice and courage. ∆∆∆∆


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